Panasonic Cameras – Timeline

Février 2006

Lumix DMC-L1

An entirely new kind of digital SLR
The DMC-L1 benefits from a new LEICA D VARIO-ELMARIT 14-50mm/F2.8-3.5 lens, equipped with an aperture ring, focus ring and zoom ring, for easy, direct aperture setting. This new and inspiring digital SLR also features a shutter speed dial on top of the camera body, to enhance the sense of camera control. These features, combined with a classic design that will remind users of traditional analogue cameras, ensure the Panasonic Lumix DMC-L1 is distinct in both design and operation.

Outstanding image quality at low energy consumption
Panasonic has proudly developed the new Live MOS sensor using its original ν Maicovicon™ technology. The 4/3 type Live MOS sensor with 7.5 million pixels helps capture the beautiful images of a CCD sensor with delicate gradation and a wide dynamic range, whilst suppressing energy consumption as only a CMOS sensor can do. Noise is also minimised thanks to a special processing technology that runs on voltage as low as 5V.

Août 2007

Lumix DMC-L10

A New High Picture Quality Digital SLR
Featuring a 2.5-inch Large Free- Angle LCD for Full-time Live View.

Panasonic has unveiled today its second digital single-lens reflex camera (SLR) the DMC-L10 with a new interchangeable lens. The DMC-L10 features an advanced 2.5-inch free angle LCD for full time live view that offers 270 degree rotation and a versatile shooting style. A 10.1-megapixel Live MOS Sensor provides the beautiful images with delicate gradation and wide dynamic range. Dust reduction with a Supersonic Wave Filter system prevents dust from attaching to the sensor to degrade the pictures. The superb image processor, Venus Engine III, boasts a high quality image rendering and high speed response.
The DMC-L10 adopts the open format of the Four Thirds system for its lens mount because it is developed exclusively for digital SLR. Drawing on leading technologies while defying any stereotype ideas in SLR cameras, Panasonic aims to provide an emotional excitement of true-to-life photographic images to be in line with the digital age.

Septembre 2008

Lumix DMC-G1

World’s First Full-time Live View Digital Interchangeable Lens Camera
Adopting New-Generation Micro Four Thirds System Standard.

Panasonic today announced the release of the DMC-G1, an exciting new digital interchangeable lens camera that is based on the new Micro Four Thirds System Standard. Combining a downsized body and advanced camera features that realize the operational comfort even as easy as that of compact cameras, the super-mobile G1 shatters the old notion that all digital SLRs are bulky, heavy and hard to use. This, plus the superior picture quality made possible by a 4/3-type image sensor, draws a clear line between the new-generation Lumix G1 and all conventional digital SLR cameras.
With the G1, Panasonic has developed an entirely new-concept digital camera that takes even greater advantage of the compactness and light weight inherent in the Four Thirds System Standard. By increasing the number of electrical contacts between camera body and lens, Panasonic has also increased camera expandability and maximized the future potential of the G1, including compatibility with future features. In addition, the versatile G1 accepts not only Micro Four Thirds System interchangeable lenses, but also conventional Four Thirds System lenses (when an optional adapter is mounted). This means that users can continue to use Four Thirds lenses they already own.

Mars 2009

Lumix DMC-GH1

The CREATIVE HD HYBRID from the LUMIX G Micro System
The DMC-GH1 – With D-SLR Photo Quality and Full-HD Movies.

The new DMC-GH1 is called a CREATIVE HD HYBRID because it records not only high-quality photos but also high definition 1080/24p or smooth 720/60p HD (High Definition) movies in AVCHD* format. Continuous AF can be used while recording movies, to further boost operating ease. Taking advantage of its system camera design, the DMC-GH1 features the potential for unlimited photo expression by allowing the use of different lenses for specific shooting situations and subjects. High-quality sound recording with Dolby® Digital Stereo Creator and a host of other creative options, including manual settings, lend the DMC-GH1 even greater versatility.
Supporting the DMC-GH1’s powerful full-HD movie recording function is a newly developed 12.1-megapixel high-speed Live MOS sensor and the Venus Engine HD image processor, which features two CPUs for outstanding processing capability. The new LUMIX G VARIO HD 14-140mm/F4.0-5.8 ASPH./MEGA O.I.S., which is a versatile 10x zoom interchangeable lens, was designed for movie recording by including a silent and continuous auto focusing function and seamless aperture adjustment.

