Black and White Images of the Metropolis

The captivating street photography of London-based Alan Schaller incorporate a stunning combination of geometry, high contrast and surrealism, as well as a human aspect to each image. His series Metropolis examines how we are often lost in the world around us. Schaller uses scale to show the contrast between his subjects and the sprawling architectural backgrounds they stand against. With a masterful technique of light and shadow, each image is heavy with emotion.

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Black and White Images of the Metropolis by Alan Schaller
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Black and White City Architecture | Wolfgang Mothes

Black and White City Architecture

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“Posttower / Tower 185 I”
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“Kranhaus II / Tower 185 III”
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“Tower 185 II”
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Wolfgang Mothes Photography
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Black & White Photography Guidebook 2017

Overview: Black and white photography has been with us for a long time. It remains an almost magical and timeless medium. Even in this full-colour modern world, its popularity is undiminished, with those new to it being captivated by its simplicity and power. The Black & White Photography Guidebook was created with the simple aim of introducing you to the world of black and white photography, and as a result, we hope you will enjoy new levels of artistic scope.

Gathered within these pages are numerous guides and tutorials to help you on your journey of photographic creativity including:
The origins of photography, History of black and white, Black and white core concepts, Seeing in black and white, Photography tips, Mono conversion techniques, Mono landscape photography, Portrait Photography, Type of light modifiers, Lighting techniques and expert lighting diagrams, High-key portraiture, Low-key portraiture, Abstract black and white photography, Essential gear guide, Filter types and systems, Printing your photographs, Developing and printing black and white film, Dodge and burn technique, Sepia toning, Selective colour…
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Black & White Photography Guidebook 2017
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Reflections with Alina Lee

Eyes that look so inquiring, yet seem to know everything.
“Somewhere in the Spring of 2016 I saw a picture of a model that immediately caught my eye, her name turned out to be Alina Lee. And when my girlfriend and me planned a short USA Westcoast roadtrip I just had to check out if Alina was up for a collaboration. She was. We set a date and I asked the people from the great San Remo hotel where we were staying if I could use a room for a shoot. Lucky for me that was no problem at all and Alina turned out to be just as inspiring and fun to hang out with as I’d hoped for.” At the beautiful Italian style hotel, build after the 1906 earthquake in San Fransisco, Dutch Photographer Theodor Versteegen and intriguing model Alina Lee put their shooting plans into action and continued at the ‘901 Columbus Cafe’, Russian Hill – San Fransisco.

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Reflections with Alina Lee
by Theodor Versteegen

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Land of Lost Content by Lieven Engelen

Lieven Engelen takes us on a different journey, in his series the Land of Lost Content, a fairy tale world that encapsulates all the dreams and all the beauty we didn’t know were hiding within. In one photo, there is no fear from the goats that graze at the edge of a cliff with heavenly clouds behind them; their only curiosity is the camera pointed at them.

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Land of Lost Content by Lieven Engelen
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Rencontre avec Florence Dabenoc : Passion Nature !

Entretien avec la photographe Florence Dabenoc, lorraine de naissance et de cœur, docteur vétérinaire dans la vie qui partage avec nous son amour pour la nature et l’image. Cette passionnée, 1er prix du Festival International de Montier-en-Der en novembre 2016, revient pour le Mag Nikon sur son parcours et ses plus belles expériences.

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Rencontre avec Florence Dabenoc : Passion Nature !
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Black and White Photography by Nikolai Endegor

Black and White Photography by Nikolai Endegor

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Нижний мир
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Ночные красавицы
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Balcony Dance
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Вкус Парижа
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Black and White Photography by Nikolai Endegor
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