Low Country Landscapes

The lowlands of Holland prove their landscape value for Charlotte Bellamy.

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Low Country Landscapes
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Black and White Photography – Corrado Corradini

“My name is Corrado Corradini. I’m 63 and live in Lombardy. I had been a professional photographer for eight years at a well-established photo agency in Milan. During those years I was involved in sports coverage following the various events of numerous disciplines, performances, journals etc. Gradually I became so exhausted that the initial enthusiasm for work turned into a routine with very little creativity, and eventually I said goodbye to photography for about twenty years.

In the year 2009 during the recording of a sports event with a small digital camera, I got a few moments to myself to explore the camera and it was like finding your true love that could never be forgotten. Today I am free from any constraint or obligation and I do photography just for fun only to find those moments greatly memorable. Now we have the digital devices but for those who had experience with an analog camera, it was like being in a wonderland.

I consider myself a reportage photographer.

Black and White (B&W) Photography belongs to an altogether different era and the interesting part is that the art form has not only survived all this long, it is thriving with innovations taking place every next time. Seems as if man is finding it difficult to come out of its spell. B&W comes with a rich heritage in the form of works of Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Edward Weston etc, who created masterpieces out of the constraints of equipment, tools and above all – color. But absence of the latter evidently came to their advantage and helped them see what would not be visible in a colored world. Colors dominate frame, its aspects and elements; and so a B&W photographer will rather focus on the potentials of placement, shape, pattern, texture, tonal contrast and above all flow and quality of light.”

Black and White Photography – Corrado Corradini
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Nature Photographer of the Year Contest 2017

Wallpapers from the editors’ favorite submissions to the photo contest.

Weaver and nest by Federico Rizzato
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lan Ha Bay by Son Tong
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Flamingos and their Nests by Ge Xiao
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Tonic of Wildness by Manish Mamtani
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Antarctic Iceberg by Sam Edmonds
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Nature Photographer of the Year Contest 2017
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Capturing Birds in Nature

After spending countless weeks with a unique variety of European birds as his only company, the time has finally come for Markus Varesvuo to share his breathtaking project with the world.

Capturing Birds in Nature
Photographer: Markus Varesvuo
Full-time occupation: Wildlife photographer
Aim of project: To create a large-format, high-quality coffee table book on birds
Location: I mostly got my shots in Europe, but I also travelled overseas
Duration: The photography itself spanned three or four years, and the design of the book then took a further year
Time spent: Probably too much time all in all if I were to be totally honest!
Images taken: The photos I shot for this project go into the hundreds of thousands
Website: facebook.com/markus.varesvuo

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2017 Windland Smith Rice Awards

The NATURE’S BEST™ concept began with simple yet dynamic goals: to celebrate the beauty and diversity of nature through the art of photography, and to use this far-reaching medium as a creative tool for encouraging greater public interest in outdoor enjoyment and conservation stewardship. The annual Windland Smith Rice International Awards program evolved from this ambitious mission to become one of the most highly-respected and visually compelling nature photography competitions in the world. More than 26,000 entries are received and judged in the Awards competition.

Grand Prize
African Lionesses by Lakshitha Karunarathna
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Youth Photographer of the Year
Brown Bear Cubs by Ashleigh Scully, at age 15
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Nature in Motion Winner
Starling and Falcon Dance by Nick Dunlop
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Landscapes Winner
Colima Volcano by Sergio Tapiro Velasco
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Birds Winner
Western Grebes by Thanh Tran
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Ocean Views Winner
California Sea Lions by Andrew Sallmon
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African Wildlife Winner
Reticulated Giraffes by Piper Mackay
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Highly Honored
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2017 Windland Smith Rice Awards
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First look: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 53

Discover the stories behind the images in a first look at this year’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition.
Explore the world’s best nature photography, highlighting the incredible range of life on Earth. Opens 20 October.
The exhibition of 100 images records the beauty and drama of the natural world, from tiny insects to massive mammals.
This year’s competition attracted almost 50,000 entries from professionals and amateurs across 92 countries.
See winning images selected by a panel of judges for their creativity, originality and technical excellence.

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First look: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 53
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Red Color In Nature

Red Color In Nature Photo Contest Winners
Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing the color red in nature in the Red Color In Nature Photo Contest…

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner “Peeping Tom” by meganlorenz
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Congratulations Runner Up “Poppies_Towton_001” by gilesrrocholl
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Congratulations Runner Up “The Cerro Torre ” by WildEssence
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Congratulations People’s Choice “”Summer Tanager”” by TexasPixels
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Red Color In Nature
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