An inspiring approach to photography

Clean, spare, and meditative, joSon’s photography reveals a mind of extraordinary focus as well as a deep sense of captivating simplicity. Perhaps these qualities can be attributed to the fact that joSon lived in a Buddhist temple from age 10 to age 18, gardening, drawing, and teaching art to the resident monks. When he turned 18, the temple master told him he was destined for artistry, noting that, “Life chooses us and takes us places.” Here, joSon shares how his experiences played a role in shaping his life as a photographer, and why his images incorporate what he was looking for in the temple—a deep desire for peace, combined with an inspired approach to life.

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Insights and ideas from joSon, Adobe® Photoshop® user

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Mono Magic

This is very well handled image that has not been over processed. There are lovely subtle nuances to the tones with the shadows and the highlight retaining just enough detail but without appearing too ‘flat’. The transition from dark to light is ‘pitch perfect’ and cleverly done. The speckles of light on the forest floor add to the depth of the scene. Great work!

Crowd Winner : Jakub Kozioł | Morning rays
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A very clever use of tones to capture the sense of motion and energy in this absolutely beautiful image. The wonderful silky tones are subtle and rendering just enough detail where it’s needed to give a sense of detail in the subject’s face. The fleeting ghostly movement gliding through the image is simply wonderful. Well done!

Expert Winner : Jakub Karol Kowalski | Soul Of Dance
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20 Fenchurch Street by Sophie Schneeberger
Crowd second – Expert commended
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Sophie II by Mercedes María Senise
Crowd 7th – Expert commended
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Sun shining through storm clouds on the Waimakariri River, South Island, New Zealand by acc999
Crowd top 10% – Expert 7th
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Over Lago di Garda by Stan Majewski
Crowd 6th – Expert commended
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In the Mist by Kavin Koon
Crowd 3rd
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Mono Magic – Young DCPOTY | Part of Digital Camera Photographer of the Year 2018
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Shades of Color | Martin Zalba

The night landscapes master is now exploring a new way with infrared without losing an inch of style.
“From the first moment I started in earnest with photography, night photography caught my attention powerfully. It was a very expressive technique. At night there is little light, the night is quite unknown to us … Nature looks different, there is a magic light, it is a different way of seeing things.”

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Martin Zalba Photography
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Long Exposure Street Photography

Photographer Visualizes Hearing Loss as Artistically Blurred Street Photography

Viewing his photos as paintings, Chilean photographer Eduardo Asenjo Matus has a unique technique for capturing the spirit of his environment. Using a neutral density filter, he employs long exposures to focus in on his primary subject, leaving the rest in an artistic blur. The former graphic design and architecture student started this series, The Sound of Silence, in 2015 as a way to reflect his own emotions.

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Long Exposure Street Photography
by Eduardo Asenjo Matus

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I guess you could call me an ‘obsessive photographer’, having been passionate and single-minded about photography for almost sixty years. I was brought up in the Sussex countryside, and loved roaming the woods and felds when I was a kid. So when I was given an Agfa Silette 35mm camera for my 21st birthday, I naturally went into the landscape for my images. It wasn’t long before I bought an enlarger as I wanted to make prints myself rather than have them processed elsewhere. Of course, it was all black and white then – colour was complex and expensive.

The craft of making pictures in a darkroom was a steep and challenging learning curve, but one that I found very exciting. To be able to transform an uninteresting ‘straight’ print into something expressive and special was very fulflling. I quickly learned to use tonal controls like burning and dodging where the whole mood and feel of a picture could be greatly enhanced.

Those darkroom skills stood me in good stead when I started making digital prints, as I apply similar principles and methods. I rarely do anything to an image that I couldn’t previously have done in the darkroom, except for removing unwanted intrusions or distractions. Digital processing of course makes things much easier, as there is very fne control over every aspect of the process – and it is usually reversible if things go wrong.

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Cameracraft Portfolio
by Colin Westgate

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Black and White ‘Garden Photography’

The IGPOTY calendar begins with the brilliant Black & White Photo Project. Be creative, explore different botanical shapes and take advantage of the texture, patterns and shapes emphasised by the increased contrast of black and white.
You can use the existing IGPOTY main categories to theme your black & white images only within the realms of ‘garden photography’.
Through use of black and white, aim to capture a new experience, essence or feeling that colour will struggle to express.

‘Jumping Over Karma’
Simon Hadleigh-Sparks – 1st Place
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‘Weeping Willow’
Carolyne Barber – 2nd Place
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‘Damselfly Umbrella’
Minghui Yuan – 3rd Place
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‘Arctic Poppies’
Margaret Sixsmith – Finalist
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Danièle Dugré – Highly Commended
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Black and white is a diverse, modern and powerful thematic style that works perfectly with botanical subjects. Winners of this Photo Project have all showed fantastic originality and intention, setting out to achieve a black and white image from the outset that belonged in black and white for a specific reason, rather than converting an old colour image. In this way the photograph gains considerable value, impact and integrity.

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Ultimate Passion

‘I absolutely adore black and white portraits, and would probably share all of my work as monochrome images if I could! So it’s exciting that this magazine has chosen to showcase an entirely monochromatic portfolio.’ – Stephanie Bowers

Stephanie Bowers is an Australian photographer who calls Queensland her home. Her photography business provides the creative outlet where she channels her passion for inspiring and empowering women. Her mission? Challenging her subjects to bring out their most sensual, vulnerable, and feminine side by working with them in a collaboraton to create beautiful imagery. Hers is the genre known as boudoir photography, but in the modern iteraton it’s a world away from many of the traditonal negative perceptions associated with that style.
Stephanie and her all female team set out to create an experience which leaves her clients, for the most part women, feeling beautiful, sexy and desired. She’s proud of the fact that many clients report that their boudoir photography experience with her was one of the best days of their lives.
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Ultimate Passion
by Stephanie Bowers

more in f11 Magazine – Issue 65