Street Photography by Denis Buchel

Denis Buchel was born in 1979 in Kishinev, Moldova. Photography he has taken up at the beginning of 2007. Various photos have already been published in Bulgarian and in international editions – in China, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Taiwan, Izrael, Italy, Spain, the USA, Thailand, Poland and others. Since May 2014 he has been a member of the Bulgarian Academy of Photography Yanka Kyurkchieva. In December, 2016, he is a chosen Board member of the organization.

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Street Photography by Denis Buchel
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The Art of Night

Sydney-based street photographer David Sark has spent the last two years capturing city streets around the world in his own unique way. This is how to create art in the black of night.

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The Art of Night | David Sark, Street Photographer
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On Reflection

In fashion as in life, Kristen Steward has always challenged gender norms with her androgynous beauty — which makes her the perfect face of Chanel’s new fragrance, Gabrielle, inspired by the legendary founder of the couture house. But she is also very much her own woman, as independent-spirited when it comes to fame and feminism as she has been in facing down Donald Trump.
By Elizabeth Day
Photographs by Tom Craig
Styled by Leith Clark

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On Reflection
Kristen Steward by Tom Craig

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Wildlife photographer waited 6 years to capture this perfect shot

Six years. That’s how long it took Scottish wildlife photographer Alan McFadyen to capture the perfect shot.

After spending nearly 4,200 hours, McFadyen ended up with an exact symmetrical image of a kingfisher diving speedily into its reflection. Patience was certainly key here as McFadyen had to scour 720,000 exposures to finally get it right.

AlanMcFadyen12aMcFadyen, in an interview with the Daily Mail said, “Kingfishers dive so fast they are like bullets, so taking a good photo requires a lot of luck — and a lot of patience.” Couple that with the fact that female kingfishers rarely dive, and you’ve got yourself the biggest timing problem ever.
by Umar Ansari
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Rakotzbrücke | The Devil’s Bridge

The Devil’s Bridge (Rakotzbrücke) was built almost 150 years ago, back in 1860. Because of the unique construction accuracy, the bridge and its reflection merge into a perfect circle, regardless of the point of observation. This extraordinary sight is beloved spot of the professional photographers.

DevilsBridge01Image Credit: Michael Ahler/Flickr

DevilsBridge02Image Credit: cнαт-ɴoιr/Flickr

DevilsBridge03Image Credit: Michael Ahler/Flickr

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Rakotzbrücke | The Devil’s Bridge

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