Variants by Herb Ritts

Variants by Herb Ritts
The exhibition gives you a comprehensive insight into the unprecedented body of work by Herb Ritts, who is regarded as one of the most important fashion, portrait and celebrity photographers in history.

HerbRitts10aCindy Crawford Blonde · 1993

HerbRitts10bCindy Crawford Blonde 2 · 1993

HerbRitts10cNaomi in Corset · 1991

HerbRitts10dNaomi in Corset 2 · 1991

This generation right now has to see what Herb Ritts’ work was about because it’s something that I think when you open the fashion magazines it’s definitely missing. — Naomi Campbell, 2012

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HerbRitts10eRichard Gere, San Bernardino, 1977

Within a very short time, Herb Ritts attained the legendary status of a fashion-, celebrity-, portrait- and nude photographer. His, at first, private pictures of a young, still relatively unknown Richard Gere, bursting of strength while changing a tire helped establish the photographer’s career as icon photographer of the pop culture.

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Variants by Herb Ritts

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Origines, Le Calendrier 2016 d’Olivier Grunewald

Origines, Le Calendrier 2016 d’Olivier Grunewald
OlivierGrunewald10aLes images de ce calendrier sont extraites d’une exposition photographique racontant les étapes de la formation de la Terre, l’apparition de la vie, son extrême diversité, afin de préparer une planète accueillante. ORIGINES est la quête esthétique qu’Olivier Grunewald mène depuis plus de trente ans, une fresque photographique pour rappeler le temps infini qu’il a fallu pour créer et parfaire un monde prodigue.

OlivierGrunewald10b OlivierGrunewald10c OlivierGrunewald10d OlivierGrunewald10e OlivierGrunewald10f OlivierGrunewald10g— – —

Origines | Le Calendrier 2016 d’Olivier Grunewald
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The New Leica SL by Ben Franke

Ben Franke is a New York-based German/American photographer, whose work focuses on movement across a range of athletic disciplines. Since 2008, Franke has been photographing parkour athletes, and began his ongoing series Parkour Motion in 2012. With this series, he aims to capture the energy and power of parkour athletes’ movements in a single still image. In the past year his work has appeared in The New York Times and was chosen for American Photography 30 and AP 31 editions. Here he talks about his recent use of the new Leica SL.

BenFranke10a BenFranke10b BenFranke10c… Q: There’s a ton of movement in the images. What is the white powder used? Can you tell us more about the decision to use this and how you achieved these shots? What was the inspiration behind it? Would you call this a signature look of some of your motion work?

A: The white powder is regular baking flour from the grocery store. My inspiration came from similar shots I had seen done with dancers in a studio, as well as the Holi Festival where colored powder is thrown. I wanted to apply that idea to parkour and shoot it outdoors, since parkour generally takes place in an outdoor environment. I suppose you could call this my signature look.

Ben Franke: Capturing Parkour Athletes with the Leica SL
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2015 Maxim Hot 100 Australia

2015 Maxim Hot 100 Australia

Maxim100aThe Definitive List of Australia’s Most Beautiful, Successful, and Talented Women Starring Sam Frost, Jennifer Hawkins, Iggy Azalea, Ellyse Perry, Sia, Delta Goodrem, Lucy Turnbull and More…
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Yes, welcome to the 2015 MAXIM HOT 100 — our annual, eclectic and definitive list of the most gifted and gorgeous Australian women who have impressed — and undressed — this year. There’s an abundance of fine femmes who have wowed us with their aptitude, intellect, sexiness, humour, coolness, physical attributes, and overall mega-talents, for you to feast your eyes on. So, until next month, please sit back, grab a beer, and enjoy this super-sizzling special special edition of MAXIM— and feel free to to tell us what you think at
Santi Pintado, Editor-In-Chief

