Speed merchant: James Wright on capturing motorcycle action

British superbike photographer James Wright has earned himself an enviable reputation for catching the thrills and excitement of motorcycle racing. He explains to CPN Editor David Corfield why quality and consistency keeps his customers coming back time and again…

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Superbike photographer James Wright shares his workflow for capturing top-speed action!

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Travelling the light fantastic

Lucie Debelkova: living for the dream destination
Top travel photographer and Canon Explorer Lucie Debelkova lives for the thrill of new horizons. She reveals to CPN Editor David Corfield her motivations and vision and how social media, Canon’s EOS 5DS and three EF zoom lenses help her discover and record what she sees…

Canon Explorer Lucie Debelkova discovers new horizons with the EOS 5DS.
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Out of the Shadows

The low light storytelling of Richard Vantielcke
At first glance the images of freelance photographer Richard Vantielcke seem to be stark, appearing to simply show the cold reality of urban cityscapes in the middle of the night. But look a little closer and you can begin to see humour, narratives and clear concepts within his pictures. In an exclusive interview he spoke to CPN writer Steve Fairclough to discuss his inspirations and reveals how he creates his quirky style of photography.

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Discover how Richard Vantielcke ventures into the Parisian night to photograph creative concepts in low light
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EOS 77D | Test

Héritier de la lignée des EOS à 3 chiffres, successeur du 760D (T6s), ce reflex destiné aux amateurs adopte une numérotation à 2 chiffres comme les modèles experts de Canon. Vile opération marketing ou réelle évolution en profondeur ? Réponse par le test !

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Reflex APS-C: Canon EOS 77D
Le reflex tranquille
L’EOS des débutants de 7 à 77 ans ?

Réponses Photo — No303 – Juin 2017

Sossusvlei and the Dunes of Fire

… The wind picked up; the sand was swirling in every direction you could imagine. The dunes around us came alive, and lit up like they were on fire…

The swirling sand took on the appearance of the cruelest of bushfires, with flames reaching hundreds of meters into the air.
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Sossusvlei and the Dunes of Fire
by Alistair McBurnie

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The Drama of the Downhill | Christian Walgram

Award-winning sports and action photographer Christian Walgram spends nearly a quarter of a year on the world’s best ski slopes, capturing remarkable action images from skiers competing in the FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup. CPN Editor David Corfield discovers the challenges and rewards of capturing split-second action…

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The Drama of the Downhill
Christian Walgram

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“Let us not be nasty to nature…”

Find out more about Sebastião Salgado’s observations on man and nature.
Sebastião Salgado is a master of black and white storytelling and spoke about his work at The Photography Show in the NEC, Birmingham, UK, on March 21. His carefully composed and highly evocative images of nature and man offer a telling commentary on the modern world. Now, in his 73rd year, he explains to CPN Editor David Corfield how, after a lifetime of study, he still struggles to understand man’s destructive nature…

“I hope I can show how we must help the world heal,” he concludes. “We are 7.5 billion people on this planet now, and our behaviour has to change. I hope my pictures can make a difference but I don’t believe so. With the right information and the goodwill of people altogether, then yes, perhaps. But just my pictures? I don’t believe so.”

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