Septembre 2009 – Lumix DMC-GF1

The New Artistic Flat Design Camera DMC-GF1
From New-Generation System Camera LUMIX G Micro System
Featuring Creative Photography and HD Movie Recording
The newest family member DMC-GF1 is sophisticated in form, offers an extensive function set, provides uncompromising performance, and delivers the ultimate in operating and shooting ease. The GF1 thoroughly optimizes the advantages of a system camera to assure outstanding image quality. It can record both vivid still shots and smooth, beautiful motion pictures. The GF1 features the advanced AVCHD Lite movie, which is ideal for recording extended HD movies and networking with other AV devices, and it can also record in the Motion JPEG format, which offers wide compatibility with PCs.

Mars 2010

Lumix DMC-G2

World’s First Interchangeable Lens System Camera
with Touch-Control Shooting*
The DMC-G2 from LUMIX G Micro System
*For an interchangeable lens system camera with movable LCD as of March 7, 2010
The LUMIX G Micro System has been sparking revolutions in the market as its name “New-Generation System Camera” suggests. Ever since the release of DMC-G1, the first interchangeable lens system camera based on the Micro Four Thirds System standard with dramatic downsizing of the body adopting the mirrorless structure. The GH1 realized 1920 x 1080 full HD (High Definition) movie recording and the GF1 brought an innovation even in the viewpoint of design with a flat, slim profile. To develop the new DMC-G2, Panasonic focused on the operability and elevated it even higher by adoption of touch-screen that connects the sight and action most intuitively. Just a touch on the subject in the LCD lets you set AF/AE even to release the shutter. Various advanced AF functions taking advantage of high-speed, accurate contrast AF are now as easy and comfortable as it never was with a combination of touch-screen operation.

Mars 2010

Lumix DMC-G10

Essential Advanced Functions in Minimum Simple Operation
World’s Lightest DMC-G10 from LUMIX G Micro Systems*
*For an interchangeable lens system camera with a viewfinder as of March 7, 2010
The new DMC-G10 is newly released as a sister model of the touch-operation DMC-G2, both boasts high image quality and ease of use.
The Compact and lightweight DMC-G10 will be the camera that surely takes away the difficulty of operation or setting for users who try the interchangeable lens system camera for the first time, letting them know the potential of photography with unlimited ways of expression.

Septembre 2010 – Lumix GH2

The Touch-Control Creative HD Hybrid Digital Camera DMC-GH2
Featuring Full HD 1920×1080, 60i (NTSC) / 50i (PAL) Movie Recording and
the World’s Fastest Level of Light Speed AF
Pursuing Intuition and Enthusiasm
Panasonic today introduced the LUMIX DMC-GH2 as a latest member of the New Generation System Camera LUMIX G Micro System. Fully compliant with the Micro Four Thirds System standard, the LUMIX G Micro System combines a downsized body with advanced functions that achieve both high performance and operational comfort. Featuring an intuitive touch control, the new DMC-GH2 boasts its world’s fastest level Light Speed AF of approx. 0.1 second to capture the subject in spur-of-the-moment in sharp focus. The key components including the sensor and the image processing engine are totally refined to achieve even higher performance of the camera to render a stunning image with high resolution, beautiful gradation and high sensitivity – all worth for the flagship camera of LUMIX G Micro System DMC-GH2.

