Soothing Landscape Shots

Sapna Reddy’s story on her Alpha Universe profile reads, “The pursuit of photography has been a spiritual journey filled with happiness every step of the way. I live in California and love immersing myself in the natural beauty that surrounds us. I believe nature has an inherent healing power. Through my images I hope to share that healing effect of nature. I split my time equally between medicine and photography. As a radiologist I analyze images in an attempt to achieve cure. As a photographer I aspire to generate images that help to heal the mind.”

How Photographer Sapna Reddy Creates Soothing Landscape Shots
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Famous landmarks at night

One of the best things about nighttime photography is that subjects take on a new and interesting appearance. For landmarks, which are photographed frequently, this novelty lends them a fresh and special quality. Also, the long exposure times required for night photography lets you play with more creative techniques to capture the scenes.

Walkways in Rome by PeteB
Celebration by saket
Fountain on the Place de la Concorde by Borut Pihlar
Untitled by Nawfal_Jirjees
Gorgeous reflection of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque by Gaurav Ghosh

Famous landmarks at night
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The Earth’s Beautiful Side

Earth has boundless natural beauty. You just need to know where to look and how to capture it. Olympus Visionary Peter Baumgarten has spent a lifetime elevating landscape photography into art. He shoots with the compact, lightweight Olympus OM-D system. It gives him the freedom and mobility you can’t find in other cameras that’s critical to creating his stunning work.

The best landscape photography doesn’t just capture natural beauty. It transports you. No one does this better than Peter Baumgarten. After all, he lives on an island in Ontario, Canada, surrounded by awe-inspiring scenery. Peter specializes in seeing and experiencing nature in ways most people miss. His landscape and wildlife photography has been published many times over, and he’s spent decades as a dedicated teacher leading photography lectures and workshops. Peter loves wilderness camping, canoeing and kayaking. Through it all, he’s never without his Olympus camera.

The Earth’s Beautiful Side
by Peter Baumgarten
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African Portraiture

Photography expresses what words can’t say. It makes me more present, paying full attention to my everyday experience. Once the camera is in my hand, I focus on what I am shooting. Leaving the rest of my thoughts behind. I can live in the moment. Looking at the light, the sunlight, and the beauty of nature, listening to the rain and watching the reflections in the puddles. Following sounds and looking for colors. I notice people face, the lines on their faces and capturing their uniqueness. My life goal is to make a difference in the world and give back to Indigenous tribes throughout my photography journey. Bringing joy and happiness through the images captured in my lens.
—Giovanna Aryafara

African Portraiture by Giovanna Aryafara
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