Otherworldly Destinations Here on Earth

These are the spots to visit if you wish you could actually go to space.

Rainbow Bridge, one of the world’s largest known natural bridges, arcs over a tributary of Lake Powell in Utah.
Photograph by Wild Horizon/Getty Images
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Water and ice accumulate in the Pingualuit crater in Quebec, Canada.
Photograph by USGS/NASA Landsat data/Orbital Horizon/Gallo Images/Getty Images
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The sun shines on Hawaii’s Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano used by NASA for observation and training.
Photograph by Jiwon Chung, Getty Images
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A woman stands beneath the shifting lights of the aurora borealis in Norway.
Photograph by Garcia Julien, Getty Images
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Hot-air balloons fly through the sky at the Albuquerque International Balloon Festival.
Photograph by Blaine Harrington III, Corbis/Getty Images
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Otherworldly Destinations Here on Earth
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“Landscape” 2018 Theme Winners

From coastal regions, to plains and magnificent mountain ranges the Landscape view can be one of the most awe inspiring and beautiful images we will ever frame up. Large in scale, lines, imagination and range but filled with so many beautiful details they can also be one of the most challenging to compose.

First Place:
Ancient Bristlecone under the Milky Way by Peter Hines
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Second Place:
Eye of Stokksnes by Wojciech Kruczynski
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Third Place:
Mordor by Nico Rinaldi
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Honorable Mention:
Alpe di Siusi by ​Ales Krivec
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Ancient Whispers by Craig Bill
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“Landscape” 2018 Theme Winners
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