Novembre 2010 – Lumix DMC-GF2

World’s Smallest and Lightest Digital Interchangeable Lens System Camera DMC-GF2*
Featuring Ultimate Ease of Operation and High Picture Quality in Both Photo and Full HD Movie Recording
* For an interchangeable lens system camera with a built-in flash as of November 4, 2010.
Panasonic is pleased to announce the new interchangeable lens system camera DMC-GF2 from LUMIX G Micro System based on the Micro Four Thirds standard. With a dramatic downsizing from the predecessor, the DMC-GF2 features an outstanding compactness and ease of operation while pursuing high image quality.
The world’s smallest and lightest DMC-GF2 is reduced approx. 19% in size and approx. 7% in weight compared with the DMC-GF1. The DMC-GF2 is equipped with a built-in flash which adopts new pop-up mechanism to prevent vignetting effect due to short distance between the flash unit to the interchangeable lens.
Featuring 12.1-megapixel high speed Live MOS sensor and high performance Venus Engine FHD, the DMC-GF2 boasts high picture quality not only in photo but also in movie, which has been upgraded in resolution to full HD 1920 x 1080 at 60i (NTSC) / 50i (PAL) in AVCHD.

Mai 2011

Lumix DMC-G3

World’s Smallest and Lightest Digital Interchangeable Lens System Camera*
DMC-G3 Featuring Even Higher Image Quality and Advanced AF System
* For an interchangeable lens system camera with a viewfinder as of May 12, 2011.
The DMC-G3 has advanced functions that will satisfy experienced photographers, yet is easy enough for beginners to use comfortably in both photo and video recording with the iA (Intelligent Auto) Plus. In the new iA Plus mode in DMC-G3, defocusing area, exposure compensation and white balance can be adjusted for scenes where a slight manual adjustment may bring better result.
The defocus control function in iA mode allows users to adjust the defocus area in the background by just moving a slider to make the subject stand out impressively. With AF Tracking, the DMC-G3 can lock onto any subject and keep it in focus even if it moves – making it easy to get beautiful, clear shots when a great photo opportunity suddenly arises. Simply aim, lock, and shoot. The Face Recognition function remembers registered faces to give an appropriate AF/AE on the people. In playback, you can choose to display only photos that contain a specific registered face using Category Playback. The Intelligent D-range Control offers even more natural looking by optimizing the exposure for each part of an image, preventing blocked shadows and blown highlights and helping ensure that gradation and details are reproduced beautifully including the blue color of the sky. An automatic backlight compensation function is activated whenever the camera detects the subject in backlight. The Intelligent Resolution technology features even more natural-looking with better-balanced sharpness to the detail part and the edge part, suitable for printing in large size.

Juin 2011 – Lumix DMC-GF3

World’s Smallest and Lightest Digital Interchangeable Lens System Camera DMC-GF3*
Featuring Higher Image Quality and Advanced AF System
* For an interchangeable lens system camera with a built-in flash as of June 13, 2011.
LUMIX G Micro System realizes high-quality photo images with real-to-life details through excellent resolution, image rendering and color reproduction. The new DMC-GF3 boasts high image quality with the enhanced Venus Engine FHD and the 12.1-megapixel Live MOS sensor. Notably, images to be shot in low-lit situations at high ISO sensitivity setting are stunningly clear with highly sharp resolution.
High-speed, precision Contrast AF system of LUMIX G Micro System realizes the world’s fastest level of approx. 0.18 second. With the combination of touch-control shooting, focusing is ever more quick and accurate thanks to the newly adopted Pinpoint AF. Furthermore, consecutive shooting is also improved for 3.8 fps in full resolution thanks to the redesigned shutter in the new mount unit.

