Dennis Ramos – America Through a Glass, Very Darkly

The striking black and white world of Dennis Ramos, native of the Philippines now working the USA, has undertones of Modern Timesand more than a hint of the threatening realities of Lovecraft or Stephen King. He turns the brilliant light of Florida’s St-Petersburg or Atlanta, Georgia, into a night lit by some alien moon – usually with the aid of neutral density filters, a polariser and the combination of regular short exposure with very long ones. Add to this some graduated effects in Photoshop, bringing street lamps to life or a glow into the black sky, and the result is a unique series of fine art prints which have won acclaim and sales.

DennisRamos07a DennisRamos07b DennisRamos07c DennisRamos07d DennisRamos07eDennis Ramos – America Through a Glass, Very Darkly
Master Photography Magazine
July/August 2016

Sigma D-Photo Amateur Photographer of the Year 2016

Congratulations to Christchurch’s Mark Waddington, who has been recognized as this year’s overall winner of the 2016 Sigma D-Photo Amateur Photographer of the Year. His Aerial-category image graces the cover of this issue, and he’ll take away a Sigma lens kit worth a massive $4K to experiment with in his future photography endeavours.

SigmaDPhoto07a— – —

Macro Category
1st Place Winner: Chris Helliwell

SigmaDPhoto07b— – —

Creative Category
1st Place Winner: David Steer

SigmaDPhoto07c— – —

Landscape Category
1st Place Winner: Kane Hartill

SigmaDPhoto07d— – —

Monochrome Category
1st Place Winner: Louise Savage

SigmaDPhoto07e— – —

Nature Category
1st Place Winner: Rob Lynch

SigmaDPhoto07f— – —

Sigma D-Photo Amateur Photographer of the Year 2016
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The King of Kink | Helmut Newton

Helmut Newton
The King of Kink

He’s one of most famous, prolific and widely imitated fashion photographers the world has ever known. Both abhorred and adored, Helmut Newton’s iconic images are renowned for their voyeuristic, sadomasochistic and fetishistic overtones, and have caused controversy and critical acclaim throughout his 70-year career. But whether you loved or loathed his photography, it caused a reaction, creating a lasting legacy that would shake up and shape fashion photography forever.

HelmutNewton07a HelmutNewton07bThe King of Kink | Helmut Newton

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These Are the Top Drone Photos in the World

See the winners of the third annual Dronestagram contest.

First Place, Nature-Wildlife
Wielding his Phantom 3 drone, Michael Bernholdt took this photo of Demark’s Kalbyris Forest. “To my luck it had snowed all day so that the pine wood really stood out,” he says.

Dronestagram07aPhotograph by Michael B. Rasmussen

— – —

Dronestagram07bSecond Place, Nature-Wildlife
Photograph by Szabolcs Ignacz, Dronestagram
— – —

Dronestagram07cThird Place, Nature-Wildlife
Photograph by Jonathan Payet, Dronestagram
— – —

Dronestagram07dFirst Place, Sports Adventure
Photograph by Max Seigal, Dronestagram
— – —

Dronestagram07eSecond Place, Sports Adventure
Photograph by Los Manes del Drone, Dronestagram
— – —

Dronestagram07fThird Place, Sports Adventure
Photograph by High Angle Shot, Dronestagram
— – —

Dronestagram07gFirst Place, Travel
Photograph by Francesco Cattuto, Dronestagram
— – —

Dronestagram07hSecond Place, Travel
Todd Kennedy took this photo on his honeymoon in Cable Beach, Australia. When he and his spouse went on a sunset camel tour, he brought his drone and captured it from above.
— – —

Dronestagram07iThird Place, Travel
Photograph by Karolis Janulis, Dronestagram
— – —

via nationalgeographic

Pandas Get to Know Their Wild Side

The Chinese know how to breed the popular bears. Now they’re releasing them into the wild, where the animals and their habitat face risks.
Ye Ye, a 16-year-old giant panda, lounges in a wild enclosure at a conservation center in Wolong Nature Reserve. Her name, whose characters represent Japan and China, celebrates the friendship between the two nations. Ye Ye’s cub Hua Yan (Pretty Girl) is being trained for release into the wild.

AmiVitale07a AmiVitale07b AmiVitale07c AmiVitale07dPandas Get to Know Their Wild Side
By Jennifer S. Holland
Photographs by Ami Vitale

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Siegart von Schlichting | Living a Photo Artistic Life

Living a Photo Artistic Life
Siegart von Schlichting

SiegartvonSchlichting07a SiegartvonSchlichting07b » In a way through my art I can be a child again. There is so much to discover, so much to express. Many things appear, which are new to me and take me by surprise — crazy ideas, sophisticated and erotic ideas, dramatic and dark aspects of living. « 

SiegartvonSchlichting07c SiegartvonSchlichting07d » All my life I wanted to paint, but I wasn’t talented enough or maybe not patient enough. Photography and Photoshop with all its possibilities are giving me the opportunity to be an artist. « 

— – —

Siegart von Schlichting
Living the Photo Artistic Life

Pushing Photography Further
Issue No17 – July 2016