Light And Shadows

Congratulations to Lori Hibbett for winning the recent Light and Shadows assignment with the image, “Cloudy Dunes.”

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View a selection of submissions in the gallery below.

“Needles in the Evening” By Bob Faucher
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“Sunbeams” By Tom Elenbaas
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“Dune Light” By Thomas Kolessar
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Light And Shadows
via Outdoor Photographer

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Shadow Play

Creative uses of shadows and light to add unique effects.

Silhouette of hugging man and woman
by Jonathan Borba
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by Sep
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Woman wearing red and whitestriped long-sleeved top
by Rafael Mota
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People walking
by Jan Kolar
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Woman walking on sidewalk
by Ryoji Iwata
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Games of Light & Shadow in Architecture

As an architect/international bridge engineer, I have been fortunate enough to visit a lot of places not only in Tokyo, but also around the world for various large architectural and bridge structure projects, including my own engineering achievement. Firstly, I brought a camera just for taking shots such of the interesting scenery in foreign countries.

But gradually my mind has been changed. The reason why I’m interested in photography came initially from simply taking photographs of the bridges and buildings I’ve designed; however, recently I saw some wonderfully artistic, architectural photographs in several web galleries and international photograph magazines and have been passionately interested in such the category of fine-art photography by my own ever since. —Dr. Akira Takaue

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Games of Light & Shadow in Architecture
by Dr. Akira Takaue
more in Lens Magazine

Black and White Images of the Metropolis

The captivating street photography of London-based Alan Schaller incorporate a stunning combination of geometry, high contrast and surrealism, as well as a human aspect to each image. His series Metropolis examines how we are often lost in the world around us. Schaller uses scale to show the contrast between his subjects and the sprawling architectural backgrounds they stand against. With a masterful technique of light and shadow, each image is heavy with emotion.

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Black and White Images of the Metropolis by Alan Schaller
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Photography work by Fan Ho

Known as a “great master” in the photography circle, Fan Ho was born in Shanghai in 1931. He embarked on photography at the age of 14 when his father gave him a Rolleiflex camera as a birthday gift, and gained the first award of photography in his life within the first year. In 1949, he migrated to Hong Kong with his family. With his unique visual language of light and shadow and his understanding and enthusiasm for society and livelihood, he used his camera to record the Hong Kong street views in the 1950s and 1960s, which remain classics even nowadays.

Courtesy of Modernbook Gallery

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Photography work by Fan Ho
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Alex Noriega | Featured Photographer

Photography Masterclass Magazine speak to USA Landscape Photographer Of The Year and International Landscape Photographer Of The Year, Alex Noriega, whose incredible images have been featured in numerous publications worldwide.

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Alex Noriega | Featured Photographer
more in Photography Masterclass Magazine

Lucien Clergue

The light coming from the window blinds casts striped patterned on these bodies. It is the perfect balance of light and shadow over the curvature of the hips, buttocks, and breasts—gracefully highlighting female forms. Something that Lucien Clergue does so well.

LucienClergue01 LucienClergue02 LucienClergue03— – —

Lucien Clergue Photography

via illusion.scene360