National Exhibition Gallery

2017 National Exhibition Awards

New Zealand Dotterel – Glenda Rees – PSNZ Bronze Medal Natural History Prints
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Iron Sands – Jude Carter – PSNZ Bronze Medal Natural History Prints
— – —

Blue Ice – Anne Tate APSNZ – PSNZ Silver Medal Natural History Prints
— – —

King Penguins Cold Harbour South Georgia – Roger Wandless FPSNZ – PSNZ Silver Medal Natural History (Wildlife) Prints
— – —

Permanence – Daniel Wong – PSNZ Bronze Medal Open Prints
— – —

White faced heron pair – Barry J Harcourt MNZM, FPSNZ – Geoff Moon Nature Trophy and PSNZ Gold Medal Natural History Projected
— – —

Innocent Eyes – Moira Fergus – Robinson Cup Champion Projected and PSNZ Gold Medal Open Projected
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2017 National Exhibition Awards
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Photos That Will Make You Feel Happy

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their interpretation of happiness in color in this photo contest

“Beauties in Autumn” by Carlos_Santero
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“Sweet Old Memories” by Florianpascual
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“Puppy love ” by traceydobbs
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“Happy” by DaydreamerPhotography
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“Well… Hello?” by fournierphotographe
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Selected | Fine EYE

Fine EYE Magazine, with its dedication to fine art photography, presents the finest photographs on over 150 pages, submitted by more than 100 photographers from all over the world.

Schizoid Psychedelia – Jack Savage
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Ai Tanaka
— – —

Reflection – Bob Chiu
— – —

Gate of purification – Stratos Psarakis
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Lurdes Lay Alves
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This issue features:
Daria Amaranth, Irina Bunyatyan, María Tudela Bermúdez and Rhéa Shirudo.
Beside of that, we’re publishing a handpicked selection of fantastic fine art photography, selected from our Facebook photo group.
Fine EYE Magazine, Issue #02, 2018

The Art of Black and White Photography

Techniques for Creating Superb Images in a Digital Workflow by Torsten Andreas Hoffmann
Digital photography has conquered the market at breakneck speed despite the fact that in the early years of the technology, professional photographers eyed its development with skepticism. As photographers migrated from analog to digital, they suffered through more than their share of growing pains, struggling with the new technology and doubting its viability. The following questions were among those being asked:
• Is it actually possible to make large, quality prints from digital images?
• Don’t digital photos look artifcial?
• Do the colors look natural?
• How does digitalization affect black and white photography?

In order to answer these questions and to get acquainted with digital photography, one thing was certain: it was necessary for photographers to devote time to learn about the technology. Not only was it essential for photographers to become familiar with a new, and rather complex camera technology, it was also necessary to thoroughly understand the new image manipulation programs. Many photographers initially shied away from these efforts, and as a result, traditional analog photography had to be defended by those who had not even acquired an in-depth knowledge of the digital process.
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The Art of Black and White Photography | Techniques for Creating Superb Images in a Digital Workflow
by Torsten Andreas Hoffmann

Mastering the Model Shoot: Everything a Photographer Needs to Know Before, During, and After the Shoot

For the first time ever, world-famous photographer and fashion lighting instructor Frank Doorhof takes you behind the scenes to reveal every step of his model-photography workflow–the same workflow that has made him a hero to photographers around the world thanks to his practical, budget conscious, no-nonsense approach.

In this groundbreaking book, Frank starts right at the beginning with how to find models, find great locations, work with backgrounds (you’ll be amazed at his tricks for creating stunning backgrounds for just a few bucks), and work by yourself or with a team (stylist, hair stylist, and makeup artist) to create an image that will get your photography noticed. Then, it’s on to an in-depth look at the lighting setups and looks that made Frank famous (complete with diagrams and detailed explanations).

You’ll see how Frank lights his images (you’ll be shocked at how simple most of his lighting setups are and you’ll be able to create these same setups yourself), plus he covers the critical little stuff nobody else is talking about, including: how to calibrate your monitor (and why it’s so important); how to use a color target to nail your color every single time; and why (and how) to use a light meter to get consistent, reproducible lighting each and every shoot.

Frank also shares his own retouching techniques through step-by-step tutorials, and he takes you from start to finish through a number of different looks so you can see exactly how it’s done, and recreate these same looks yourself. If you’ve ever wished there was one book that covers it all, the whole process of photographing models from start to finish, not leaving anything out, then this is the book for you.

— – —

Mastering the Model Shoot: Everything a Photographer Needs to Know Before, During, and After the Shoot

by Frank Doorhof

Figure Photography

Learn to capture the beauty of the female form
Billy Pegram shows you how to design nude and semi-nude images that are both creatively challenging and marketable. From location selection, to lighting and posing, to image-design concepts for specialized markets, you’ll master the process from start to finish!

Learn how to:
Design figure images for a variety of markets—from fine-art to fashion.
Create outstanding results in the studio or on location.
Produce lighting effects that are both flattering and attention-getting.
Select locations to help your images stand out.
Isolate body parts for specialized markets.
Develop images in pinup, glamour, erotic, editorial, and commercial styles.
Style your models and sets in inventive ways for added appeal.
Work effectively with new models and more experienced ones.
Enhance your figure images in postproduction.
Design images for multiple usages—and enhanced marketability.
— – —

Techniques for Digital Photographers
Figure Photography
by Billy Pegram