Low Country Landscapes

The lowlands of Holland prove their landscape value for Charlotte Bellamy.

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Low Country Landscapes
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Maciej Drewniak
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“Those Eyes…”

Tommaso Di Donato
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“Say it all…”

Shrideep Nanal
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“Covadonga’s Lakes”

Ignacio Municio Casado
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“The Chosen One”

Ignacio Municio Casado
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“The Fog Series”

Elmer Jensen
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“North Coyote”

Dennis Maisel
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Tamás Rizsavi captures Budapest covered in thick fog

Whether the weather brings frosty snow or sparkling sunshine, Magyar photographer Tamás Rizsavi is often out and about in Budapest capturing the beauty of the changing seasons in Hungary’s capital. The awe-inspiring artist especially likes taking mysterious shots of the city when it is covered in a thick layer of milky fog, which has recently been shaping the urban landscape. The talented photographer recently shared some of his favorite foggy shots from the last four years on Bored Panda, portraying several Budapest landmarks such as the beautiful bridges, the Buda Castle, and the Parliament.

tamasrizsavi02a tamasrizsavi02b tamasrizsavi02c tamasrizsavi02d tamasrizsavi02eTamás Rizsavi captures Budapest covered in thick fog
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Fog Waves

Fog Waves Are The Most Beautiful Thing I Captured After 8 Years Of Experimenting
by Nick Steinberg

nicksteinberg12a nicksteinberg12b nicksteinberg12c nicksteinberg12d nicksteinberg12eFor the last 8 years I’ve been shooting in the San Francisco area I have been absolutely obsessed with the fog. Night and day it’s what I live for and what defines my photographic style. I check the cams, satellites, and other forecasts to always be able to just get up and go. We even have a small group of about 20 of us known as, “Fogaholics” where we keep each other updated all the time as soon as we see it roll in.

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Pawel Kucharski | Me and my Passion…

Pawel Kucharski | Me and my Passion…
Photography – simple word, easy definition. To take a photo – to catch a moment, to memorialize a while. For me, photography is much more. It is an ambiguous concept, with the message.

pawelkucharski10aOnce Upon a Time…
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pawelkucharski10bTouch of the Light…
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My photography is my own perception of the world, my own way of feeling the reality. Photography gives me the ability to stop the fleeting moment, to grasp what is impermanent, transient: light, mood, atmosphere. The greatest difficulty, but also an art, is to capture a moment in an attractive and understandable way to others.  How to reconcile these two contradictories: show the true image and its interpretation at the same time, on the same picture?

How to wake up  someone’s feelings, memories, associations? How to stop the viewer for longer? I’m still learning  it, constantly improving my skills. My next works arise more and more consciously. My message is more and more clear, easy perceivable, I hope.

pawelkucharski10cHis Highness the Kannesteinen…
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pawelkucharski10dThe Atlantic Road…
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Pawel Kucharski Photography
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The RMetS / The RPS Weather Photographer of the Year

The RMetS / The RPS Weather Photographer of the Year

weather-photo08aFreezing Fog and Hoar Frost
by Andrew Bailey
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weather-photo08bClash of the Storms
by Camelia Czuchnicki
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weather-photo08cStorms Cumbria
by Paul Kingston
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weather-photo08dJack Frost
by Paula Davies FRPS
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weather-photo08eIce Sculpture on Plynlimon
by Allan Macdougall
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weather-photo08fMatterhorn banner cloud – Stephen Burt – 1508z 26 May 2014
by Stephen Burt
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The RMetS/RPS Weather Photographer of the Year 2016 judges have made their selection and the winners will be announced at  the RMetS conference in September. You can see all the finalists and take part in the public vote by clicking ‘shortlist’ above. Voting is open until midnight on 28 August.

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