“Let us not be nasty to nature…”

Find out more about Sebastião Salgado’s observations on man and nature.
Sebastião Salgado is a master of black and white storytelling and spoke about his work at The Photography Show in the NEC, Birmingham, UK, on March 21. His carefully composed and highly evocative images of nature and man offer a telling commentary on the modern world. Now, in his 73rd year, he explains to CPN Editor David Corfield how, after a lifetime of study, he still struggles to understand man’s destructive nature…

“I hope I can show how we must help the world heal,” he concludes. “We are 7.5 billion people on this planet now, and our behaviour has to change. I hope my pictures can make a difference but I don’t believe so. With the right information and the goodwill of people altogether, then yes, perhaps. But just my pictures? I don’t believe so.”

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Dress Up! Speak Up!

Madonna by Luigi & Iango
Vogue Germany April 2017

Dress Up! Speak Up!
Photographer: Luigi & Iango
Styling: Arianne Phillips
Hair: Andy Lecompte (Madonna), Luigi Murenu (Models)
Make up: Aaron Henrikson (Madonna), Virginia Young (Models)
Nails: Chiharu Natsume

Madonna by Luigi & Iango
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Sport Allure

Johanna S by Baard Lund
for Glamour Italia – March 2017
I pezzi chiave ispirazione gym: tra tecnico e couture

sportallure02a sportallure02b sportallure02c sportallure02d sportallure02e sportallure02f sportallure02g— – —

Sport Allure
foto Baard Lunde
Capelli Loris Rocchi @ Close Up Milano.
Trucco Anna Maria Negri @ WM-Management.
Modella Johanna S @ Monster.
Ha collaborato Sara Mestriner.

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Wolf Empire: An Intimate Portrait of a Species

Extraordinary photos that expose the elusive world of fur and teeth, light and shadow, and wolf behavior seldom seen by the human eye.

From award-winning photographer Scott Ian Barry comes Wolf Empire–the most comprehensive and stunning visual record of wolves ever published in black-and-white photography. In this world of fur and teeth, texture and shape, light and shadow, Barry creates a highly intimate look at wolves and their often mystifying way of life.

wolfempire02a wolfempire02b wolfempire02c wolfempire02d wolfempire02e wolfempire02f wolfempire02g wolfempire02h wolfempire02iEach high-quality photograph is accompanied by a narrative in which Barry relates the circumstances that led to the taking of the photo, or some unique personal observation about wolf behavior gathered from his more than thirty years of experience as a wildlife photographer. His great reverence for these magnificent animals comes through in frame after frame of wolves in varying degrees of harmony and aggression, excitement and tranquility, cooperation and solitude–all part of their experience and essential to their survival. Barry’s photographs show wolves for the individuals they are, a species as diverse as humans.
— – —

Wolf Empire: An Intimate Portrait of a Species
by Scott Ian Barry

“The shapes, shadows and textures of today’s architecture offers a wealth of composition opportunities.”

Jim Riche, in his series Urban Abstracts takes us through a tour of possibility, showing us how the contours of a building can move with the eye in such a way that the building seems to dance its way across your screen. The symmetry and the light of these manmade constructs are displayed beautifully.

jimriche02a jimriche02b jimriche02c jimriche02d jimriche02e— – —

Urban Abstracts by Jim Riche
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Adore Noir
Issue 036 • February 2017

Landscapes In Black And White

Landscapes In Black And White Photo Contest Winners

bwlandscapes02aCongratulations Grand Jury Winner « The Perfect Splash » by garyhunter_6788
« I found that Perfect Splash by Gary Hunter succeeds in meeting all of the above criteria. It meets all of the benchmarks of both photography in general and B&W in particular. Congratulations, Gary. It’s a stellar image. The moment, mood, composition, and B&W treatment are all exceptional! » – Tim Copper
— – —

bwlandscapes02bCongratulations Runner Up « Winter Sunrise in Bagan » by zayyarlynn
— – —

bwlandscapes02cCongratulations Runner Up « Princes Pier » by MissionMan
— – —

bwlandscapes02dCongratulations Runner Up « EROTIC LANDSCAPE – II » by nikosladic
— – —

bwlandscapes02eCongratulations Runner Up « Dark Hedges » by rogerhampton
— – —

bwlandscapes02fCongratulations Runner Up « The Pier » by CurtisReese
— – —

bwlandscapes02gCongratulations Amateur Winner « xarárfoss s-h (1 of 1) V » by sverrirjnsson
— – —

bwlandscapes02hCongratulations People’s Choice « Reflection Row » by jamierichey
— – —

bwlandscapes02i« Mirror of the sky » by aidagri
— – —

Landscapes In Black And White Photo Contest Winners
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Finding Myself in the Stars

Finding Myself in the Stars
by Don Whitebread

California, USA – I spent the summers of my youth wherever my father’s work as a geologist took us, usually camped deep in a desert mountain range.  Watching the slow change of light and weather during the day, and the flow of stars across the night sky was my best entertainment. This background fueled my interest in photography, and has drawn me to remote locations throughout my life. I chose to photograph this series using only natural light, and rarely moonlight, to show that faint, diffuse starlight that few people really see any more.

donwhitebread02a donwhitebread02b donwhitebread02c donwhitebread02d donwhitebread02e donwhitebread02f donwhitebread02g— – —

Finding Myself in the Stars
by Don Whitebread

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