Novembre 2011 – Lumix DMC-GX1

Superb Image Quality and Performance Combined with a Premium Design
For the Joy of Both Shooting and Ownership
The New Digital Interchangeable Lens System Camera DMC-GX1
LUMIX G Micro System realizes high-quality photo images with real-to-life details through excellent resolution, image rendering and color reproduction; high-grade lens and precision AF achieves high resolution, optimal balance of resolution and noise reduction achieves lifelike image rendering and high precision auto exposure and white balance with live light metering results in the faithful color reproduction.
The 16.0-megapixel Live MOS sensor plays a big role in high quality image rendering. With the dedicated circuit which reads out signals with minimum noise, the level of noise is significantly suppressed by more than 66%. Notably max. ISO12800 is available with DMC-GX1. In shooting at high ISO setting, S/N value is improved by approx. 200% compared with the conventional 12.1-megapixel sensor. The sensor performance improves by 6db at ISO 3200 and max. 9db at ISO6400, resulting in the dramatically flawless picture without noise.

Avril 2012 – Lumix DMC-GF5

New Ultra Compact Digital Interchangeable Lens System Camera
LUMIX GF5 for Unlimited Artistic Expression
Panasonic unveils new digital interchangeable lens system camera LUMIX DMC-GF5 for the latest member of LUMIX G Micro System. Designed in sophisticated profile of ultra-compact body, the new DMC-GF5 features higher image quality even in high sensitivity. In addition to the basic features desired for the DSLR cameras including quick, accurate auto focus system, DMC-GF5 features a host of options that makes photography even more artistic yet easy – enjoyable enough for users stepped up from digital compact cameras. Complying with Micro Four Thirds standard, a wide range of interchangeable lenses is offered to expand photographic experience even wider at higher level of photo quality.

Juillet 2012

Lumix DMC-G5

The True Standard Digital Camera LUMIX DMC-G5 from Digital Single Lens Mirrorless Camera LUMIX G Featuring High Image Quality and High Speed Response.
Panasonic is pleased to announce a new addition of Digital Single Lens Mirrorless camera LUMIX G DMC-G5. The LUMIX G realizes high-quality photo images with real-to-life details through excellent resolution, image rendering and color reproduction. The new DMC-G5 achieves even higher resolution with the advanced image processing engine driven on a new algorithm and faster response. The precision Contrast AF system boasts high speed AF system “Light Speed AF”. Consecutive shooting is also improved for 6 fps in 16.05-megapixel full resolution.
Taking advantage of the 16.05-megapixel Live MOS sensor and Venus Engine, DMC-G5 is also capable of recording 1,920 x 1,080 60p (NTSC) / 50p (PAL) full HD video in AVCHD Progressive with stereo sound. Advanced AF system including practical full-time AF and tracking AF is available in video recording so that every photographer can enjoy high quality video recording with minimum ease.

Septembre 2012

Lumix DMC-GH3

Panasonic is proud to announce its flagship digital single-lens mirrorless camera, the LUMIX DMC-GH3. The GH3 is an attractive, top-of-the-line mirrorless single lens system camera that is tough enough to withstand the extreme conditions of heavy field use.
The new Live MOS Sensor achieves high-resolution images with minimum noise, while the new Venus Engine attains high-speed, high-quality signal processing.  These features combine to maximize shooting fun and operating ease. The GH3 has a tough body that is rugged enough to stand up to professional use and features a magnesium alloy full diecast body and advanced splash / dustproof construction achieved by sealing the sections of the camera body to enable shooting under extreme conditions. Although loaded with advanced features, the GH3 is still compact when compared with an SLR camera featuring equivalent performance and functions. The body has enabled a new control layout with three dials on the front and back as well as single-function buttons.
The GH3 allows users to capture images in extreme environments and provides superb mobility because of its compact and lightweight weight body.  It also records still images consecutively at a rate of about 6 fps, allowing action shots to be captured with ease.


Avril 2013

Lumix DMC-GF6

The DMC-GF6 integrates new 16.00-megapixel Live MOS Sensor and Venus Engine featuring its advanced noise reduction systems. It effectively removes noise in multiple steps according to the noise characteristics, realizing both smoothness and sharpness according to the part of an image. In addition, the limit resolution is enhanced thanks to the precise detail reproduction and advanced Intelligent D-range Control ensures beautiful gradation with wider dynamic range than ever. With NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, you can connect the camera with a smartphone / tablet by just bringing them together. What is new is that the Wi-Fi® setup is extremely easy and finishes within a few seconds, making it possible to pair the camera directly to the smartphone / tablet without connection procedure of information input for authorization.

