Finding the formula for motorsport success

Action and drama from the world of Formula One through the eyes of a top motorsport photographer.
Motorsports photographer Andrew Hone talks to CPN writer Mark Alexander about panning shots, the demands of shooting F1 and finding a replacement for his stolen go-to lens…

andrewhone02aRefining your skills as a photographer can take a lifetime. In fact, most photographers admit the process never really ends with new equipment and an assortment of techniques providing a never-ending bounty of possibilities. Distilling just a few of these into your photographic trick bag can be a lifelong ambition.

andrewhone02b andrewhone02c andrewhone02d andrewhone02e andrewhone02f andrewhone02gAndrew Hone, a motorsports photographer who covers F1 for LAT Images as a freelancer and previously for Getty Images, has done just that and more, carving out a career based around his ability to freeze action while also creating artistic, almost abstract sports imagery. Add to that telling portraits and an uncanny knack of picking out the smallest detail of a speeding racing car, and you can see why Hone’s instinctive flair and range of skills come into their own on race day.

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Finding the formula for motorsport success
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A passion for adventure

Adventure and travel photographer Callum Snape shares his advice on social media storytelling.
Callum Snape is a new breed of travel and adventure photographer, who uses the power of social media to reach out to a rapidly growing audience. With 600,000 followers on his Instagram account, he must be doing something right, as CPN Editor David Corfield discovers…

callumsnape02a callumsnape02b callumsnape02c callumsnape02d callumsnape02eWhat comes first: the adventure or the image? Callum Snape takes a moment to ponder. “It used to be the adventure,” he reflects. “If I didn’t have that passion for travel then I wouldn’t be doing what I do now. But as I have got more experienced, it’s definitely become the image. The photo takes priority now; it absolutely must.”

A passion for adventure
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Only the best survive !

Editor’s Choice
Sports, Nature, Portrait, Photojournalism

editorschoice01aSergei Ilnitsky
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editorschoice01bMax Rella
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editorschoice01cDavid Keep
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editorschoice01dVittorio Zunino Celotto
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editorschoice01eMassimo Mei
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There is only two days to go before entries close for CPN’s Editor’s Choice Contest. Entries have been rolling in thick and fast and competition is fierce.

If you’ve not entered yet, what are you waiting for? With five of the very best picture editors and photographers lined up to judge your work, a winning image would start your year in style! So hurry!

Closing date for entries: January 31, 2017

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Adam Jones – Marching Penguins

Adam Jones – Marching Penguins

adamjones01aThese marching king penguins on the beach were captured at Volunteer Point, about 2 hours of rough off road driving from the capital city of Stanley on East Island. If you’ve ever been to the Falklands you know the wind practically never stops blowing. The day we arrived, we were greeted with a steady 50mph wind, which made even walking an exciting adventure.

adamjones01b adamjones01cThis was my first trip to the Falkland Islands leading a private tour.
We explored several islands, mostly devoid of humans, but loaded with five species of penguins, occasionally elephant seals and orcas.

adamjones01dAdam Jones Photography
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Canon Crash Course

Learn the fundamentals of Canon DSLR photography in half a day with our guide.
Words: James Paterson Illustrations: Andy McLaughlin

canoncc01One of the most enticing things about photography is that it’s such an easy hobby to start. Yet it offers untold depth to those who choose to look for it. Anybody can take a picture, and almost everybody you know has a camera. But just a little extra knowledge is all it takes to separate the real Canon DSLR enthusiast from the occasional snapper.

The Canon Crash Course we’ve lined up for you over the following pages puts the focus on the fundamental aspects of photography that matter most. Dive in!

canoncc01a canoncc01b canoncc01c canoncc01dComposition
Arranging a scene’s elements into a harmonious composition is easy when you know how…

canoncc01e canoncc01fCanon Crash Course
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