Маша, Алина, Катя, Венера, Настя

Георгий Чернядьев | Georgy Chernyadyev | Gueorguiї Tcherniadiev
Разница между хорошим и средним снимком — это вопрос нескольких миллиметров, очень маленькая разница. Но существенная. Я думаю, что между фотографами нет большой разницы, зато очень важны разницы маленькие. Анри Картье-Брессон (Henri Cartier-Bresson), фотограф
Очень приятно, что посетили мой сайт!!! Я более 3 лет занимаюсь фотографией, слежу за последними тенденциями в фото-индустрии и в обработке фотографий, что позволяет делать качественные и красивые фотографии.
Открыт для коммерческих и творческих предложений.

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Георгий Чернядьев | Georgy Chernyadyev | Gueorguiї Tcherniadiev
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The Body, A Celebration of the Human Figure

The body has been celebrated in art since the dawn of art history. From the Venus of Willendorf, dated nearly 30,000 years ago, to today, the human figure has been painted, sculpted, drawn and photographed endlessly. Continue the tradition and be a part of The Body, honoring contemporary photographers who capture the beauty of our anatomy. Presented by Rangefinder magazine, the competition covers boudoir, commercial, editorial and fine-art photography.

Professional : Fine Art — 1st Place
“Oyster Bed” by Dario Impini
A portrait of a woman laying on ancient rock, captured after a two-mile hike into a desolate wilderness.
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Professional : Boudoir — Grand Prize
“Untitled” by Riana Lisbeth
An intimate lifestyle session featuring cancer fighter and amputee Kim, captured “to build the appreciation and love she has for her body.”
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Amateur : Boudoir — 1st Place
“Morningness” by Kevin Abery
A natural-light boudoir portrait captured near a bedroom window in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.
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Professional : Boudoir
“Alice in wonderland” by Marco Ibanez
With this series, Ibanez looks to capture the personality of his subjects using only the resources available on location.
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The Body, A Celebration of the Human Figure
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Ultimate Passion

‘I absolutely adore black and white portraits, and would probably share all of my work as monochrome images if I could! So it’s exciting that this magazine has chosen to showcase an entirely monochromatic portfolio.’ – Stephanie Bowers

Stephanie Bowers is an Australian photographer who calls Queensland her home. Her photography business provides the creative outlet where she channels her passion for inspiring and empowering women. Her mission? Challenging her subjects to bring out their most sensual, vulnerable, and feminine side by working with them in a collaboraton to create beautiful imagery. Hers is the genre known as boudoir photography, but in the modern iteraton it’s a world away from many of the traditonal negative perceptions associated with that style.
Stephanie and her all female team set out to create an experience which leaves her clients, for the most part women, feeling beautiful, sexy and desired. She’s proud of the fact that many clients report that their boudoir photography experience with her was one of the best days of their lives.
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Ultimate Passion
by Stephanie Bowers

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