PanasonicG6Avril 2013 – Lumix DMC-G6

The DMC-G6 is not just an interchangeable lens camera but an advanced digital photographic tool full of wide-ranging attractive features for producing even more attractive artwork in camera. It incorporates Creative Panorama, Time Lapse Shot, Stop Motion Animation or Clear Retouch in addition to the popular Creative Control mode with a total of 19 fascinating filter effects. The Stop Motion Animation allows producing unique stop motion video and the Clear Retouch function enables to erase unwanted part of a picture after shooting – both operations completes with ease in camera.

panasonicGX7Août 2013

Lumix DMC-GX7

The DMC-GX7 realizes high-quality image recording with real-to-life details through excellent resolution image rendering and color reproduction. Panasonic developed new 16.00-megapixel Digital Live MOS Sensor that achieves both higher resolution and higher sensitivity image recording with less noise in comparison with the predecessor DMC-GX1. The Venus Engine features its advanced noise reduction systems which make it possible to remove large block of noise which was formally hard to detect and helps produce clear, smooth image especially for the nighttime scenery. The combination of the new Live MOS Sensor and the Venus Engine achieves max. ISO25600.


Octobre 2013

Lumix DMC-GM1

The DMC-GM1 does not compromise on image quality, even with its remarkably compact body. It achieves this by incorporating the large Digital Live MOS Sensor based on the Micro Four Thirds System standard, together with the high-performance Venus Engine. High-precision, high-speed AF also helps to capture even the most fleeting moments. All of this makes it an ideal camera for someone who truly cares about both image quality and style.
Despite its high functional performance for ultimate picture quality, the new DMC-GM1 boasts outstandingly compact profile which is made possible by a lot of ingenious inventions for downsizing. Every exterior part is decently designed to details, giving the camera sleek, stylish look and feel. It gives you more luxury experience than a camera can do once it belongs to you. The DMC-GM1 – the camera that turns the moments in life into “Art”.

panasonicGH4Février 2014

Lumix DMC-GH4

Photos to Impress, 4K Videos to Inspire
The GH4’s new Live MOS Sensor and Venus Engine team up to reduce noise while raising resolution and improving colour reproduction. Innovative DFD technology increases the speed of Contrast AF. As the world’s first DSLM camera to record 4K videos, it truly meets the needs of professionals.

PanasonicGM5Septembre 2014

Lumix DMC-GM5

The Camera for Your Creative Style – Superior Picture Quality. Sleek, Sophisticated Design
The ultimate in functional beauty and advanced design is here in the Lumix GM5. Based on the Micro Four Thirds standard, this elegant, full-featured DSLM includes a large digital Live MOS Sensor for extraordinary imaging.
Every detail of the GM5 body gives it a look of elegance and style. And helps create an imaging experience unlike any other DSLM camera in its class.
Capture Every Eye-Catching Moment
Viewfinder concentration helps capture the best possible images. With the LVF designed into the GM5, capturing superior images is assured with 1,166k-dot equivalent resolution and approximately 100% color reproduction. By more faithfully reproducing the primary colors, the GM5 LVF clearly displays beautiful, more true-to-life hues.

PanasonicGF7Janvier 2015

Lumix DMC-GF7

The GF7 offers modern selfie shooting features – one of the world’s most powerful trends – in a classic styled camera featuring a 180-degree flip-up monitor and a variety of creative functions.
The photographic performance of the GF7 is excellent for photo enthusiasts of all levels of expertise. It enables the end-user to capture high-quality images with real-life details through high resolution image rendering and colour reproduction. Taking full advantage of a 16.00-megapixel Digital Live MOS Sensor and a Venus Engine, images are produced with sharp resolution even when exposed in low-light situations when ISO 25,600 is selected.

