What kind of Storyteller are you? | Quel genre de Storyteller êtes-vous?

Do you live in the moment, capturing stories of adventure? Or do you tell meticulous tales, mastering the light and calculating the angle of each shot?

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What kind of Storyteller are you? | Quel genre de Storyteller êtes-vous?
From cave paintings to the big screen, we’ve all evolved into visual storytellers. Take our short quiz and uncover your storytelling DNA.
Des peintures rupestres au grand écran, nous racontons tous des histoires. Répondez à notre petit quiz pour découvrir votre ADN de storyteller.

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Resonance | Images with Meaning | A Special White Horses Issue

Warmly wrapped between the covers of this special issue, titled RESONANCE, are some amazing untold stories from surfers, artists and musicians about the photos that influenced their lives.

The idea of a photo triggering a strong emotional response lies at the heart of this special issue. The premise was simple enough: we asked an eclectic mix of surfers to nominate an image that resonated with them, an image that carried special meaning. The aim is not only to gain insight into the image, but to get to know the storytellers a little better too.

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The Sea Has Stories. Photographers, Artists, Writers, Storytellers and Staff. Issue Twenty-Seven
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How EOS R changed a wedding photographer’s work

Russian wedding photographer and Canon Ambassador Katya Mukhina has shot in over 35 countries on five continents, from the lush landscapes of Tuscany and Tahiti to the wide-open spaces of Bolivian salt flats and Brazilian sand dunes.

“I love to create stories and to show all the kinds of feelings the couple is experiencing that moment,” Katya says. “I also love that excitement of seeing the couple discover new places.”

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How EOS R changed a wedding photographer’s work
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AMB Photography Awards presented by Shimano

The winners for the 2018 AMB Photography Awards presented by Shimano have been announced!

Jason Beacham won the Light category with this flash-lit pre-dawn photo at Te Puia in Rotorua.
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The winner of Movement was Matt Wood with this photo of his mate and his trail dog.
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Close-Up was a category where we saw a lot of profile and detail shots. But it was this photo of a tiny frog on a bike, taken by Igor Schifris, that was voted number one.
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Jasper Da Seymour popped up again after getting 2nd in Close-Up, with this winning photo from Crankworx in Whistler in the Composition category.
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There could only be one photographer to earn the title of AMB Photographer of the Year. Congratulations Nathan Hughes.
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Photography is integral to what we do here at Australian Mountain Bike magazine. We rely on photos that do more than just show a bike, a rider or a trail. We need photos that tell a story, that create an emotional response, and leave us wanting to find out more about the location, or ride our bikes, or get on the phone to call some mates and plan an epic day on the trail. The right photos make us more stoked on our sport, and we need to make sure that’s exactly what we put in our magazine.
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AMB Photography Awards presented by Shimano
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The passion behind the lens…

Peter Kemp is a conceptual photographer from the Netherlands. His photography is based on his love of storytelling. Influenced by Johannes Vermeer and the other Dutch Masters, Peter’s work is dramatically lighted and has a sharp focus on detail. Peter states, “I try to create story telling pictures. With just a quick look, you might see an attractive photo by using colors and scenery. But a longer look might open doors to other little stories… In my scenes I focus on detail. All details are thought of long before my camera clicks.”

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The passion behind the lens…
Peter Kemp Photography
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The Endings: Photographic Stories of Love, Loss, Heartbreak, and Beginning Again

Featuring some of today’s most beloved actors, these piercing photographic vignettes capture female characters in the throes of powerful emotional transformations. Photographer Caitlin Cronenberg and art director Jessica Ennis collected stories of heartbreak, relationship endings, and new beginnings—fictional but often inspired by real life—and set out to convey the raw emotions that are exposed in those most vulnerable of states.

Collaborating with celebrated talents such as Julianne Moore, Keira Knightley, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Cronenberg and Ennis developed each character, built her world, and then photographed as she lived the role before the camera. The resulting collection is a bold look at the experience of losing or leaving love and will speak to anyone who appreciates art, photography, and the strength of facing emotional depths head-on.
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Caitlin Cronenberg and Jessica Ennis on the Art of Heartbreak
interview at Elle Canada