Infrared | Helen Bradshaw

Helen Bradshaw Photography

Artists’ Statement
The ability to freeze a moment of time and preserve its essence so that others can cherish the emotions which it invokes within oneself is why I am fascinated with photography. I aim to do more than simply capture pieces of time; I aspire to shape these images in such a way that they will enrapture the mind and soul of any who lay eyes upon them.

Everyday of our lives, we awaken to a realm teeming with surreal scenery, yet, most people’s lives are too busy to fully appreciate the artistry that surrounds them. Therefore, I strive to capture that beauty in my work with stunning color combinations and clear, simple composition. Personally, I feel that my photographs are most successful, when, not only do they exhibit visual beauty, but also inspire an emotional connection with anyone who sees them. I endeavor to have my photographs draw people in and allow them to experience a mystical world that is not often seen.

Nature contains a rich variety of scenery just waiting to be made into something magical. For all the work involved in finding the perfect image, a truly mesmerizing photograph is one to treasure. Without the outlook of artist, it would be nigh impossible to achieve such marvelous representations of Mother Nature’s radiant beauty.

When I work, I prefer to keep all aspects of my composition in the most straightforward and natural form as is attainable. Long before I click the shutter of the camera, I have envisioned how the image will be received.
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Infrared | Helen Bradshaw
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Photos That Will Have You Dreaming

Nothing quite sets off the imagination of a photographer like a sweeping landscape. Throw in a warm sunset, or a grazing horse, and we are ready to pack our bags!

deus sive natura
by Marco Cingolani
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Bybrook Valley I
by Paul Lane
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Mount Moran Reflected at Oxbow Bend on the Snake River
by Eugene Kiedrowski
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Photo by Henry Zhang
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The View from Te Mata Peak Napier NZ
by Anupam Hatui
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Wandering Spirit

Hobart-based photographer Hillary Younger describes herself as a gypsy, never standing still while she travels to some of the most beautiful locations on earth.

Hillary’s Tips for Great Landscapes Images
1. Ensure there is a focal point – a definite subject. A visual reason you took this image. It may be the highest point, the brightest point, the most luminous point. The part of the image that spoke to you, that intrigued and interested you in that landscape.
2.Create a transition to the focal point. That transition is towards an opposite: it can be from cool to warm; from light to dark; from high contrast to low contrast; from big to small. This will create a sense of three dimensionality in the image.
3. Simplify the composition. Landscapes are complex, full of varying shapes, textures and tonalities. Look for lines and shapes that can simplify the landscape and lead the eye on a specific journey.
4. Master the techniques involved in capturing the visual information you need. Understand the dynamic range of your sensor and how to make the most of its capabilities. In some situations you may need to take multiple shots at different exposures to increase the amount of information your camera can capture.

Hillary Younger’s beautiful landscape images are the product of a nomadic lifestyle and a pursuit of beauty in places far from the beaten track. It’s something that’s also marked her out as one of our Nation’s finest landscape photographers. She shares her remarkable story with AP editor Mike O’Connor

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Wandering Spirit
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A love of the craft, a creative outlet …

Like many successful visual creatives, Allen Koppe’s love for photography (and indeed black and white photography) began when he picked up his father’s camera as a schoolboy.
Born and raised in Sydney, Koppe’s first foray into photography with his father’s Praktika would become the basis for a portfolio that ultimately saw his admission to North Sydney Technical College’s (NSTC) film production program.

A creative outlet
For Koppe, photography is firmly a creative release and perhaps even a rejection against the technical and creative guidelines often imposed upon his day job.
“I find that photography offers me a freedom that I don’t have with my cinema work. Still photography for me is really indulgent and I tend not to think the same way when I’m doing my cinematography,” he explains.
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An ode to beauty | Selected Works · Vincent Peters

“In photography, you are always searching, selecting, and taking away… If you make these decisions, then photography is always a journey of self-discovery. Sharing my work with others is like a conversation… it’s not about the words you exchange, it’s the feeling you walk away with. The unconscious meets the conscious in the act of photography…”
—Vincent Peters

Over the last quarter century, Vincent Peters’s photographs have graced the pages of Vogue, Glamour, and GQ and defined fashion campaigns from Dior to Hugo Boss to Yves Saint Laurent. One of the most sought-after portrait and fashion photographers, Vincent Peters prints also have a significant following in the fine art market. Vincent Peters’s photographs are defined by their precision, love of detail, and an exquisite lighting that lifts his images beyond fast-moving trends into something timeless and iconic. With an aesthetic reminiscent of Jean-loup Sieff or Herb Ritts, Peters manages to capture even the most photographed of faces—whether Scarlett Johansson, Monica Bellucci, or Penélope Cruz—with previously unseen nuance, creating a new sense of intimacy with each subject. Vincent Peters’s work has already appeared in The Light Between Us and Personal. Now, in parallel with the major Vincent Peters solo show at Fotografiska in Stockholm, this compact and affordable Vincent Peters photo book presents a selection of his best black-and-white images, including portraits of Charlize Theron, John Malkovich, Laetitia Casta, and Emma Watson. It’s a vivid overview of a photographic artist who is always evolving, while remaining true to his principles.
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An ode to beauty | Selected Works · Vincent Peters
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