Fashionista Behind The Camera | Tina Sokolovskaya

Starting with night clubs and ending up with Playboy Ukraine’s magazine, this isn’t just luck, but it is when hard work pays off and Tina Sokolovskaya surely has her way with it. This Ukraine based photographer now works with celebrities, famous artists, and singers all over the globe.

“By the way, my famous pic “On the Wave” was made in Dubai. This was an “accidental” shot. It was a usual commercial shooting for our client from Latvia, we were on the beach, and thought to shoot some interesting. Nearby there was a bridge, and I said: “Let me try to take a picture of you from above!” The sea was just a little restless, there was a wave, and this shot turned out. In fact, all the best is the result of the right moment.”

Fashionista Behind The Camera | Tina Sokolovskaya
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Shining Armor, Huge Snakes, and Sparkling Jewels: The Year in Vanity Fair Photography

The beauty of photography is its ability to encapsule an instant — and in 2014, Vanity Fair captured magnetic, glamorous, moments from Jennifer Lawrence, Angelina Jolie, Robert Downey Jr., Catherine Deneuve, Neil Patrick Harris, among so many others.

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The Year in Vanity Fair Photography

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Larry Fink | Celebrity Photographer

Larry Fink, the Counter-Culture Artist Turned Celebrity Photographer

larryfink001 larryfink002 larryfink003 larryfink004 larryfink005” Larry Fink juggles numerous titles: He’s a farmer living on a barn in Pennsylvania with his artist wife, Martha Posner; a professor of photography at Bard College; a self-proclaimed humanist; a father; and a photographer — one who’s gained industry-wide acclaim for shooting the most exclusive parties and backstage events swarmed by the cultural elite (think Oscar parties and fashion weeks). … “

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Dennis Stock’s Iconic Hollywood Portraits and Stunning Street Scenes

” For those that love classic photography that stands the test of time, an exciting new exhibition opens today, April 2nd, in New York City. Milk Gallery presents the incredible and iconic work of Dennis Stock. A Magnum photographer for most of his life, or sixty years, Stock will always be remembered for both his candid portraits of Hollywood celebrities, like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and James Dean, as well as for his beautiful black and white street scenes. … “

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Andy Gotts Celebrity Portraits

andygotts01 andygotts02 andygotts03 andygotts04

Andy Gotts is a photographer based in London, England and New York. He is most noted for his black and white portraits of Hollywood actors and singers.

Since 1990 Gotts’ work has been published internationally and has appeared in many magazines.

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