PanasonicG7Mai 2015

Lumix DMC-G7

It’s never been so easy to capture professional looking photos and 4K video.
Perfect for the amateur photographer wanting to produce professional quality images, the 16-megapixel Lumix DMC-G7 is designed for ease-of-use without compromising on performance. The new 4K Photo feature allows you to crop individual frames from 4K video footage, so it no longer matters if you didn’t press the shutter at quite the right time. The camera has also been developed to provide maximum mobility and versatility, making the Lumix DMC-G7 the perfect camera to document special moments with family and friends, right through to adventures abroad.

LumixGX8Juillet 2015

Lumix GX8

Qualité d’image sans précédent
Doté d’un capteur 20,3 mégapixels, d’un stabilisateur d’image double et d’une capacité d’enregistrement photo/vidéo 4K, cet appareil photo offre des prises de vue optimales. Son design raffiné ravira les photographes les plus expérimentés.

Capture moments with superb 4K imaging performance in both video and exclusive 4K PHOTO.
Unique, in-body stabilization in combination with select optically stabilized lenses work together for class-leading Dual Image Stabilization results.
New 20.3-megapixel sensor achieves Panasonic’s highest image quality.
Worry-free splashproof / dustproof rugged body.
Over 20 Interchangeable lens options available.
Everything in the Right Place
The LUMIX GX8 features a premium flat body with front/rear dials to control aperture and shutter speed settings. Settings can also be assigned to eight function buttons. In addition, it is possible to adjust the exposure compensation with a dedicated dial.

PanasonicGX85Avril 2016


Capture Life on the Move with High Image Quality and Performance All Packed into a Compact Body
For today’s interchangeable lens camera enthusiasts — or anyone looking for a lighter, newer more intelligent alternative to bulky DSLRs — Panasonic LUMIX Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds system cameras deliver impressive, no-compromise performance.
Nearly half the size of most DSLRs, the DMC-GX85 delivers impressive large sensor performance in the most compact camera system ever designed by Panasonic LUMIX. Thanks to the elimination of the low pass filter, its fine detail resolving power is boosted nearly 10% over previous 16-Megapixel sensors. Image stabilization is top of its class with the complementary LUMIX 2-axis lens O.I.S. and a new 5-axis in-body I.S., available in either photo or video recording modes.
Camera purists will enjoy the familiar quick-access thumbwheel controls and integrated 2764k-dot eye-level electronic viewfinder, plus a tilting LCD display for greater flexibility in difficult shooting angles. Modern enthusiasts will love the WiFi mobile control and next-generation flexibility that 4K Video, 4K PHOTO and 4K Post Focus modes bring to the creative experience.

panasonicg85Septembre 2016


Less bulky than a DSLR, the LUMIX G85 is the compact 4K video-enabled Micro Four Thirds Mirrorless (DSLM) camera with true-to-life photo image quality.
Newly developed in-body gyro sensor adds class-leading 5-axis body stabilization that when mated to LUMIX 2-axis optically stabilized lenses for a “Dual IS” effect, is worth nearly 5 f-stops in video and still capture.
4K Video recording at 30p/24p 100 Mbps plus a 3.5mm port for external microphones. (Full HD 60p 28Mbps)
Weather sealed splashproof and dustproof, rugged enough to withstand even the most challenging environments.
16-Megapixel MFT eliminates the need for low-pass sensor filters while boosting fine detail resolving power sensor.
Never miss a photo with 3 unique 4K Ultra HD Video pause and save 4K Photo Modes
Expand creative possibilities with 27 (and growing) interchangeable lens options.

