Wild Australasia: best nature photos of the decade

Wild Australasia: best nature photos of the decade
Celebrating 10 years of the ANZANG photo competition in a stunning new book

This small selection of images has been chosen from the more than 260 breathtaking compositions found in the Wild Australasia anthology. Pulled from the first 10 years of the ANZANG photographer of the year competition, it features beautiful photographs of wildlife and landscapes, the book captures the essence of our diverse region.

Wild10a Wild10b Wild10c Wild10d Wild10e Wild10f Wild10gTHE ANCIENT LANDMASS of Gondwana and its remarkable biological legacy was the inspiration behind the founding of what is now officially called the Australian Geographic ANZANG Nature Photographer of the Year, but more conveniently referred to as the ANZANG photo competition or simply ANZANG.

In the 10 years since its launch, ANZANG has become firmly established as Australia and New Zealand’s number one nature photo competition in terms of the number of entries it attracts and size of its prize pool.

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“You’ve got to give people a chance to miss you…”

World Exclusive: Adele is back and on the cover of i-D
In her first interview since forever, Adele grants i-D an exclusive first play of her brand new album, 25. The most important British singer of her generation opens up for the first time in three years to discuss the album everyone’s been waiting for, and talks about being a mum, her fear of fame and why she wouldn’t want to follow-up 21, even if she could…

AdeleID10a AdeleID10b AdeleID10cAdele, photographed by Alasdair McLellan for i-D, winter 2015

AdeleID10d“You’ve got to give people a chance to miss you…”

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One Shot: Stamps of Approval | Display your Photographs

Whenever you get the chance, display your photographs. Anywhere and everywhere. In galleries and exhibits. In your home and your office. On social media.
Listen to this:

CindyDyer10aA few years ago, Cindy Dyer, who specializes in botanical images, had an exhibit of 88 photographs at one of her favorite places to photograph, Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria, Virginia. During the course of the exhibit her images were seen by a woman whose husband was an art director for the United States Postal Service. At that time he was looking for specific images to license for postage stamps. His wife mentioned Cindy’s images to him and…well, you see where this is going.

After much picking and choosing, rejecting and selecting and even the taking of additional images, five of Cindy’s photographs of varieties of ferns were chosen, and each one became a First Class Forever stamp.

CindyDyer10bRecently, four of Cindy’s images of water lilies joined them. These stamps, however, were not printed in the post office’s usual run of 20 to 40 million; rather, half a billion of the water lilies were printed, an unusual total for stamps other than those issued for holidays. “Flowers sell well,” Cindy says of the post office’s expectation of high demand for her colorful quartet.

Not only is the print run unusual, so is getting anything onto a postage stamp. Cindy tells us that of the 40,000 stamp subject suggestions that come into the Postal Service each year, only about 20 make it onto stamps.

CindyDyer10cCindy Dyer | Stamps of Approval

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Daniel Greenwood | Night Sky and Landscape Photography

Night Sky and Landscape Photography
by Daniel Greenwood

“So nearly two years ago I started to notice my on going passion for exploring and being surrounded by nature had began to evolve into something much more. From snapping photos with my cell phone or my little point and shoot to show off to friends and family. This passion and obsession had grown quite quickly in me. Just last year I walked into the local camera store and bought myself my first serious full frame camera. From here my passion for capturing beautiful scenes in nature had grown into something much much bigger.”

DanielGreenwood10a DanielGreenwood10b DanielGreenwood10c DanielGreenwood10d DanielGreenwood10e— – —

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Variants by Herb Ritts

Variants by Herb Ritts
The exhibition gives you a comprehensive insight into the unprecedented body of work by Herb Ritts, who is regarded as one of the most important fashion, portrait and celebrity photographers in history.

HerbRitts10aCindy Crawford Blonde · 1993

HerbRitts10bCindy Crawford Blonde 2 · 1993

HerbRitts10cNaomi in Corset · 1991

HerbRitts10dNaomi in Corset 2 · 1991

This generation right now has to see what Herb Ritts’ work was about because it’s something that I think when you open the fashion magazines it’s definitely missing. — Naomi Campbell, 2012

— – —

HerbRitts10eRichard Gere, San Bernardino, 1977

Within a very short time, Herb Ritts attained the legendary status of a fashion-, celebrity-, portrait- and nude photographer. His, at first, private pictures of a young, still relatively unknown Richard Gere, bursting of strength while changing a tire helped establish the photographer’s career as icon photographer of the pop culture.

— – —

Variants by Herb Ritts

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Origines, Le Calendrier 2016 d’Olivier Grunewald

Origines, Le Calendrier 2016 d’Olivier Grunewald
OlivierGrunewald10aLes images de ce calendrier sont extraites d’une exposition photographique racontant les étapes de la formation de la Terre, l’apparition de la vie, son extrême diversité, afin de préparer une planète accueillante. ORIGINES est la quête esthétique qu’Olivier Grunewald mène depuis plus de trente ans, une fresque photographique pour rappeler le temps infini qu’il a fallu pour créer et parfaire un monde prodigue.

OlivierGrunewald10b OlivierGrunewald10c OlivierGrunewald10d OlivierGrunewald10e OlivierGrunewald10f OlivierGrunewald10g— – —

Origines | Le Calendrier 2016 d’Olivier Grunewald
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Celebrity and Fashion Photography by Mike Ruiz

Mike Ruiz is a world-renowned photographer, known for a surreal brand of celebrity and fashion photography. He is also a TV personality, former model, actor, designer and director.

Mike was born and raised in a suburb in Montreal, Canada. After working for more than a decade as a successful model, his true calling came into focus one Christmas morning, when he got a gift of a lifetime: his first camera. “I found a camera under my Christmas tree and within minutes, I was obsessed. I began shooting everything in sight. I taught myself the intricate mechanics of the camera but it was several years before I realized that I could actually make a living with my work‚” Mike says.

MikeRuiz10aKim Kardashian by Mike Ruiz
— – —

MikeRuiz10bLance Bass by Mike Ruiz
— – —

MikeRuiz10cJay Manuel by Mike Ruiz
— – —

MikeRuiz10dKhloe Kardashian by Mike Ruiz
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MikeRuiz10eParis Hilton by Mike Ruiz
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Celebrity and Fashion Photography by Mike Ruiz
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