Climate Change: In Focus

Climate Change: In Focus

climatechange02aNo snow, no ice?
by Patty Waymire
— – —

climatechange02bEmperors at the ice edge in Antarctica
by Kira Morris
— – —

by Tomasz Solinski
— – —

climatechange02dOne to five…
by Vladimir Melnik
— – —

climatechange02eClimatic Factories
by Terence Chiew
— – —

Thanks to the thousands of people who participated in this assignment! What better way to understand the real impact of climate change than to ask a global community of photographers to share their stories about it. Our hope was to harness the power of collaborative storytelling and have a real impact on both policy and public perception.

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Celebrating Reflections

Celebrating Reflections Photo Contest Winners

Reflections09aCongratulations Grand Jury Winner “Loch Rusky Dawn, Scotland” by shahbazmajeed
— – —

Reflections09bCongratulations Runner Up “Schloss Moyland 1″ by kerryellis
— – —

Reflections09cCongratulations Runner Up “SurfersParadise” by mattzpixz
— – —

Reflections09dCongratulations Amateur Winner “Matterhorn before sunrise” by petrabischoff
— – —

Reflections09eCongratulations Honorable Mention “October Light” by Memoriee
— – —

Reflections09fCongratulations People’s Choice “Solar Orgasm” by marcocacciatore
— – —

Celebrating Reflections
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Life is Better At The Top

Life is Better At The Top

Rooftop07aPyramids at Giza – Cairo
Though the hotel itself bears the unremarkable name of the Pyramids Inn Motel, if you climb to the roof, you’ll be treated to one of the best views of the Giza pyramids to be found anywhere. Lined up along the horizon like Rockettes, it’s a wonderful sight, so long as it’s not obscured by sandstorms.

Rooftop07bBasilica di Santa Maria – Florence

Rooftop07cBarcelona – Spain

Rooftop07dCé La Vi – Singapore

Rooftop07eTour Montparnasse – Paris

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Olaf Heine’s Brazil

Olaf Heine’s Brazil
Photographic love letter to a country whose shape, volume and emotions are defined by sensual curves.
interview by Christopher Austopchuk

OlafHeine07a OlafHeine07b OlafHeine07c OlafHeine07dWhen did you become a photographer?
Olaf Heine: My father gave me my first camera when I was eight. It came naturally to record things that surrounded me. Others wrote diaries; I photographed. But my friends’ bands inspired me to work professionally, back in the early nineties in Berlin.

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Sabine Wild | Beyond Sharpness

The photographic experimentation of Sabine Wild, German, living in Berlin, began in 2007 when she left her job to be a photographer full-time. Her point-of-view is decidedly an « elevated » one over the vast megalopolises of the world, in the United States, Arab Emirates and Asia in a particular. The urban landscape is her exclusive subject: Hong Kong photographed from its characteristic high-rise parking lots, Manhattan from a helicopter, Tokyo from all available observation towers and Dubai from a seaplane.

SabineWild06a SabineWild06b SabineWild06c SabineWild06d SabineWild06eThe scenes of this photographer are highly abstract and have the result of destabilizing the viewer. The reference points are metamorphosed. It is not merely a question of aesthetics and detailed, expert post-production work, but also research and experimentation aimed at portraying photographically.

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Sabine Wild Photography

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The I AM Skylines by Mabry Campbell

The I AM Skylines by Mabry Campbell
Skyline panoramas from Houston, Chicago, Rotterdam, Dallas, Toronto, and New York City.

MabryCampbell04aI Am The Chicago River Sunrise
— – —

MabryCampbell04bI Am Manhattan
— – —

MabryCampbell04cI Am Dallas
— – —

MabryCampbell04dI Am New Rotterdam M
— – —

MabryCampbell04eI Am Toronto City Hall
— – —

MabryCampbell04fI Am Chicago
— – —

MabryCampbell04gI Am Manhattan C1
— – —

Mabry Campbell Photography
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