Bonne Année 2015 !

L’année 2014 se termine et, dans mon projet de vous faire découvrir des photographes et des images exceptionnelles, 1469 articles ont pris forme.

Vous avez visité à plus de 230 700 reprises ces articles. MERCI ! à plus de 28 582 visiteurs !

Vous faites en sorte que ce blog existe toujours 😉

Et merci tout particulièrement aux photographes pour leurs belles images inspirantes et pour nous aider à apprendre à voir.

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Bonne Année 2015 !

Александр Науменко | Alexander Naumenko

Александр Науменко | Alexander Naumenko

AlexanderNaumenko01Файне село Дземброня
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AlexanderNaumenko02Новый свет
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AlexanderNaumenko04Южная Моравия. Поля-2
— – —AlexanderNaumenko05Каньон Бугский Гард. Ночное небо над Южным Бугом
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Александр Науменко | Alexander Naumenko

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How to create the perfect photo composition

How to create the perfect photo composition
by Ronald Kness

“In this article, I want to focus on creating the perfect composition. But before we can create something perfect, we have to know what perfect looks like.”

Lines, shape, texture, positive and negative space …

Composition12a“Haystack Reflections” captured by Brian Clark

Composition12b“Pyramid Point” captured by

Composition12c“Sunset Bliss” captured by Ina Hillier

Composition12d“Lost in Thought” captured by VJEKO

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Kirsty Mitchell | Fine Art

Kirsty Mitchell began her career studying fine art, photography and history of art, specialising in Costume for Performance at The London College of Fashion, which led on to a First Class Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Design and Textiles at Ravensbourne College of Art. Upon graduating, Kirsty spent the next decade as a senior designer for a global fashion label specialising in surface decoration and fabric manipulation, before returning to photography where she began a new and deeply emotional connection with the medium during the treatment of her mother’s cancer. Following the tragic loss of her mother, Kirsty turned to photography to help deal with her grief and embarked on her now revered series entitled ‘Wonderland’, created in her mother’s memory and inspired by the fairy-tales her mother read to her as a child. The international acclaim for her work led Kirsty to leave her fashion career in 2011 and pursue her future as an acclaimed Fine Art Photographer.

Kirsty’s belief in beauty and fascination with folklore has become the root of her inspiration, with work that has led her to be described as a multi-faceted artist with talents and artistic direction that combine to produce beguiling, dream like images – something which Kirsty calls ‘fantasy for real’.

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Kirsty Mitchell | Fine Art

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Free Street Photography eBooks

Free Street Photography eBooks

Explore Flickr by Thomas Leuthard – a great ebook loaded with both photographs and information about Flickr. Leuthard is a notable figure on the street photography scene and he has produced some great ebooks – all of which are free!
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Collecting Souls by Thomas Leuthard – In this ebook Leuthard tells all about his passion for street photography. Laying bare his technique, philosophy, and approach, Leuthard takes the reader on a journey through his work and dishes up heaps of sound advice for the novice beginner along the way. A great read!
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Street Photography by Alex Coghe – Okay, so Alex is not too creative when it comes to titles. This is a different book from the one above, despite the same title. His photographs though more than make up for the lack of unique titles, so don’t miss this free ebook in addition to the one mentioned above. This volume contains many more stunning examples of his dedication to the gritty school of Moriyama and Araki
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Street Photography by Daniel Hoffmann – a free ebook which is somewhat unique in that it restrains itself from a lot of gear talk and focuses not only on photographs, but commentary on photographs. Commentary is provided by Ronald Beams.
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The Street Photography Bible by Michael Ernest Sweet – Well, what can I say? This is my own ebook on street photography. In this book I just lay out my approach to working the streets with a camera. I don’t pretend to profess absolutes or that my philosophy is good for everyone. Regardless, I think there is something for everyone here in one way or another. A lighthearted and easy read, this ebook is a good overview of my approach to make a street photograph. Additionally, the book is populated with photographs from my Human Fragment project.
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from: “10 Free Must-Read Street Photography eBooks

by Michael Ernest Sweet

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Gisele Bundchen by Karl Lagerfeld

Gisele Bundchen goes barefoot in Paris for Chanel’s relaxed new ad campaign
Three months after her starring role in the latest Chanel No.5 film, Gisele Bundchen is once again modeling for the French fashion house.
The 34-year-old supermodel is the face of Chanel’s spring 2015 print campaign, which sees her posing barefoot in some iconic Paris spots.
Karl Lagerfeld shot the black and white campaign, positioning Ms Bundchen in front of Café de Flore, and on the city’s infamous ‘love lock bridge.

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Gisele Bundchen by Karl Lagerfeld

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