Painterly Landscapes | Caras Ionut

Painterly Landscapes | Caras Ionut
Romanian photographer and photo mechanic Caras Ionut is immensely skilled behind the camera shooting landscape imagery. He is also a bit of a wiz with photo editing software and runs his own tutorials. Looking upon his work you can see an artist who knows how to utilise the full power of Photoshop without over doing it.

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Caras Ionut Photography

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Rise and Fall | Mark Nettenbreijers

Rise and Fall | Mark Nettenbreijers
‘Rise & Fall’ is photographer Mark Nettenbreijers’ debut exhibition at The Ravestijn Gallery. In this haunting series of large-scale black and white photographs, the forest becomes a rich canvas for an abstract light that captures the cycles of life and death. The forest has long been a symbol of darkness and dread, but also of contemplation. Nettenbreijers captures both of these opposing elements in a process that is at once spiritual and scientific.

‘Rise & Fall’ takes the viewer into the silence and fragility of the natural world. Each photograph presents a tangled, intricate view of the forest. Nettenbreijers photographs trees, branches, underbrush and sky that simultaneously blend into one another and sharply contrast within a spectrum of greys and blacks.

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Mark Nettenbreijers Photography

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David Beckham by Peter Lindbergh

David Beckham by Peter Lindbergh for Belstaff
David Beckham becomes the face of Belstaff posing for an eye-catching campaign shot by legendary photographer Peter Lindbergh. For the shoot Beckham is joined by top model Andreea Diaconu, among other.

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Peter Lindbergh Photography

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Facades | Iann Troalen

Facades | Iann Troalen

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Cubisme, The Vertebral Building, Physical Shadow, One in One, Little Lego Sunshine, The Exception, Equalizer, Hi-Fi, Irregularity, Organized chaos, Cube de fromage suisse vu de côté, Houle quantique, Subdivisions, The Cheese Grater Building, The Ice Cubes Factory, The Zipper, Incision, The Cube, Beehive.

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Iann Troalen Photography

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Architectural histories in front of sky and sea by Mark Coe

Architectural photography does not have to limit itself to conventionally “pretty” buildings. The appeal of architectural structures and forms often lies in how they fit within a wider image. On the coast of South-East England, Mark Coe searches out such rewarding pictures about buildings and their history with Zeiss lenses.

For Mark Coe, photography is far more than just taking pictures of things: he wants his images to capture the context in which a building is placed and it relationship to its surroundings, the sky and even the sea.

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Javier de la Torre | The Eiffel Tower through fog

Javier de la Torre | The Eiffel Tower through fog

eiffeltowerfogThe Eiffel Tower, being the historically stunning architectural landmark that it is, has its photo taken hundreds, possibly thousands of times a day. But when photographer, Javier de la Torre, set out to get himself a photo of the tower, he wasn’t going to settle with just a souvenir snapshot. As you can see, de la Torre, wanted to capture “The Iron Lady” in all her breathtaking glory.

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Within the Frame | David duChemin

Within the Frame | David duChemin
The Journey of Photographic Vision

David duChemin is an international assignment photographer specializing in humanitarian projects and world photography. His work has taken him around the globe. From braving Mongolia in the middle of winter to shooting killer bees in Africa; catching malaria in Ethiopia to catching typhoid in Peru; being thrown off a camel in Tunisia to being abducted by street kids in India and forced to play cricket, David’s adventures have only deepened his love for this world and the people who inhabit it.

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