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Abandoned Places

Photographing abandoned locations is a relatively new genre of photography. It has even coined its own descriptive term: Urbex. These photographs always create a haunting feeling, as if you might see a ghost lurking in the corner (if you look closely enough.)

Photo by Esmeralda Holman
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looking for cleaner by marcusjaenichen
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Abandoned.. by Danne Rydgren
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Homestead Memories by Rowena Richards
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Antica Tonnara by Massimo De Martin
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more in “35 Spooky Images of Abandoned Places”
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The Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year

Inverness photographer Dr Kenny Muir, has been crowned winner of this year’s prestigious Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year Competition.

Kenny Muir
Overall Winner – Seilbost Gneiss
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Bill Ward
Seascape Winner – Incoming Storm, Luskentyre
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David Queenan
Golden Pines
— – —

Tony Higginson
4 Seasons Winner Autumn – Copper Beech sunset
— – —

Andrew MacDougall
Weather Winner – Cuillin Haze
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The Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year
more at slpoty

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Outdoor photography | Tom Ormerod

The weather (and the light) is important for all outdoor photographers and especially for Landscape shooters. So when I was offered the chance to field test the new OM-D E-M1 Mark III, I knew I had to put it through its paces and try to experience many different conditions.

There is nothing I enjoy more than a photo road trip so I decided to split my time with the camera between one in the damp autumnal South West of the UK and another in the warm but infinitely changeable conditions of Madeira.

The conditions throughout the Dorset & Devon trip were certainly, variable including gale force winds, torrential rain, blue skies and sunshine.

Family man Tom has been around cameras for many years but only found his niche in 2017 when he started photographing seascapes around his home county of Dorset, UK. Since then he has become a semi-professional photographer, selling & showcasing his work, delivering workshops & talks and sharing his love of capturing the land and sea. He can often be found before sunrise on the hills, cliffs and beaches of Dorset and its neighbouring counties. He actively promotes the social elements of photography both online and in person, enjoying shooting with others as much as being out alone.

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Tom Ormerod Photography
more at olympus

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The Joy Of Water

Idyllic, wild swimming holes, alluring lakes and magical coves; discover more than 60 locations around the world to experience The Joy of Water with this inspirational new book from Lonely Planet. Tap into the ‘water wellness’ trend with personal stories about the best places to take a dip and forge a stronger connection to the elements through interactions with water.

Divided into five chapters by continent (Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania), journey to some of the world’s most far-flung corners in the search for sublime aquatic experiences, whether that’s for relaxing, contemplation or adventure. From wild swims off Britain’s remotest beach and coral reef-fuelled snorkelling trips in idyllic Mozambique, to sumptuous soaks in Iceland’s geothermally-heated pools and chill-out time with non-stinging jellyfish in Palau’s magical hidden lake, no corner is left unexplored.

With exquisite full-colour photography throughout and expert advice from Lonely Planet’s seasoned travel writers, be inspired to experience The Joy of Water all over the globe.
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The Joy Of Water
via lonely planet

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Take a walk on the wild side

Take a walk on the #Wild2020 side and discover the winning photos from Agora’s latest photo competition, featuring the world’s best nature photography with more than 9219 photos submitted. Indonesian photographer @cymot won the contest with his photo ‘Need to drink’ that gathered the most votes during the 5 voting rounds on the free-to-use photography app.

“Orang-utans normally steer clear of water, in order to protect themselves from predators such as crocodiles and snakes. You can tell that even if she climbed down the tree to drink, she’s being very wary of her surroundings. It was an extraordinary and unexpected moment.”
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‘My daughter’ by @tinozavrus
“I wanted to show the inner freedom of the child and dissolution in nature. It was very difficult to shoot because there was an invasion of mosquitos!”
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‘Gnaw and gnaw’ by @nik_kupchenko
“Here, the endless tundra winter lasts for half a year and the temperature drops below – 50 degrees Celsius. During a work trip to the far north, far from civilization, it is sometimes possible to meet these local inhabitants. This time, I was lucky to meet with a furry polar predator – the Arctic fox …”
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‘Relax’ by @heisen22
“This national park in Japan is famous because monkeys can bath in the hot springs. I shot these three monkeys that were relaxing with funny faces.”
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‘Hug me’ by @himelnobi
“The pied kingfisher is a species of water kingfisher widely distributed across Africa and Asia. It was winter, the breeding season where pied kingfishers are always busy. The male catches lots of fishes in order to impress the female. The more successful he is at catching fishes, the more chances he has to mate with a female. The male and female were very interactive with each other. Finally, the male successfully satisfied his female and got allowed to mate, until another male showed up and started to fight …”
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Take a walk on the wild side
more at agora

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Agora is a free-to-use photography app that gathers a global community of more than 3,5 million users from 193 countries. Over the past couple of years, Agora has transitioned from being a social photo market to a digital channel where people create, vote and curate the best images made worldwide.

Images to lift your spirits

Every Friday the team at the World Photography Organisation will be showcasing images to help uplift, entertain and – most importantly – inspire you to keep taking pictures. The next few months are going to be an uncertain and unsettling time for all of us, so we hope these feelgood Friday image round-ups will take the edge off, even if it’s just a little bit. For our first post, we’ve delved into the archives to share our favourite images recognised in the last three years of the Sony World Photography Awards.

Trung Pham Huy, Viet Nam, Shortlist, Open competition, Travel, 2020 Sony World Photography Awards
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Yonathan Kellerman, Canada, Shortlist, Open competition, Motion , 2018 Sony World Photography Awards
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Tobias Friedrich, Germany, Shortlist, Professional competition, Natural World & Wildlife, 2020 Sony World Photography Awards
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Mauro Battistelli, Italy, Shortlist, Professional competition, Landscape , 2020 Sony World Photography Awards
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from: “That Friday feeling: nine spectacular images to lift your spirits”
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