Janvier 2017


The ideal mirrorless single-lens camera for taking stylish selfies, the LUMIX DC-GX850 has 4K/30p capture capability and is able to take 4K photos at up to 30 frames per second. The tilting monitor makes taking selfies easy, while the built-in WiFi connectivity allows users with the Panasonic Image App installed on their smartphones and tablets to take photos remotely. This is the camera that makes photography fun. For example, the Focus Select function allows the focus point to be adjusted after a photo has been taken, while multiple photos with different focus points can be combined to create a single image with a broader area of sharp focus.

Janvier 2017


The flagship model of the LUMIX line, the DC-GH5 offers remarkable best picture quality. The first mirrorless single-lens camera in the world with 4K/60p, 4:2:2 10bit recording, the GH5 offers video capture capabilities to rival any professional model. Its ultra-fast continuous mode enables it to take 4K-quality still photos (approximately eight megapixels) at up to 60 frames per second, and it can handle 6K images (approximately 18 megapixels) at up to 30 frames per second-incredible detail at incredible speed to help you get the perfect shot at just the right moment. The Dual I.S.2 5-axis stabilization system coordinates the correction functions of the camera and the lens, while advances in DFD technology have greatly improved the autofocus field recognition capabilities.

Novembre 2017


The Panasonic DC-G9 is a sleek Micro Four Thirds camera revolving around the 20.3MP Live MOS sensor, which was first featured in the high-end GX8 and GH5 cameras. This sensor omits the optical low-pass filter for a high degree of sharpness, and works in conjunction with an updated Venus Engine image processor to avail sensitivities to ISO 25600, fast shooting at 12 fps with a mechanical shutter, and up to 60 fps shooting with an electronic shutter. UHD 4K 60p video recording is also supported, as well as Full HD 180p, and this video performance allows for 6K PHOTO at 30 fps and 4K PHOTO at 60 fps. Benefitting the fast shooting speeds, a refined DFD autofocus system is also capable of acquiring focus in as little as 0.04 sec with a broad 225-area focusing system.

Janvier 2018


Panasonic Announces the Ultimate Hybrid DSLM with a newly developed 10.2MP High Sensitivity MOS sensor
Introducing the LUMIX GH5S: Exceptional Mirrorless Videography and Photography, designed and developed for professional filmmakers
The new 10.2-megapixel Digital MOS Sensor with Dual Native ISO Technology and Venus Engine 10 faithfully reproduce even dark parts of the image, allowing high ISO capture when the use of supplemental lighting may not be possible. This sensor is a multi-aspect type with a sufficient margin for realizing the same angle of view in 4:3,17:9,16:9 and 3:2 aspect ratios. The sensor also enables photo shooting in 14-bit RAW format, providing higher flexibility for professional RAW stills development workflows. When shooting in dark environments, videographers can now focus on filming that perfect shot as they no longer need to worry about noise which often results from having to use higher ISOs. The Dual Native ISO Technology suppresses noise to produce cleaner footage when taken in all light. Both videographers and photographers can now enjoy the same diagonal field of view across all aspect ratios with the True “Multi-Aspect Ratio” Function. This feature means you can easily swap between difference aspect ratios giving you the accuracy you want from your lenses, and making the process easier while producing and editing in post-production. The LUMIX GH5S is compatible with Time Code IN and OUT, like the professional camcorders, which is easy to set using the flash sync terminal and bundled conversion cable for a standard BNC terminal. This is especially important for “lip synchronization” when using multiple cameras.
The LUMIX GH5S can be used as Time Code generator for other GH5S cameras and professional camcorders. The Time Code IN/OUT functionality makes a production teams job pain-free as it provides synchronization for both video and audio devices used on multi-cam productions.

Février 2018


Panasonic’s LUMIX GX9 is the Ultimate Flat Compact Digital Single Lens Mirrorless Camera
Panasonic introduces a new Digital Single Lens Mirrorless camera, the LUMIX GX9, in a sleek, compact design. Boasting high image quality and creative freedom, the LUMIX GX9 lets users shoot vibrant, true-to-life, high-quality images with high resolution, high contrast, and impressive colour reproduction.
The 20.3-megapixel Digital Live MOS Sensor without low-pass filter attains the maximum performance of the lens and the Venus Engine renders high-precision yet natural images. Panasonic has added a new L. Monochrome D mode to Photo Style, making it possible to shoot dynamic monochrome photos with emphasized highlights and shadows while preserving the details. Plus, grain effect can now be adjusted in all monochrome modes in Photo Style.