1. Delta Goodrem – 2.Margot Robbie – 3.Ellyse Perry – 4.Sam Frost – 5.Jennifer Hawkins – 6.Samantha Armytage – 7. Miranda Kerr – 8.Lauren Brant – 9.Iggy Azalea – 10.Jessica Mauboy – 11.Jessica Gomes – 12.Sally Fitzgibbons – 13.SketchSHE – 14.Renee Somerfield – 15.Olympia Valance – 16.Ruby Rose – 17.Nicole Trunfio – 18.Laura Geitz – 19.Lucy Turnbull – 20.Jessica Green – 21.Jesinta Campbell – 22.Fiona Falkiner – 23.Sheridyn Fisher – 24.Tegan Martin – 25.Pia Miller – 26.Carrie Bickmore – 27.Mimi Elashiry – 28.Cheyenne Tozzi – 29.Robyn Lawley – 30.Rose Byrne – 31.Lara Worthington – 32.Renee Gracie – 33.Lauryn Eagle – 34.Yvonne Strahovski – 35.Sophie Monk – 36.Ricki-Lee Coulter – 37.Ashley Hart – 38.Jessica Hart – 39.Rebel Wilson – 40.Samara Weaving – 41.Ellie Gonsalves – 42.Sylvia Jefferies – 43.Julia Morris – 44.Amanda Keller – 45.Sports Presenters – 46.Abbey Lee Kershaw – 47.The Veronicas – 48.Casey Boonstra – 49.Cate Blanchett – 50.Heather Maltman – 51.Sandra Sully – 52.Teresa Palmer – 53.Renee Bargh – 54.Renae Ayris – 55.Monika Radulovic – 56.Billie McKay – 57.Asher Keddie – 58.Caitlin Stasey – 59.Emma Watkins – 60.Jade Albany – 61.Jessica Marais – 62.Rachael Taylor – 63.Imogen Anthony – 64.Erin Molan – 65.Dannii Minogue – 66.Anna Heinrich – 67.Isla Fisher – 68.Kahili Blundell – 69.Mia Freedman – 70.Weatherwomen – 71.Kylie Minogue – 72.Leigh Sales – 73.Kyly Clarke – 74.Laura Dundovic – 75.Emily Sears – 76.Nicole Kidman – 77.Ksenija Lukich -78.Emma Freedman -79.Laura Csortan – 80.Jessica Rowe – 81.Jackie O – 82.Danielle Cormack – 83.Chrissie Swan – 84.Lisa Wilkinson – 85.Abby Coleman – 86.Sia – 87.Kate Ritchie – 88.Kylie Gillies – 89.Sonia Kruger – 90.Tiffiny Hall – 91.Laura Lydall & Joanna Hill – 92.Esther Anderson – 93.Rebecca Gibney – 94.Julie Bishop – 95.Angie & Yvie – 96.Amy-Jane Brand – 97.Kerri-Anne Kennerly – 98.Gina Liano – 99.Tanya Plibersek – 100.Peta Credlin

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2015 Maxim Hot 100 Australia

Maxim Australia Magazine November 2015
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Nature Wallpapers

Nature Wallpapers

NatureWP10aEnchantment of light and shadows
Photograph by Kaiti Lillipuu
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Photograph by James Smart
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NatureWP10cThe look of nature
Photograph by Marco Tagliarino
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NatureWP10dSurrealist painting in nature
Photograph by Tugo Cheng
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NatureWP10eTree of Life
Photograph by Jassen T.
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NatureWP10fThe lookout
Photograph by Denis Dumoulin
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Nature Wallpapers
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En voyage avec le Nikon CoolPix AW130 par Aurélie Monod

En voyage avec le Nikon CoolPix AW130 par Aurélie Monod
AurélieMonod10aAurélie Monod, photographe et vidéaste a testé pour nous le Nikon COOLPIX AW130, retrouvez son retour d’expérience à travers une magnifique carte postale vidéo à découvrir dans cet article.
AurélieMonod10b AurélieMonod10c AurélieMonod10d AurélieMonod10e“En juillet dernier, je suis retournée en Indonésie avec mon mari, cette fois dans une des régions les plus isolées de ce vaste pays : la Papouasie, et plus précisément l’archipel de Raja Ampat. Le voyage pour y arriver est long, mais le dépaysement est garanti !
Nous avons été hébergés par une famille papoue dans une baie sauvage, dans un bungalow sur pilotis fait de feuilles de palmier, avec une heure d’électricité par jour pour recharger les batteries. Un cadre fantastique, auquel s’ajoute la richesse incroyable du monde sous-marin …”
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Master Photographers Association Awards Winners Announced!

For the second year in succession, Jason Banbury LMPA is the UK and International Master Photographer of the Year.
MPAJasonBanbury10d MPAJasonBanbury10cMPAJasonBanbury10b MPAJasonBanbury10aJason, from Carmarthenshire, specialises in dance, fantasy, theatrical and children’s costume photography. His winning aggregate of five highly ranked images included a refreshing new direction in retouching for a ‘Millais’ look in child portraiture. This images also gained Jason the title of Best Licentiate Photographer of the Year for the second year running.
— – —

MPALisaVisser10ePortrait Photographer Lisa Visser FMPA, whose timeless imagery captured the attention of the judges again and again was crowned the winner in Under 5‘s, Portrait Art Fashion and Portrait Classical categories in addition to the UK Portrait Photographer of The Year sponsored by Fujifilm.
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MPAJohnsonWee10fJohnson Wee FMPA scooped eight awards, winning Overseas Photographer of The Year, sponsored by WPPI, as well as picking up the Judges Choice award.
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MPAHazelIrvine10gThe awards also celebrated a new category for the MPA awards, dedicated to Newborn Photography and was one of the highest entered categories. Hazel Irvine LMPA claimed the much sought after title.
— – —

MPAPaulFowler10hUK Wedding Photographer of The Year
Paul Fowler LMPA
— – —

MPALenoOoi10iAspiring Member Winner : Leno Ooi
— – —

MPAErichCaparas10jBlack & White Award Winner : Erich Caparas AMPA
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