Eyes of the Judges

Camerapixo Magazine Photography Awards 2015
Eyes of the Judges

Camerapixo05aby Réhahn

Camerapixo05bby Javier de la Torre

Camerapixo05cby Panos Vassilopoulos

Camerapixo05dby Carsten Meyerdierks

Camerapixo05eby Sagar Manjarres

Camerapixo05fby Andreas Yunisantoso

Camerapixo05gby Wolf Ademeit

Camerapixo05hby Sergio Murria

Camerapixo05iby Wada Yoshihiko

Camerapixo05jby Lisa-Marie McGinn

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Camerapixo Magazine Photography Awards 2015

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2015 Audubon Photography Awards

Announcing the 2015 Audubon Photography Awards
In association with Nature’s Best Photography.

AudubonMelissaGroo1Grand Prize Winner, by Melissa Groo
Species: Great Egret
Where: Port Richey, FL
Camera: Canon 1D Mark IV with a Canon EF 500mm f/4 IS USM lens and a Skimmer ground pod; 1/800 second at f/4.5; ISO 1600
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AudubonChrisGug2Professional Winner, by Chris Gug
Species: Double-crested Cormorant
Where: Near La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Camera: Nikon D800e with a Sigma 15mm fisheye lens and an Aquatica underwater housing; 1/200 second at f/9; ISO 400
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AudubonJasonSavage3Professional Honorable Mention, by Jason Savage
Species: Sandhill Cranes
Where: Lake Helena Wildlife
Management Area, Helena, MT
Camera: Canon 7D with a Canon 500mm f4L IS lens and a 1.4X II teleconverter; 1/1,500 second at f/8; ISO 800
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AudubonConstanceMier4Fine Art Winner, by Constance Mier
Species: Laughing Gull, Double-crested Cormorant, Royal Tern
Where: Biscayne Bay Aquatic
Preserve, near Miami, FL
Camera: Sony a700 with a Sony F4-5.6/70-400 G SSM lens; 1/2500 second at f/5.6; ISO 320
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AudubonDonaldWuori5Amateur Winner, by Donald Wuori
Species: Prothonotary Warbler
Where: Audubon Sanctuary at Francis Beidler Forest, Harleyville, SC
Camera: Nikon D2x with a Nikon 200-400 f4 lens; 1/60 second at f4; ISO 400
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AudubonSteveRussell6Amateur Honorable Mention, by Steve Russell
Species: American Flamingo
Where: San Diego Zoo, San Diego, CA
Camera: Canon 7D with a Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II USM lens and a Canon Extender EF 2x III; 1/400 second at f/11, shot at 330mm; ISO 400
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AudubonTimTimmis7Amateur Honorable Mention, by Tim Timmis
Species: Black Skimmer
Where: Bolivar Flats Shorebird Sanctuary, near Port Bolivar, TX
Camera: Canon 1DX with a Canon 500mm f4 IS II lens and a Canon 1.4X III teleconverter; 1/500 second at f/8; ISO 1600
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AudubonZacharyWebster8Youth Winner, by Zachary Webster
Species: Painted Bunting
Where: Laguna Seca Ranch, near Edinburg, TX
Camera: Nikon D4S with a Nikon 600mm lens; 1/4000 second at f/8; ISO 1000
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AudubonMaryAngelaLuzader9Fine Art Honorable Mention, by Mary Angela Luzader
Photographer: Mary Angela Luzader
Where:  Venetian Gardens, Leesburg, FL
Camera: Canon EOS 50D with a Canon 100-400mm IS lens; 1/400 second at f/9; ISO 200
“Venetian Gardens is a wonderful place to photograph Purple Gallinules in a natural, parklike habitat. Someone called my attention to this pair chasing and fighting each other. I have never witnessed this behavior, and I was so excited I almost forgot to snap a few shots! When the fight was over, the victor got the girl, and the loser was chased away, with a few less feathers . . . and perhaps a headache!”
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Inspiration05aPlus Bleu que Bleu
Photographe: Laetitia Guichard
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Inspiration05bJour de Plage
Photographe: Fernand Larochelle
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Inspiration05cMorning Rush Hour
Photographe: Guillaume Chanson
— – —

Inspiration05dFéerie d’un Monde Petit
Photographe: Thomas Delahaye
— – —

Inspiration05eLa Ruche
Photographe: Yann de Fonk
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Inspiration05fAurore Boréale en Laponie
Photographe: Gilles Laurent
— – —

Inspiration05gPortrait Coloré
Photographe: Clément Guégan
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Savoir Tout Faire En Photographie Magazine No.19 – Mai-Juin 2015

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Essential Elements of the Land by Mark Seawell

Essential Elements of the Land
Mark Seawell Photography

Mark Seawell is a self-taught international fine photographer specializing in landscape photography with a passion for black and white. He was born in Raleigh, North Carolina in the United States. When he was nineteen he joined the U.S Air Forcetravelling to California for his first assignment. He eventually was posted to Europe where he met his wife and started his family.

His passion for photography started after he retired from the military and still living in Germany. Influenced by the beautiful German landscapes while walking with his wife, he purchased a Panasonic FZ28from his daughter and his photography journey started.

He embraced the promise of Micro Four Thirdsand started to drive around the rural areas close to his house, embracing the moody, misty mornings offered by this land and the history of architectural structures such as castles on the Rheine River. Mark became known for his black and white creations, stripped of all but the essential elements of the land.

MarkSeawell05a MarkSeawell05b MarkSeawell05c MarkSeawell05d MarkSeawell05e MarkSeawell05f MarkSeawell05g— – —

Mark Seawell Photography

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Nature Photography Magazine – Camerapixo Publishers presents new photography magazine dedicated to nature, landscape, wildlife photography…

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Freedom of Interpretation by Leszek Paradowski

Freedom of Interpretation
Leszek Paradowski Photography

Leszek Paradowski is a winner and holder of few artistic titles by AFIAP International Federation of Photographic Art and the PPSA of Photographic Society of America. He is artist photographer member of Polish Photoclub and Polish Nature Photographers’ Union.

Leszek constantly is seeking his creative identity, realizing the vision of a broad spectrum of nature photography, landscape to conceptual, creative and act. All photos are done on location at exceptional scenery, thanks to that they acquire additional esthetic values and obtain the appropriate atmosphere. Recently a special place in his work holds conceptual photography.

LeszekParadowski05a LeszekParadowski05b LeszekParadowski05c LeszekParadowski05d LeszekParadowski05e LeszekParadowski05f LeszekParadowski05g— – —

Leszek Paradowski Photography

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Camerapixo Nature Photography No.3 2015
Nature Photography Magazine – Camerapixo Publishers presents new photography magazine dedicated to nature, landscape, wildlife photography…

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