Les lauréats 2016 du concours Emotion’Ailes

Les lauréats 2016 du concours Emotion’Ailes

Le grand Prix

emotionailes10aAu coeur de l’arbre de François Nowicki
Effraie des clochers (Tyto alba), Nord-Est de la France à proximité du village de Aoury, Canon EOS 5D Mk II + 500 mm
— – —

emotionailes10bLe prix Pur Sauvage
L’oiseau papillon de Annick Lardeau Tichodrome échelette (Tichodroma muraria), Jura suisse, Canon EOS 7D Mk II + 400 mm 1/1600 à f:9 Iso: 800
— – —

emotionailes10cPrix du public
Pollination de Daroczi Csaba Moineau domestique – House sparrow (Passer domesticus), Nikon D800 + 500mm
— – —

emotionailes10d1er prix catégorie « Pris sur le vif »
Les ailes déployées de Christophe Salin Pic épeiche (Dendrocopos major), Sarthe – France, Canon EOS 5D Mk III + 300 mm – f/4.5 – 1/1000s – ISO 5000
— – —

emotionailes10e1er prix catégorie Impressionnisme
Bee eater de Jonathan Lhoir Guêpier d’Europe (Merops apiaster), Hérault – France, Canon EOS 5D Mk III + 300mm +2x – f/11 – 1/25s – ISO 50
— – —

emotionailes10f1er prix catégorie Portrait
Red throated Diver de Jari Heikkinen Plongeon catmarin – Red throated Loon (Gavia stellata), Suomenniemi, Finland, Nikon D4s + 600mm
— – —

emotionailes10g1er prix catégorie »Z’autres Z’ailes »
Réunion de groupe de Christian Laurent  Anax parthenope (Lesser emperor), Sénégal – 2016, Nikon D7100 + 300 mm – f/2.8
— – —

Les lauréats 2016 du concours Emotion’Ailes
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Life’s a jungle: The macro world of Christian Ziegler

Life’s a jungle: The macro world of Christian Ziegler
National Geographic contributing photographer and biologist Christian Ziegler often works in a world of miniature. His photographic techniques used to capture the intricacies of life in the rain forests of Panama have won him awards and recognition but he does it all, as he explains to CPN Editor David Corfield, to give the world beneath his feet a bigger voice…

christianziegler10a christianziegler10b christianziegler10c christianziegler10d christianziegler10e christianziegler10f christianziegler10gLife’s a jungle: The macro world of Christian Ziegler
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Trésors cachés en forêt guyanaise

Trésors cachés en forêt guyanaise
Anne-Cécile Monnier

La vie colorée sous la canopée, au bord de la crique et sous la surface…
Véritable concentré de couleurs, cette exposition est le résultat d’un mois passé en forêt guyanaise en décembre 2015. Parmi la grande diversité d’espèces croisées dans les milieux aquatiques de cet écosystème amazonien (poissons d’eau douce, loutres géantes, caïmans,…), j’ai choisi de mettre en lumière les créatures les plus mystérieuses, les amphibiens.

annececilemonnier10a annececilemonnier10b annececilemonnier10c annececilemonnier10d annececilemonnier10eTrésors cachés en forêt guyanaise
Anne-Cécile Monnier

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Editors’ Favorites

2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year
Are you ready? We’re looking for photos that showcase the awe-inspiring and diverse natural world around us. That could be a powerful wildlife shot, a stunning landscape, or a look at a complicated environmental issue—whatever nature means to you.
You have until November 4 to submit your photos.

natgeonpoty10aDancing in the rain by Vladislav Kamenski
— – —

natgeonpoty10bCape Buffalo with Yellow-billed oxpecker by Barbara Fleming
— – —

natgeonpoty10cSuperstrike by Mike Olbinski
— – —

natgeonpoty10dMother Ostrich by Yu huiping
— – —

natgeonpoty10eFrozen In Time by Hamish Mitchell
— – —

natgeonpoty10fWar Horses by Cheryl Tyson
— – —

natgeonpoty10gLucky Strike by Greg McCown
— – —

2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year

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Beautiful Landscapes by Lior Yaakobi

Beautiful Landscapes
by Lior Yaakobi

I’m a passionate self-taught Photographer from Israel. I used to live in Boulder, Colorado, for several years and recently moved back to Israel. Photography becomes a real passion for me, mostly in the last couple of years. I travel a lot and always combining my travel hobbies (treks and mountain climbing) with my photography passion. Landscape photography is what attracts me the most but I’m trying to open myself to other types of photography. I’m always trying to give my additional view or look at my photos and to bring something that will tell a story of the place. I’m working for an international software company and currently living in Kibbutz Givat Haim Ichud. Been using Canon 7D with 10-22 lens for most of my work but recently I’m working with the Nikon D610 and the 16-35mm for landscape with the “support” of the 70-200mm lens.

lioryaakobi10a lioryaakobi10b lioryaakobi10c lioryaakobi10d lioryaakobi10eBeautiful Landscapes by Lior Yaakobi
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Sands of Time

Sands of Time
Photography: James Arthur Smith
Model: Nidhi Suni | Industry Models Management LA | Wilhelmina NYC
Styling: Jenn Edelson Assistant: Elizabeth Louise
MakeUp: Sameerah Hoddison
Hair: Sylvia Stankowski

jamesarthursmith10a jamesarthursmith10b jamesarthursmith10c jamesarthursmith10d jamesarthursmith10e jamesarthursmith10f jamesarthursmith10g— – —

Sands of Time
Nidhi Suni by James Arthur Smith

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Eyes of the Beholder

Eyes of the Beholder
What makes us beautiful? the answer to this enduring question can vary wildly across continents and oceans. While capturing portraits of women around the globe, photographer MIHAELA NOROC discovered an inextricable link between our natural beauty and cultural heritage. to celebrate our ninth anniversary, we showcase noroc’s Atlas Of Beauty—a series of striking pictures, taken in india and nepal, that beautifully evoke a sense of female empowerment that transcends borders and connects us in a profound way.
by anJana goSai

beauty10a beauty10b beauty10c beauty10d beauty10eEyes of the Beholder
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