Fine Art Photography Awards

Art is born out of passion. Fine Art photography is a perfect instrument, which allows a person to communicate with the world and share their vision. It results from the author’s deep sensitivity, a need to express feelings through image, a unique view of the surrounding reality. It can be spontaneous, but it can also be a conscious and deliberate manifesto. FAPA is searching for photos born out of passion – your passion.

Dean McLeod
‘Crescent Falls’
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Paolo Lazzarotti
Women by the Sea
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Deryk Baumgärtner
Lord of the Rings
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Donell Gumiran
Wall of Burqa
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Marcin Giba
Human on Earth
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Canadian Geographic | The best of the best images from the 2019 competition

The Milky Way rises over the Alberta badlands. A northern pygmy-owl fixes its challenging yellow gaze on the photographer who has dared to enter its forest on northern Vancouver Island. A kayaker dips her paddles in the calm waters of an Ontario lake as dawn paints the sky in shades of vivid turquoise and pink. The winning images in Canadian Geographic’s 34th Annual Photo Competition are a testament to the incredible geographic and biological diversity of this country, and the talents of our photographic community.

Iconic Landscapes | Winner
Shane Turgeon
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Iconic Landscapes | Runner-up
Patrick Keefe
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Flora & Fauna | Winner
Anthony Bucci
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Active Outdoors | Winner
Mike Crane
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Urban Canada | Winner
Jack Adamson
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The best of the best images from the 2019 competition
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The Better Photography Magazine Photo of the Year Awards

2019 Award Results

Swapnil Nevgi – Silver Award
Classic Landscape Category
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Marcel Van Balken – Gold Award
Creative Flair Category
— – —

Rolf Christian Mehl – Silver Award
Exotic Travel Category
— – —

Christian Vizl – Gold Award
Revealing Nature Category
— – —

The Better Photography Magazine Photo of the Year Awards
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The PENTAXIANS Yearbook 2019

Welcome to the third edition of the PENTAXIANS Yearbook. From now on we can say it is a series and no accident! We received more contributions than ever, of overwhelmingly high qual- ity, both technically and artistically. This large number of contributions led us to the point where it’s no longer possible to include all of them in the printed edition. Thankfully, the digital version suffers no such physical or cost limitation, so we have been able to include all contributions online. The digital version also benefits from far wider distribution than the print, with more than 15,000 downloads.

We congratulate Michele Marcolin for the title shot

This year, we also celebrate 100 years of Asahi Optical Joint Stock Co. – the mother of our beloved camera brand. So Happy Birthday – this is our gift to you! Thank you all for being part of it and for being such an awesome community of great photographers from all around the world.

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The PENTAXIANS Yearbook 2019

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Forest of The Giant Beech Trees

Heiko Gerlicher is a self taught landscape and nature photographer born in 1969, living in Ahorn in the District of Coburg, Upper Franconia. By profession he is field staff for a special steel wholesale trade. But for a hobby, he shoots photos. In fact, he is a award-winning photographer. Three Gold medals at the prestigious Trierenberg Supercircuit for example and several publications in magazines belong to his successes so far.

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Forest of The Giant Beech Trees
by Heiko Gerlicher

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Solving the Challenges of a Legendary Location with the Z System

The forest is supposed to be haunted.
Perfect, thinks Joe McNally. We’ll do a fashion shoot there.

He’s going to be in Romania for a workshop, visiting several locations, including Bucharest, and, of course, Transylvania, which triggers thoughts of…well, you know: Bram Stoker, Dracula, Vlad the Impaler and Hoia Baciu, the forest known for legends of paranormal phenomena. Which makes it a magnet for Joe. Fashion set against the background of that forest is exactly the kind of juxtaposition he favors.

And just in case the proper paranormal atmosphere isn’t in evidence, he’ll bring along a smoke machine. Plus, with a properly atmospheric abandoned Bucharest mansion available as a shooting location, he adds some circus performers to the plan.

Good thing he brought along his Z cameras, too.

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Solving the Challenges of a Legendary Location with the Z System
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