Portfolio du palmarès 2017 Concours de Montier

Un record de participation et un palmarès audacieux
Cinq paires d’yeux et trois jours de visionnage intense n’étaient pas de trop pour départager les 11512 (!) photos envoyées cette année au concours organisé par le Festival de Montier-en-Der. Le jury, présidé par Laurent Baheux, a retenu les critères de beauté, de poésie, de graphisme, d’authenticité, d’équilibre et d’originalité pour établir son palmarès. On ne s’étonnera donc pas que le Grand Prix 2017 verse dans l’abstraction. La photo de Jose Pesquero aura ses détracteurs, mais elle est le reflet d’une sélection qui préfère le calme et la contemplation aux scènes spectaculaires attendues.

Rock face
Jose Pesquero
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Prix Graphisme forme et matière de la nature
Pele, the Goddess of Kilauea
Barbara Dall’Angelo
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Prix Paysages naturels du monde
Sideral landscape
Jose Pesquero
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Prix Plantes sauvages de pleine nature
Jonathan Lhoir
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Prix Autres animaux sauvages de pleine nature
Frog Prince’s bow tie
Yuan Minghui
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Portfolio du palmarès 2017 Concours de Montier
Le palmarès intégral est en ligne sur photo-montier.org et le portfolio vous attend sur chassimages.com
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A hidden paradise – The joy of a travel photographer

Do you sometimes wonder if there are still places on our beautiful planet that are untouched by tourists? Fortunately, Bima located on the island of Sumbawa island in central Indonesia’s province West Nusa Tenggara, is such a place where tourists are still a rare species.

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A hidden paradise – The joy of a travel photographer
by Wahyudhy Zukara
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Kim Keever | Painting or Abstract Photography?

A two-year-old thought turned into reality when Art Photographer Kim Keever was searching for a way to create atmosphere in his tabletop landscape images. Having tried smoke and clear plastic, Kim’s eureka moment came when a friend was throwing out a 100 gallon aquarium. He decided to start experimenting with painted water and his unique approach proved to be a hit.

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Kim Keever | Painting or Abstract Photography?
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Black and White Images of the Metropolis

The captivating street photography of London-based Alan Schaller incorporate a stunning combination of geometry, high contrast and surrealism, as well as a human aspect to each image. His series Metropolis examines how we are often lost in the world around us. Schaller uses scale to show the contrast between his subjects and the sprawling architectural backgrounds they stand against. With a masterful technique of light and shadow, each image is heavy with emotion.

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Black and White Images of the Metropolis by Alan Schaller
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The Missing Manual: All the techniques you’ve ever wanted to try with Polaroid

Ever wondered what might happen when you push the creative boundaries of our iconic white frame? Polaroid: The Missing Manual offers seasoned instant photographers, creative mavericks and vintage camera enthusiasts alike with ideas of how to re-imagine what a Polaroid photograph can be. We chatted with the book’s London-based author Rhiannon Adam about her motivation to create such a book in today’s digital world, and the techniques she would recommend for newcomers to the instant photography world.

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The Missing Manual: All the techniques you’ve ever wanted to try with Polaroid
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Introducing the Hasselblad Masters 2018

The Hasselblad Masters is widely acclaimed as one of the world’s most prestigious professional photography competitions. The winners were selected by a combination of a public vote and a professional Masters Jury – comprising internationally renowned photographers and imaging experts.

Benjamin Everett – USA
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Victor Hamke – Germany
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Beauty & Fashion
Michal Baran – Ireland
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Kamilla Hanapova – Russia
— – —

Karim Iliya – USA
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Jorge de la Torriente – USA
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Every Hasselblad Masters award winner will hold the title of ‘Hasselblad Master’ and be a brand ambassador for two years. In addition, they will receive a brand new Hasselblad medium format camera and be invited to shoot for a collaborative project with Hasselblad. This project will be printed and released in the bi-annual Hasselblad Masters book.

Winners will receive their awards, cameras and trophies at a special photokina 2018 ceremony in Cologne this September.

Congratulations to all the Masters 2018 winners!

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