Avril 2019

Lumix G95

Panasonic is pleased to introduce a rugged-design Digital Single Lens Mirrorless camera, the LUMIX G95, that features high mobility for field use and a host of functions and technologies for both photo and video.
The camera’s high-picture quality and 20.3-megapixel Digital Live MOS Sensor without low-pass filter attain maximum performance with both lens and Venus Engine to render natural, high-precision images. The 5-axis Dual I.S. (Image Stabilizer) 2 effectively suppresses blurring to enable a 5-stop slower shutter speed by combining the O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer, 2-axis) and B.I.S. (Body Image Stabilizer, 5-axis) to take full advantage of both stabilization systems. Users will enjoy blur-free photo and video shooting in both wide angle and telephoto, even in low-light situations.

Septembre 2018

Lumix S1R and S1

Panasonic Corporation has developed two models of its first Digital Single Lens Mirrorless camera with a 35 mm full-frame image sensor, the LUMIX S1R and the S1. These models are equipped with the world’s first *¹ 4K 60p/50p video recording function and the Dual I.S. image stabilization system. As part of the LUMIX S series, Panasonic aims to release them on the global market early 2019.
A Whole New Style of Photo Expression
HLG Photo allows images to be shot with a wider dynamic range. Rich, precise color expression as close as possible to visual memory is enabled by reproducing both glaring lights and dark shadows that were likely to be overexposed or underexposed. HLG Photos are produced as an HSP file. The user can playback these vibrant images on the latest Panasonic HLG-compliant 4KTV via HDMI cable connection or other HLG-compliant devices. It is also ideal for photo presentations by photographers.
Stunning Details with a Realistic Sensation
Taking advantage of the Body I.S. (Image Stabilizer) mechanism, 8 consecutive images are automatically shot while shifting the sensor. These 8 images are synthesized into a single image by the new Venus Engine, which boasts high-speed signal processing. Precise details are faithfully reproduced to be saved as a beautiful, highly realistic image. This mode is ideal for taking natural landscapes or fine art objects with delicate details. Considering situations where moving subjects are included in the scene, sub options are available to suppress motion blur, so photographers can use this mode just like when they shoot in a normal photo shooting mode.

Mai 2019

Lumix S1H

Panasonic Launches a New Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera, the LUMIX S1H with Cinema-Quality Video and the World’s First 6K/24p (3:2) Recording Capability

A newly developed 24.2-megapixel full-frame image sensor complies with the new Dual Native ISO. In combination with the optimum signal processing by Venus Engine, it achieves high sensitivity while minimizing noise. The LUMIX S1H provides more than 14 stops of dynamic range, comparable to those found in cinema cameras, and V-Log / V-Gamut compatible with popular colorimetry called “VariCam Look.” Uniquely, the LUMIX S1H features unlimited recording time in all recording modes thanks to Panasonic’s unique heat dispersion technologies. HDR (High Dynamic Range) in HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma), 4:2:2 10-bit HDMI output and Anamorphic 4:3 modes are also available with a variety of practical tools for filmmaking, such as tally lights, a waveform monitor and a V-Log View Assist function.

June 2020

Lumix G100

Panasonic Launches the LUMIX G100, its Newest Mirrorless Camera for Vlogging and Creative Video Content
The compact, feature-packed camera features high sound quality produced by OZO Audio by Nokia
Intuitive controls, visually engaging images and excellent sound quality are hallmarks of the new LUMIX G100, raising the bar for content production and user experience in the vlog camera category. Usability is further enhanced by its remarkably compact and lightweight design that doesn’t skimp on functionality and creative options.

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