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A huge milestone in the fifth edition of the Red Bull Illume Image Quest – the first selection of images are revealed as the eight-week countdown to the Winner Award Ceremony commences!

Innovation by Sony semi-finalists are revealed!

Lorenz Holder
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Luke Rasmussen
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Jeremy Bernard
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Frode Sandbech
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Pirmin Henseler
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With exactly eight weeks to go until the category winners and overall winner are announced at the Winner Award Ceremony, we’re excited to be able to announce the first selection of semi-finalists from the Innovation by Sony category! Semi-finalists include the previous edition’s overall winner, Lorenz Holder and it’s great to see some new faces alongside.

Don’t forget to mark November 20, 2019 in your calendar as the Winner Award Ceremony night – it will be the first time ever that you’ll be able to watch it via live streaming.

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Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2019

Red Bull Illume is the world’s greatest adventure and action sports imagery contest. It showcases the most creative and captivating images on the planet, while illuminating the passion, lifestyle and culture behind the photographers that shoot them.

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Ready for action and adventure

Insights and ideas from Scott Markewitz, action sports and lifestyle photographer

“I love doing lifestyle and portrait work in addition to action sports photography. I think I have a knack for capturing the spirit of my subjects and really conveying what they are experiencing at the time. There’s a certain light behind their eyes—a sense of adventure and fearlessness that I try to convey in my shots. Those fleeting moments of emotion and human interaction shine through. When I capture them, it’s a tremendously rewarding feeling.”

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Insights and ideas from Scott Markewitz, Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® user

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The story behind Lorenz Holder’s architectural action photograph

Action sports photographer Lorenz Holder dreamed of shooting skateboarding in a fine art style at a spectacular viaduct that he’d seen pictured online. He reveals the technical and creative steps he took to achieve his ambition, and how the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV proved key.

“I’m not a typical action sport photographer – I’d say I’m a fine art action sport photographer,” says Lorenz Holder. “Somebody once asked me what the perfect action sport photo is. For me, it’s an image that people would put on their wall even if the athlete was not in it. If you create a great surrounding and manage to get an athlete in there as well, then in my opinion this is the perfect action shot.”
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The story behind Lorenz Holder’s architectural action photograph
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Red Bull Illume Image Quest | How to break into the Top 25!

The Best of Instagram by SanDisk Category saw a first for any Red Bull Illume Image Quest; the public choosing each monthly winner via a community vote. The public votes for their favorite from a shortlist of 25 selected by our internal judges, but what are the judges looking for in a Top 25 image? We asked them…

Two months have flown by and two of the five monthly winners have now been chosen by the public, but before your image can reach this stage it has to catch the eye of our internal judges. The judges are all photographers, but that doesn’t mean they always agree, so what does it take for your image to get unanimous approval and make it into the Top 25? Here are images from February and March with explanations on why the photo was picked:

Aidan Williams
“Color and composition are what was interesting in this picture. Although what really spoke to me above all else, is that this image was captured at the critical moment.”
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Leo Zhukov
“The lines obviously! Glowing lines with the brightest part in the center and the light fall-off to the edges make this a compelling picture. It looks like a photograph that was really made, not just taken. Let’s call it ‘dynamic lining’!”
— – —

Tristan Shu
“I liked the composition and the change of perspective. You are looking at the shadows of the real world. Furthermore, the red dot provides great contrast to the white-blue hue of the rest of the picture.”
— – —

Lorenzo Mittiga
“The moment here is given even more impact by the mystical setting. The water, fish and rays of light combine for a natural composition, this can’t be reproduced easily. Many things have to come together to make this shot, but as a photographer, luck is definitely earned and not given!”
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How to break into the Top 25!
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GoPro – The Complete Guide 2017

Overview: Do you fancy a spot of mountain climbing, surfing or just a stroll on the beach with the dog and want to capture the moment? If that’s the case, then the GoPro range of cameras is just what you need. They were developed to be small, lightweight, robust and able to go anywhere, even underwater. GoPros have been in development since 2002 and have become the popular must have camera for action and adventure. They can shoot stills and video, with the latest versions able to capture glorious 4K video at 60 frames per second as well as 12MP raw files.

Discover more
Follow our essential guides, hints and tips. From unboxing, first time setup and pairing with your phone to learning more about the range and the various accessories available, we cover all angles. Dive in and discover more about how the cameras work, their specifi cations and abilities. Come with us as we explore the GoPro range and delve into what makes it so popular.

Land, sea and sky
You have a GoPro, so now what? We have some great guides and tips for having fun with your camera on land, and water and in the sky too. The potential aff orded you by the GoPro range with all its capabilities and accessories, makes it a truly versatile little action camera. You don’t have to be an extreme mountaineer or dedicated surfer dude; anyone who loves capturing moments of action and fun will love using one too. Our guides are here to show you how.

Make it epic
You’ve got a memory card full of images and video. Now it’s time to get the most out of them. We have some great tips and advice on how to improve your stills photography, video capture and editing.

GoPro – The Complete Guide 2017
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Jan Kasl | Action Sports Photography

26 year old Prague based action photographer, Jan Kasl has already worked with various well known brands and riders and produced some excellent photographs. His passion for action sports along with photography has brought him into the world of professional athletes, breathtaking performances, inspiring people and amazing places all around the planet. He not only focuses on perfect timing, weather conditions and sunlight but also makes it a point to think conceptually and discover new techniques and get out of his comfort zone.

Jan Kasl | Action Sports Photography
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Nature & Action | Stephen Dalton

Stephen Dalton est un photographe et naturaliste anglais, pionnier de la photographie ultrarapide ou à haute vitesse. Depuis plus de 40 ans, il innove pour saisir les animaux en action, en inventant parfois le matériel pour y arriver. Son défi, c’est de capter des mouvements trop rapides pour être observés à l’oeil nu:

“Pour moi, c’était un miracle de voir que les mouches pouvaient éviter une claque, puis atterrir à l’envers au plafond, qu’elles pouvaient planer sans effort et changer de direction en un clin d’oeil, que les libellules volaient dans toutes les directions et que les bourdons restaient sur place, en vol stationnaire.”

StephenDalton01 StephenDalton02 StephenDalton03 StephenDalton04 StephenDalton05 StephenDalton06 StephenDalton07— – —

Nature & Action | Stephen Dalton

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