‘Every time I am going to dinner with my friends, I always say, “You guys better stay off your phones, otherwise I am not coming.” It’s really important to be present in life.’

Growing up Irina Shayk had never seen a fashion magazine, now she’s one of the best-known models of her generation.
She talks to Jane Mulkerrins about how she did it, and why she’s so determined to keep her private life private

… The 32-year-old may have clocked up 10 million followers on Instagram, dated the world’s most famous footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, for five years, and now have a one-year-old daughter with her boyfriend, Hollywood A-lister Bradley Cooper. But none of this is up for discussion. Shayk has never spoken about her current or previous partners and, save for the occasional paparazzi shot and a select few red carpet appearances, such as this year’s Met Gala, she and Cooper are rarely seen together. This is not going to change today.

‘That’s why it’s called a personal life, because it’s mine,’ she says, simply but firmly. ‘I am really protective of it. I don’t feel like I have to talk about it or promote it. Outside of my job, I am a normal person, and I want to walk outside of my house like a normal person. I don’t want somebody sticking their nose in my stuff.’ Right then. I consider myself forewarned. At one point later on, I observe that it must be harder to travel for any length of time now that she has a daughter to get home to. ‘It’s true,’ she says, briskly shutting the subject down. Again. …

— – —

Irina Shayk by Ellen von Unwerth
for Evening Standard Magazine July 2018

Ellen von Unwerth – Heimat

Following a passionate kickoff in Los Angeles, IMMAGIS will show from the 15. September 2017 the exhibition HEIMAT with more than 30 works from German star photographer Ellen von Unwerth.

Right in time for Oktoberfest, von Unwerth invites viewers on a photographic journey through her childhood homeland of Bavaria. Her lavishly staged series delights with erotically charged images tinged with a touch of nostalgia and full of lust for life. Her images convey a strong love fornature, a seemingly omnipresent religiosity, and a playful approach to the attributes and attractions typical of the region, making a visit to this exhibition both a sensual and visual treat.

Von Unwerth’s visual ode to her HEIMAT combines old-world charm with fresh, provocative eroticism, cheerfully subverts traditional gender roles, and shows thateven lederhosen can be glamorous. Viva Bavaria!
Ellen von Unwerth worked as a top model in the fashion industry for ten years, before taking up the camera to become one of the most sought-after fashion photographers. Her photographs have appeared in countless magazines like Vogue, Interview und Vanity Fair. Ellen von Unwerth lives in Paris and New York.
— – —

Ellen von Unwerth – Heimat
IMMAGIS Fine Art Photography
Current Exhibition
15 September – 11 November 2017

Sofia Boutella Gets The Ellen von Unwerth Treatment For Iris Covet Book June 2017

French-Algerian model and ‘Mummy’ star actor Sofia Boutella is styled by Deborah Afshani in traditional femme fatale shots by Ellen von Unwerth for Iris Covet Book June 2017./ Hair by Renato Campora; makeup by Kate Lee.

— – —

Sofia Boutella by Ellen von Unwerth
Iris Covet Book June 2017

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