The Art Of Seeing

In this three-part article series, we take a deep dive into the fundamentals of composing landscape photographs
Text & Photography By Marc Muench

There’s a magical moment in landscape photography when you find the right position, the subject is at the correct angle, bathed in perfect light, and, with your camera in hand, you capture “The Shot”—the perfect composition for the scene. These are the moments we all want to repeat, but for whatever reason, they are difficult to find. The more you learn about how much goes into creating such moments, the more you realize just how complex and involved they are to repeat.

This is the “Art of Seeing.”

I break the process of seeing down into three elements that I call the “creative trinity.” Subject, light and composition make up the trinity, and the fuel that fires it is timing.

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The Art Of Seeing
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Setting The Scene

If you like cityscapes or landscapes then this round is for you. The brief is purposefully loose, and we are happy to receive images featuring anything from contemporary architecture to grand, mountainous vistas. From the early morning sun throwing shadows onto a skyscraper, to the undulating form of hills receding into the distance, the possibilities are endless. Don’t be afraid to be abstract in your interpretation: architecture, for instance, is full of curves, lines and other interesting details. When it comes to shooting the landscape, light is everything – so pay attention to sunrise and sunset times, the weather forecast and tide timetables, where appropriate. Whether you go urban or rural, planning is a must.

The Future by Neil Burnell
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Calm before the storm by Dominic Beaven Photography
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In the middle of the forest… by Eurofoto
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Morning Moon by Julia Martin
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Untitled by Caron Steele
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Setting The Scene
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Amazing Light!

Photographers love light. It’s the foundation of our art. It can make or break an image. These selected shots display a wide range of how “light” was used to create world-class photography!

“Golden Nature .” by Anders Pettersson
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“Golden skyes” by Fred Øie
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“Severe storm in Monument valley” by Stanislav Kaniansky
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“ONI” by Darek Lichota
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“Tree at Dawn (B&W version)” by Zicarlo van Aalderen
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from “32 Photographs with Truly Amazing Light!”

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This is why photography is an art, and why this art requires an artist. You are that artist.

For all the incredible technology packed into cameras, there is one missing element that will remain missing perhaps forever. The missing element? The combination of human eyesight and the brain’s image processor called the Visual Cortex.

What Your Camera Can’t See
A Post By: Herb Paynter
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The Light Fantastic

Manipulating natural light is an art form. Some photographers might argue that studio lighting takes exceptional skill to beautifully craft, but Calgary-based Ukrainian photographer Irene Rudnyk proves that available light is flexible, stunning and not to be underestimated.

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Creative natural-light photographer and acclaimed youtube presenter Irene Rudnyk speaks to Caroline Schmidt about building her successful channel, her style choices and her creative projects.

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Revolutionary all-in-one continuous LED lighting Kit with HSS Flash

« NEO 2 est un produit révolutionnaire. Vous ne raterez plus aucune photo. Sans aucun temps de recharge ni perte de lumière ou de puissance. » — Jason Lanier – Sony Artisan of Imagery

NEO 2 is a revolutionary LED light, that combines the ‘shoot what you see’ benefits of continuous light, with the flexibility of High-Speed Sync (HSS) flash, for more power or to freeze action. With no recycle time, you’ll never miss a shot. Designed for portrait photographers and videographers on the go, NEO 2 is lightweight and portable and can be mounted both on or off camera. A built in Elinchrom Skyport flash receiver delivers ultra reliable wireless triggering(1/8000th) up to 200m(656ft). Powered by 6 AA batteries, DC or DTaP, NEO 2™ delivers outstanding colour reproduction, with a gorgeous soft light output and Rotolight’s signature catch light effect. Packed with innovative features, NEO 2™ includes True Aperture Dimming™, Designer Fade™ and an updated arsenal of CineSFX™ custom lighting effects (Lightning, Fire, TV etc.). 85% brighter in continuous mode than its predecessor, NEO 2 is a small light that delivers big results.

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It Will Always Be About The Light | Landscape Photography Tips

Landscape photographs is one way for busy, modern people around the world to connect to Mother Earth. There is however a great difference between an original, vivid landscape photo full of meaning than a photo created without love. We asked the award-winning landscape photographer joseramos if he could share his best tips on how to create fine art landscape photos. Trust us, You don’t want to miss this!

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by José Ramos
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