“This is Mother Nature screaming for help.”

“This is Mother Nature screaming for help.”
Nacho Doce, Reuters Photographer

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Brazil’s worst drought in 80 years has left the Cantareira system, which provides greater Sao Paulo with most of its water, with the lowest water levels on record.

When seen from above, the reservoir’s Atibainha dam looks like a ghostly face looming out of the landscape.

“This is Mother Nature screaming for help.”
Nacho Doce, Reuters Photographer

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Berthold Steinhilber | Landscapes

At dawn and dusk, enchanting forests, deep ravines, and imposing rockscapes are bathed in an atmospheric glow. The sun continually reshapes the outstretched valleys, meadows, and fields below. Photographer Berthold Steinhilber devotes himself to these breathtaking scenes and inspirational locations, revealing previously unknown sides of Germany and the Netherlands in his series, “Landscapes”.

Steinhilber combines traditional subjects with a modern, evocative style. The poetic images from “Landscapes” demonstrate a deeply romantic understanding of nature and forests, and they are characterised by an absorbing atmosphere.

BertholdSteinhilber010Wehlnadel, Elbsandsteingebirge

BertholdSteinhilber020Bastei, Elbsandsteingebirge

BertholdSteinhilber030Albula Pass, Schweiz



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Berthold Steinhilber | Landscapes

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The Challenge of Bird Photography by Moose Peterson

B. Moose Peterson is a Nikon Legend Behind the Lens
Make no mistake, bird photography will challenge your skills. When you’re trying to get something the size of your index finger to fill the frame, you find that long glass—that is, a far-reaching telephoto lens—is only part of the answer. First, you need a basic understanding of your subject. The more you know about birds, or a particular species, the better everything else will be. The first big benefit of your knowledge will be the safeguarding of the species’ welfare, which is of utmost importance in all wildlife photography.

BMoosePeterson001 BMoosePeterson002 BMoosePeterson003 BMoosePeterson004 BMoosePeterson005 BMoosePeterson006— – —

The Challenge of Bird Photography by Moose Peterson

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Fast Frames: A Quick Guide to Bird Photography with Matt McRay

Birds. They don’t pose, they perch. Mostly they eat. Then they look for more to eat. They fly some, too.
All of the above is from a photographer’s perspective. Ornithologists will tell you a different tale, but here at Learn & Explore we have Matt McRay to talk about getting photos of members of the feathered community.
Matt’s images of birds appear to be rather casual, as if it were simply a matter of see the bird, photograph the bird. And in truth, some of his photos happen that way. But the majority are the result of knowledge of bird behavior and the planning and preparation that takes full advantage of that knowledge.

MattMcRay010 MattMcRay020 MattMcRay030 MattMcRay040— – —

Fast Frames: A Quick Guide to Bird Photography with Matt McRay

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Big Cats | Pekka Järventaus

Swedish Artist/photographer, Pekka Järventaus was born in Gothenburg in 1976. He is passionate about the African wildlife and in particular lions and other large African cats. Having a background as an Artist/illustrator in the video games industry has given him the opportunity to travel and work in many countries in Europe while refining his artistic skills. It was however first during an African safari he discovered his passion for photography and wildlife His work is a tribute to the majestic animals with an aim to inspire for a future with animals still roaming the vast plains of Africa.

PekkaJärventaus01Nomad Lion, Masai Mara, Kenya

PekkaJärventaus02Cub Life

PekkaJärventaus03Before the rain

PekkaJärventaus04Lioness and pride leader, Masai Mara, Kenya

PekkaJärventaus05Young lion, Masai mara

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Big Cats

Pekka Järventaus Photography

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The anti ‘thigh gap’ poster girl

Robyn Lawley by Jake Terrey for Beauticate
Robyn Lawley isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Take the infamous ‘thigh gap’ issue for instance, just ask her and she’ll tell you exactly what she thinks about it. We spoke with the US-based, Australian model while she was in town last month. She’s recently been announced as the new ambassador for Pantene (major, right?) and with those lustrous locks Robyn couldn’t be a more perfect fit. In other exciting news, the 25 year-old beauty has just revealed she’s expecting her first child and is currently six months pregnant. It’s not a wonder she looks positively glowing here in her exclusive shoot with Beauticate.

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Interview by Madeleine Boyd; Photography by Jake Terrey.
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Milky way Castle

Behind The Lens With wildlifemoments: My Photo “Milky way Castle”
“My name is Ivan Pedretti, I’m a photographer living in Sardinia, Italy. The most part of my photographs are panoramic landscapes from the south of Sardinia. One of my images, “Starry lighthouse’, won the 2014 Sony world photography Awards, panoramic category. The same picture won the 2014 Panobook contest as the best panoramic photographer 2014. My main passion is the night photography.”

wildlifemoments01Milky way Castle by wildlifemoments

wildlifemoments02Panoramic moonlight

wildlifemoments03Front Row Theatre

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