Voyage, voyage

Voile transparent et coton frais pour journées de canicule.
Dépaysement Imminent
Kimonos, soie et ombrelles signent un style voyageur.

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Voyage, voyage
Photos: Lalo Gonzalez & Eva De Gols
Stylisme: Carolien Swinnen
Production: Claire Thys
Coiffure & Maquillage: Kim Theylaert
Mannequin: Melina @be models

Elle Belgique – Juin 2017

Meet Zoë Kravitz: Allure’s June 2017 Cover Star

Zoë Kravitz photographed by Patrick Demarchelier
“People always assume I’m much more hippie-dippy than I am.”

Beyond the famous pedigree, the formidable Ms. Kravitz is poised for single-name stardom.

…It would be journalistic negligence to do an interview with Zoë Kravitz without bringing up her style, which is so admired and emulated. We start with the hair: “The platinum’s fun. It’s work. But it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ll stick with it as long as I can.” She laughs at the thought that her aesthetic may not outlast her patience or lack thereof. Her fashion sense seems less of a problem in that department and is firmly rooted in common sense, for all its bohemian overtones. “I’ve always liked contrasts, contradiction,” she says of her fashion tastes. “I think too much of anything doesn’t work — like if everything you wear is expensive-looking, you look stale. And if everything you wear is ripped and falling apart, you look crazy.” (Every fashion blogger in the world, please, oh please, take note.) “I like when you can find a balance. I live in New York City. I walk around. I have to be comfortable. You don’t look cool or sexy if you’re uncomfortable; it’s not attractive.”

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On the crest of a wave

Natasha Poly by Txema Yeste
for Vogue Russia – June 2017

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On the crest of a wave
Photographer: Txema Yeste
Model: Natasha Poly
Styling: Olga Dunina
Hair: Laurent Philippon
Make up: Victor Alvarez
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Exclusive – Natasha – Vogue Russia June 2017
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Gigi Hadid’s Space Odyssey

Hell-bent on reaching for the stars, one of the most famous faces on the planet blasts off.
“My boyfriend’s really into aliens,” Gigi Hadid tells me in a conference room at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida—a hairstylist, a manicurist, and a makeup artist tending to her like blue jays fluttering around a cartoon princess. It’s barely 7 a.m., and she’s running on four hours’ sleep, having flown in from Paris the night before. She’s wearing leather pants and a neon-orange long-sleeved tee emblazoned with lyrics from the latest single by said boyfriend, former One Direction member Zayn Malik. Hadid, 22, is perhaps the most famous model in the world. According to Forbes, she earned $9 million in 2016; she has more than 33 million followers on Instagram; and last year she was named International Model of the Year by the British Fashion Council. Having conquered runways, magazine covers, and print campaigns, Hadid is now designing as well, launching two capsule collections with Tommy Hilfiger and a boot collaboration with Stuart Weitzman.
By Josh Duboff; Photographs By: Mariano Vivanco

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The Gigi you don’t know
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Elle Fanning Is an Old Soul Who Has Visions of the Future—And Directing

You can tell the story of Elle Fanning through the things she does, but also through the things she does not do. Fanning would rather not sit still, for instance. She does not tweet. She does not learn her lines until the night before she shoots them (then she memorizes them in the bath) and does not watch her own talk-show appearances (“It’s like hearing your voice on an answering machine”). She does not appreciate it when the paparazzi trail her to the gym, because she thinks she’s not famous enough to merit the commotion. (“The rest of the world is like, ‘Who is that person?’ I’m like, ‘I’m sorry!’ ”) When people now stop Fanning on the street (“Are you——”), she tries not to reply, “Dakota Fanning’s sister!” Fanning, then, would not be the first person—and might actually be the last—to realize what a rare and even spooky star Fanning, at nineteen, has become.

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Annie Leibovitz Captures Elle Fanning in Her First Vogue Cover Shoot
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Spécial Photo avec Formento + Formento

« Au cœur des “Japan Diaries ”, il y a l’ambiguïté et l’érotisme de la culture nippone capturés entre malaise tranquille et mélancolie. Ses nombreuses strates et sous-cultures nous ont propulsés dans un monde flottant riche de potentiels psychologiques, physiques et émotionnels. »

Formento + Formento
— – —

« Nous espérons créer des photographies qui requièrent de l’attention, une expérience visuellement luxuriante vers laquelle revenir pour y découvrir des sens cachés, y projeter ses propres expériences, rêves et désirs transcendants. »

Formento + Formento
— – —

« Nous nous épanouissons dans la spontanéité des prises de vue en extérieur , nous nourrissant de l’énergie qui circule entre nous et nos sujets, insufflant psychologie et émotion à ce qui pourrait ne ressembler qu’à des poses insignifiantes. »

Formento + Formento
— – —

« Le “storytelling”, le fait de raconter des histoires, nous le faisons tous. À travers l’histoire, nous répétons des histoires, nous les transmettons de génération en génération, et les racontons comme si nous y apprenions quelque chose de nouveau à chaque fois, comme si nous les revivions… C’est un processus de mémoire collective. »

Formento + Formento
— – —

« Le  voyage est au centre de notre travail. Nous adorons ce sentiment constant d’incertitude où chaque virage cache un espace d’ exploration. En Inde, nous avons essay é d’arracher des instants à la folle course quotidienne , ce mouvement sans filtre d’ un pays qui balance sans arrêt entre tradition et modernité. Les réalités socioculturelles y font de constants allers-retours entre un passé nostalgique et un futur imaginé. »

Formento + Formento
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« L’art peut être une duperie magnifique, qui part de scènes banales pour mieux les recréer et offre au spectateur un coup d’œil à travers notre propre regard sur le moment que nous avons choisi de fixer à jamais. »

Formento + Formento
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Contemporary Life
Numéro Événement Collector
Hors-Série — Mai-Juin 2017

Spécial Photo avec Formento + Formento
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