Matt Black | The Geography of Poverty

Matt Black | The Geography of Poverty

MattBlack09aAnastasia Photo is pleased to present The Geography of Poverty, Matt Black’s second exhibition at the gallery.

MattBlack09bAccording to the Census Bureau’s measure of poverty—$11,490 is the annual income for one person or $23,550 for a family of four—over 45 million people fall below the poverty line in the U.S., the largest number on record for the country.

MattBlack09cOriginating on Black’s Instagram feed (@mattblack_blackmatt), The Geography of Poverty began in his home region of California’s Central Valley. In the heart of the nation’s richest state, conditions rival that of any third world nation, with residents suffering some of the country’s highest unemployment and hunger rates. Combining images, geolocation, and poverty data, the project sought to put these marginalized communities on the map and chart this unseen scope of poverty in rural America. Since the first post in December 2013, The Geography of Poverty has gained over 180,000 followers and earned Black TIME’s title of 2014 Instagram Photographer of the Year.

MattBlack09dFollowing a preplanned route across the four corners of the United States, Black began a three-month road trip this past June, documenting over 70 cities, towns, and rural communities, connected by the fact that more than 20% of their residents fall below the poverty line. From the staggering hunger and food insecurity in the Southwest to the ‘Cancer Valley’ of Louisiana, the persistence of inequality in education and generational opportunity, and rampant unemployment and crime in the post-industrial Mid-West; Black questions what kind of America are we to be – a land of opportunity, or pockets of plenty amidst a landscape of disparity and despair?

MattBlack09eMatt Black | The Geography of Poverty
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Passion, Grit & A Billion Dollar Brand | Jessica Alba

The Secret to Jessica Alba’s Success
She’s turned The Honest Company into a billion-dollar brand—here’s how she made it all happen.

JessicaAlba09aThere are celebrities with lifestyle brands, and then there’s Jessica Alba. In just three and a half years, the actress turned entrepreneur has transformed The Honest Company, the line of eco-friendlier personal-care products she cofounded, into a big—make that very big—business. Though any Target shopper can get a sense of the company’s success simply by scanning the shelves, the stats are staggering: more than 120 products, including household cleaners, toothpaste, vitamins and diapers, all formulated without toxic chemicals. Alba and her cofounders have raised an estimated $222 million in outside investment; sales ballooned to a reported $150 million last year; some 350 people are on the payroll. Expansions to South Korea and China are in the works. The company is now worth a cool $1.7 billion.

JessicaAlba09b JessicaAlba09cThe Secret to Jessica Alba’s Success
Self Magazine, October 2015
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Tweak Your Canon DSLR with Magic Lantern

Tweak Your Canon DSLR with Magic Lantern
c’t Digital Photography – Fall 2015

Focus Stacking, Trap Focus and Magic Zoom are all features that some Canon cameras have but that you can’t use unless you unlock them using the free Magic Lantern firmware add-on. A clever piece of software that incorporates a host of additional photo and video functions for a range of Canon DSLRs (and the mirrorless EOS M), it is simple to install, use and uninstall. This article explains how.

MagicLantern09aFocus Stacking
Macro photography gives you insights into fascinating and almost endless worlds of new and exciting subjects. However, all macro photographers have to deal with extremely shallow depth of field, a problem that can only be moderately alleviated by stopping the aperture down. Magic Lantern’s Stack Focus function provides a useful solution to this well-known problem.

MagicLantern09bTrap Focus, Focus Peak and Magic Zoom
Focus stacking requires patience, a stationary subject and an autofocus lens. The manual lenses, bellows units and reversing rings often required for macro photography make automated focus stacking impossible. But never fear – Magic Lantern has solutions for situations like these too.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) techniques come into play when the range of contrast in a subject exceeds the dynamic range of the camera’s image sensor. If you capture a conventional image of such a high-contrast subject, some shadow and/or highlight detail will be lost.

MagicLantern09d MagicLantern09eHave you ever been annoyed to discover that some of the features built in to your Canon DSLR have been disabled by the manufacturer for some inexplicable reason? Well fret no more! A group of clever programmers has discovered a back door unintentionally left open by Canon’s engineers that makes it possible to enhance your camera’s feature set to include functions it was never intended to have.

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c’t Digital Photography – Fall 2015
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Free Manfrotto Food Photography eBook

Nowadays it seems every time you go to a restaurant, there’s somebody shooting a photo of their plate of food to post up onto some social media network to share with their friends. In fact, it’s become so widespread that some top restaurants have now banned it! While taking a quick snap with your phone can be a blast – and can be improved with a little know-how such as a small LED light to boost the lighting – taking professional-quality photos of food can be fun and not as difficult as you’d think. And it’s largely thanks to digital SLRs that can work really well at lower light levels due to their amazing high ISO capabilities. In this guide, we’ll be telling you about the equipment you’ll need and the techniques to use to take some truly great photographs of food.

Food09a Food09b Food09c Food09d Food09eFree Manfrotto Food Photography eBook

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10 Simple Steps to Better Wildlife Photography

10 Simple Steps to Better Wildlife Photography

WildLife09aCreating a beautiful image of an elusive creature is an exciting challenge for all nature photographers. Unlike the controlled environments common in zoos and farms, wildlife is fleeting and unpredictable.
Since most opportunities last for just a few short seconds, there is little room for error when the subject finally appears. Equipped with these proven tips and techniques, you can relive yourself of bad experiences through photos you are proud to call your own.

WildLife09b10 Simple Steps to Better Wildlife Photography
by Chris Corradino

WildLife09c1) Choose the Right Shutter…
2) Don’t Fear the ISO…
3) Simplify the Focus…
4) Find the Right Background…
5) Get Down…
6) Always Be Ready…
7) Research…
8) Time of Day…
9) Remain Present…
10) Practice Near Home…

WildLife09d10 Simple Steps to Better Wildlife Photography
by Chris Corradino

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