Infrarouge | Infrared | инфракрасной

Несколько лет назад я первый раз увидел инфракрасный снимок. И просто заболел инфракрасной болезнью.
Я практически перестал снимать в видимом диапазоне спектра, отдавая время изучению и опытам в фотосъемке в невидимой человеческим глазом реальности.
В данной подборке я хочу представить работы, которые появились благодаря специально сделанной камере и разным по спектру пропускания фильтрам.
Приятного просмотра!

Про лунный свет. Инфракрасная фотографи
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Полоска солнца. Инфракрасная фотограф
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Созерцать отражения. Инфракрасная фот
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Не спрятаться от зноя. Инфракрасная фо
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Sergey D. | Sixten ( Сергей )
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Orange Is The Color

A Masterful Collection Of Colorful Shots Showing Orange As The New Black

“Golden Tear” by spARTiat_de
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“Antelope Canyon (_X5Q9821) ” by larrymarshall
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“Anastasiya ” by klepikovadaria
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“Flame of Autumn ” by brandtcampbell
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“Red kimono” by crismagsino
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Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing the orange color in the Orange Is The Color Photo contest

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Rencontre avec Florence Dabenoc : Passion Nature !

Entretien avec la photographe Florence Dabenoc, lorraine de naissance et de cœur, docteur vétérinaire dans la vie qui partage avec nous son amour pour la nature et l’image. Cette passionnée, 1er prix du Festival International de Montier-en-Der en novembre 2016, revient pour le Mag Nikon sur son parcours et ses plus belles expériences.

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Rencontre avec Florence Dabenoc : Passion Nature !
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Call of the Wild

In medieval cartography, Ultima Thule was a mysterious place beyond the borders of the known world. While modern mapping techniques have given us a cerebral knowledge of these once “off the map” regions, vast areas of the high Artic have seldom, if ever, felt the indentation of a human footprint. This is the photographic playground of Ottawa-based Michelle Valberg.

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Call of the Wild
Photographing the rare wildlife and the vast and beautiful landscapes of the Canadian Artic.
by Mark Edward Harris
Photography by Michelle Valberg

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Music & Photography

We are a journal of culture, of what’s worth knowing and seeing, of individualism, beauty and elegance, and the steady power of art as earned influence. Malibu Arts Journal.

Keith Richards by Jerome Brunet
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Lili Hayden by Trish Tokar
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Charlize Theron by Alan Weissman
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Slash by Jerome Brunet
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Cover Story
The Improbable Worlds of Glen Wexler
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The Music & Photography Issue
December 2017
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The Royal Society Publishing Photography Competition 2017 Winners and more

The Royal Society Publishing Photography Competition celebrates the power of photography to communicate science and the role great images play in making science accessible to a wide audience.
We received our highest ever number of entries for the 2017 competition, with more than 1100 images submitted. Our judges had the difficult task of choosing the final winners and they are pleased to present them to you now.
We hope they inspire you to take your own images of the scientific world around us, and we look forward to receiving your submission for our 2018 competition.
— – —

Category and overall winner: Earth science and climatology. “Icy sugar cubes.” by Peter Convey. The scale of Antarctica is awesome but hard to grasp. This photo, taken in early 1995 during a flight over the English Coast (southern Antarctic Peninsula) at about 74 degrees south, illustrates the scale of unusual bi-directional crevassing as an ice sheet is stretched in two directions over an underlying rise, with a Twin Otter aeroplane as scale. The photo was taken with a Pentax ME Super camera and 70-300 mm zoom on Kodachrome 64 slide film, with no technical details recorded, and has been scanned at the British Antarctic Survey.
— – —

Category winner: Behaviour. “Respiro.” by Antonia Doncila.
— – —

Category winner: Ecology and environmental science. “Waiting in the shallows.” by Nico de Bruyn.
— – —

Category winner: Astronomy. “Lunar spotlight, South Pole, Antarctica.” by Daniel Michalik.
— – —

Category winner: Microimaging. “Olive oil drop family hanging together.” by Hervé Elettro.
— – —

Runner up: Behaviour. “Breeding.” by David Costantini.
— – —

Honourable mention: Behaviour. “Toss the scorpion – Indian roller playing with the kill.” by Susmita Datta.
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Pure Arctic of Sebastian Copeland

As part of the 2017 Year of Ecology in Russia, The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography is presenting the first Russian exhibition of the famous photographer, polar explorer and environmental activist Sebastian Copeland. The exhibition, one of Copeland’s most comprehensive retrospectives, features around fifty large-format photographs taken over the last ten years during expeditions to the Polar Regions of Norway, Canada, the USA, Greenland, across the Arctic Ocean and the Antarctic Peninsula.

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Pure Arctic of Sebastian Copeland
Exhibition: 22 Sep 2017 – 7 Jan 2018

The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography

Чистая Арктика Себастьяна Коупленда
50 крупноформатных работ, снятых на протяжении последних десяти лет в экспедициях в полярные районы Норвегии, Канады, США, Гренландии, по Северному Ледовитому океану и Антарктическому полуострову.