Eye Catching Moments

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Traffic by Kmon Nguyen
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Stairs by Quang Pham
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by Masatoshi Washim
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by Wenpeng Lu
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by In Soo Han
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Eye Catching Moments
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Tokyo Is Yours: Seeking Sense Through Street Photography

“Sometimes I feel like I am living in a film that I have imagined…” The serendipity and strangeness of street photography is used to make sense of the fantasies and fears radiating from Tokyo’s residents.
Photographs and text by Meg Hewitt

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Tokyo Is Yours: Seeking Sense Through Street Photography
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Street Photography by Siegfried Hansen

“Street Photography has a little bit of everything – reportage, documentation, art and composition”
Siegfried Hansen

Photographing people and the street is a true art, born of a deep-seated passion. And as Siegfried Hansen said, “street photography is reportage, documentation, art and composition”. Zoom has chosen to dedicate its final issue for 2017 to those photographers who have always reveled in the urban scene, in capturing the city and its people. Their attention to composition is extreme, as is their view of their subjects and the use of color and natural lighting. Some prefer black-and-white, others strong color contrast. Some search out that fleeting moment, others the irony of daily life. When and where are not important. What counts is bringing to life photographs that immortalize instants of infinity.
Cover: Siegfried Hansen
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Street Photography | Denys Nevozhai

Street Photography by Denys Nevozhai

Steam-powered police car.
Manhattan is a special place for photography. You can find funny scenes on every step.
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Flatiron permanence.
I had to spend like 15 minutes sitting in crooked position on the ground to take many many shots with different exposures. Beauty is everywhere.
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Street Style Sunset.
This sunset was possible because of the street that ends at the waterfront of the Hudson River in New York.
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Cyber noir.
Took this shot from the top of a tunnel in San Francisco downtown.
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Street Photography
Photographer: Denys Nevozhai
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Street Art Around The World

I try to combine street photography with street art in a complementary way. By adding a human element into the frame you can often enhance the artwork that already exists. Through timing and placement you can end up with an image in which life imitates the art itself.
Geraint Rowland, Photographer

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Street Art Around The World
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Street Photography

Street Photography
A kaleidoscopic view of urban life — in all of its pulsing colors, shapes and reflections — from cultures all around the planet in 2016.

streets01aAdam Wong
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streets01bAndrea Stone
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streets01cLewis Catalano
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streets01dJakub Cugier
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streets01ePaul Stopko
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streets01fJordi Casañas
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streets01gGiulia Bergonzoni
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from “111 New Street Photography Discoveries”
by Jim Casper

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Create Your Own Style in Street Photography

Street photography has grown and rebelled against dogmas. It’s time for your own style.
Photos & Text: Gathot Subroto

gathotsubroto12a gathotsubroto12b gathotsubroto12c gathotsubroto12d gathotsubroto12eIt is frequently asked why those people, including me, choose street photography; why don’t they choose such other photography genres as landscape, fashion, culture, food and others? Certainly the answers could be diverse, different from one to another.

One of the most general reasons is its practicality. Street photography is easy to do. We just go out and interact with public spaces around us. All the places offer different stories and interactions making the street photography not expensive. Wo don’t need to go far away by plane to find its subjects, and also don’t need to buy expensive photography equipments.

I myself knew street photography because of my curiosity and I wanted to try something new. It was the beginning before I then explored and felt that there was something interesting in the genre.

gathotsubroto12fGathot Subroto
Active in photography since 1990 when he was involved in publishing his campus magazine, he has learned photography autodidactically. He works now as a civil servant at the Indonesia Ministry of Finance. He is one of Indonesian X-photographers – official photographers of Fujifilm Corp.

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