Backyard Photography is for the Birds

Backyard Photography is for the Birds
by Olympus Trailblazer Peter Baumgarten

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Bird photography can be exhilarating. However, it presents a number of hurdles to overcome – travel, time, skill level, and cost. Get tips from Olympus Trailblazer Peter Baumgarten that will help you capture some great bird images, all while remaining within quick reach of a fresh cup of coffee.

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Naturaleza: fauna y flora

Naturaleza: fauna y flora

« Bufo calamita » – Luis Antonio Clemente
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« The look » – Javier Morales
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« ¡A comer! » – Javier Bueno
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« Mussol » – Vicente Puchol
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« Audrany » – Vicente Puchol
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Naturaleza: fauna y flora
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Mes 25 photos préférées de l’année 2016 par Daniel Dupont

Mes 25 photos préférées de l’année 2016
par Daniel Dupont

« L’année 2016 a été prolifique pour moi et en voici quelques faits marquants : La publication d’un cinquième livre aux Éditions Daniel Dupont : Techniques photo. L’animation de sept voyages ateliers. Un voyage exploratoire de 18 jours à Terre-Neuve. Une exposition de 52 photos à Causapscal. La participation au Salon de la photo de Québec et à celui de Laval… »

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Capture the Cover

Capture the Cover
Competition winner

coverwp02aPravir Patel pockets our prize of $100 dollars for his outstanding image of a leopard which made our front cover. Pravir said: “After watching this young female leopard relaxing on a granite rock, she started moving from rock to rock and would occasionally pause in her tracks, allowing me to get some beautiful photographs of her.”
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This autumn we once again launched our cover competition to find the cover image for the Wild Planet Annual 2016. We received some superb photos, but it was Pravir Patel that won the place on our cover and the cash prize. In this gallery, we’re showcasing an array of inspiring submissions and some of our favourites from wildlife photographers all over the world who entered.

coverwp02b coverwp02c coverwp02d coverwp02e coverwp02fmore in Wild Planet Photo Magazine

The Art and Craft of Photographing Birds

Personal Project | Mike Corrado

If you love photography, the personal project is a gift you give yourself—a gift of permission to pursue whatever serious or fanciful subject catches your imagination. That’s the beauty of it: the personal project exists for its own sake.

This is the first in an occasional series of stories on personal projects and the photographers who love them.

mikecorrado01aMike Corrado’s long-time interest in the water fowl of Avalon Park & Preserve in Stony Brook, New York, began with frequent visits to the location with his family. The park is near his home, it’s got a great walking trail and, not the least, he discovered it was ideal for photography—which is not only Mike’s passion, it’s his profession: he’s Sr. Manager; Pro Relations & Marketing Business Development for Nikon.

mikecorrado01bAt the start, Avalon was simply a peaceful place to go, which is no small consideration for a person with a high-activity job. Then it became a peaceful place to go and take pictures— »to get away for a few hours, » Mike says, « quiet and alone with the birds and the camera. »

mikecorrado01cSo just for fun, and to see what results he could get, he began photographing the common birds—the ducks, geese and swans. Then he discovered there were also cormorants, egrets and herons— »the slightly more exotic birds that would frequent the area only in warmer weather. »

mikecorrado01dWhat kicked things into high gear was a certain area— »in the brush, behind an embankment »—that was full of birds. It was there he noticed a nesting swan and found he couldn’t wait until the eggs hatched and the cygnets—the young swans—were out.

mikecorrado01ePersonal Project: The Art and Craft of Photographing Birds
by Mike Corrado

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Our Natural World

Our Natural World Photo Contest Winners

ournaturalworld12aCongratulations Grand Jury Winner “AUS_Wyndham36″ by ejpeiker
“What an amazing image this is! This was taken from above and what we see is a river with branches of inlets coming off of it like limbs of a tree. I love seeing nature reflect itself in patterns and textures. I felt this image was worthy of the Grand Prize because of it’s unique perspective of the world and the beauty of the nature’s art. Beautifully captured. Congratulations!” – Laurie Rubin
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ournaturalworld12bCongratulations Runner Up “The early bird catches all.” by marnarojas
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ournaturalworld12cCongratulations Runner Up “Elowah Falls in December with High Water by Michael Matti” by MichaelMatti
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ournaturalworld12dCongratulations Runner Up “Lonely Tree” by travisdaldy
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ournaturalworld12eCongratulations People’s Choice “Punch Bowl Falls” by jxsnyder
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Our Natural World Photo Contest Winners
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Wildlife Photographer Of The Year | People’s Choice Award

Take A Look At The 25 Images Shortlisted For The Wildlife Photographer Of The Year: People’s Choice Award

wpotypca11a wpotypca11b wpotypca11c wpotypca11d wpotypca11eThe shortlist for the People’s Choice Award in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition has been announced and nature fans have until 10 January 2017 to vote for their favourite image.

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Wildlife Photographer Of The Year | People’s Choice Award
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