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Test our range of lenses and see how different lenses and aperture values affect the image.
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Test our lenses | Fujifilm X Mount Lenses
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Omar Z Robles with the Fujifilm GFX 50S

Omar Z Robles’s interest in story telling began with one man: Marcel Marceau. The legendary mime actor taught him how to interpret the world through subtle but riveting movements. Those movements that he acquired as a student in Paris, he employs today in his photo series of ballet dancers.

omarzrobles02aBut before juxtaposing the clean lines of dancers against rugged city landscapes, Robles was shooting celebrities, athletes, artists, politicians and city dwellers for The Chicago Tribune’s Hoy, Metro San Juan, Latino Leaders and for his own street photography portfolio.

omarzrobles02bIn New York City, he transformed the aesthetic of his street photography by substituting the New Yorker with the New York dancer. Robles directed the dancers to tell stories with their bodies as he had learned from Marceau. The results were an army of miniature stories as told by the gentle flow of the dancers’ bodies.  These stories were later passed on by local and international media. (Mashable, Instagram’s Blog, The Phoblographer, The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, Design Taxi and Harpers Bazaar).

omarzrobles02cHe is grateful to the dance community and to his supporters – 128,000 Instagram followers and counting. His social media acumen has made him an influencer for Fujifilm, Gap, Esprit, The Guatemala Tourism Board, Esquire Magazine and other fantastic brands.

omarzrobles02dWhen he’s not spelunking the city, he’s at home with his wife, enjoying a steaming espresso cup – and editing his photos.

omarzrobles02eSince 2014 Robles exclusively photographs with FUJIFILM X Series cameras and lenses.  After his transition to FUJIFILM X Series cameras, he finds himself more connected to his subjects than ever before. The cameras’ intuitive and revolutionary design along with their excellent image quality have propelled his artistry to new heights by facilitating complete, unobtrusive creative control over his photography.

omarzrobles02fOmar Z Robles with the Fujifilm GFX 50S
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Guide d’achat | Moyen-Format

Moyen-Format Nouvelle Génération
L’hybride monte en gamme

Pour le moyen-format, 2016 est une année révolutionnaire. Le cap des 100 MP est franchi par Hasselblad et Phase One grâce aux prouesses des capteurs Sony montés sur leurs reflex respectifs H6D et XF. Puis, coup de théâtre, Hasselblad et Fuji annoncent tour à tour des hybrides MF à visée électronique, et promettent les 50 MP pour moins de 10 000 €. Alors que le Pentax 645Z à 8 000 € faisait jusque-là figure d’exception, va-t-on assister à une progressive démocratisation du moyen-format ?

moyenformat11a moyenformat11b— – —

Guide d’achat | Choisir son appareil-photo
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The Complete Camera by Rico Pfirstinger

Fuji X Secrets – First Look Review: Fujifilm X-T2

Fuji-XT2aPlease note: This carefully researched and ridiculously comprehensive First Look Review of the Fujifilm X-T2 and Vertical Power Booster Grip is based on three different X-T2 pre-production models and more than ten different (and continuously evolving) beta firmware generations. The final hardware and firmware are expected to ship in the first half of September 2016.

Fuji-XT2bThe X-T2 may be Fujifilm’s most important product launch since the introduction of the X-Series. Expanding on the best features of the X-T1 and X-Pro2, can this richly featured workhorse convince enthusiasts and pros to consider the X-Mount as a universal go-to system for all their photographic needs? Let’s find out in this first impressions review.

Fuji-XT2cThe Complete Camera
by Rico Pfirstinger

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X-T2 Unwrapped

Fujifilm X Magazine
Special issue dedicated to Fujifilm’s latest mirrorless marvel

FujiXT2sample07X-T2 in the field
X series photographers share their outstanding images taken with the X-T2 and explain the stories behind them

FujiXT2sample07aJulien Apruzzes – Iris

FujiXT2sample07bDavid Templier – Kálfafell, Iceland

FujiXT2sample07cJeff Carter – Battling Porsches

FujiXT2sample07dRita Carmo – Mika

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X-T2 Unwrapped
Special issue dedicated to Fujifilm’s latest mirrorless marvel

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