Rain in the City

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best shots showing rain in this city photo contest

Walking in the rain
by Europephotos
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Photo by Stephenpapageorge
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Photo by Chica1024
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by PaulHenryStudios
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Photo by Sarathvitala
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Rainy Street Photography | Ed Gordeev

Rainy Street Photography
by Ed Gordeev

edgordeev10aСанкт-Петербург. Лето
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edgordeev10bлиссабонские зарисовки…
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edgordeev10cСанкт-Петербург. Октябрь..
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edgordeev10eОсенняя фотография…
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Ed Gordeev Photography
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Lighting Modifiers You Must Own (and Why)

Lighting Modifiers You Must Own (and Why)
from: The Photographer’s Lighting Handbook
an educational guide by Photoshelter and Profoto

Although flash heads typically have controls to alter the power output of the light, controlling the quality of light can be challenging (although it can be done depending on the quality of gear you use). Some photographers (e.g. Landon Nordeman and Amy Lombard) use hard light to good effect. But for other photographers, lighting modifiers provide a means to control the hardness, spread and color of light. Here are a few modifiers we think should be in your arsenal.

Modifiers09a Modifiers09b Modifiers09c Modifiers09dThe Photographer’s Lighting Handbook

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