Le meilleur de 2013

Bonne Année 2014 !

L’année 2013 se termine et, dans mon projet de vous faire découvrir des photographes et des images exceptionnelles, 2640 articles ont pris forme. Vous avez visité à plus de 130000 reprises ces articles. MERCI ! Vous faites en sorte que ce blog existe toujours ! Et merci tout particulièrement aux photographes pour leurs belles images inspirantes et pour nous aider à apprendre à voir.

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Articles les plus regardés en 2013 :

Maria Valverde and Mario Casas by Bernardo Doral

David Beckham for Esquire UK September 2012

Appareils-photo: le plus populaire

Panasonic DMC-FZ200 (comme l’an passé)

Images avec le plus de clics:

A Visual Compendium of Cameras | Timeline infographic

popchartlab-camerasNatalia Zakonova

Tour multimédia TW1

Famous Quotes Wallpaper

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Le 10 novembre fut la journée la plus active avec 1176 vues. L’article le plus regardé cette journée:

Freedom by Jovana Mladenovic

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Automobile Photo Contest Finalists
“Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos showing cars as the main subject. For some  of us cars are simply means of transportation, for others cars are extraordinary examples of design and technology, but what cars have in common is that the participants of this contest captured these in artistic forms with so many variables making each photo unique and extraordinaire.”

Congratulations to the following finalists: “Brutal” by jsinon — “Rubicon” by rugavy — “Bugatti Veyron “The Beast”” by docmaowi — “Vintage Car” by brucenoronha — “untitled” by ctruss53 — “Ferari 458 Italia” by nemanjadjuro — “Honda S2000 Wounded Warrior Project” by iamchubasco — “Giallo Gallardo” by gcastell — “CHALLENGER” by andresaponte —“DSC_0339″ by freddy36 — “wheel of fortune” by pulaw89 — “untitled” by josedelacruz — “F360″ by lightslinger — “untitled” by markgorin — and People’s Choice “Enjoying the weather” by Silversldr

more at: viewbug

How to photograph your friends (and why it’s Super important)

How To Photograph Your Friends (And Why It’s Super Important)
By Lauren Lim

“Doesn’t it seem crazy that I’m writing a huge article about something that sounds so simple? I mean, your friends are some of your favourite people in the world. Photographing them should be easy! But, if you’re like us, you’ll know it’s not quite so simple.”

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Andre Ermolaev | Aerial Shots of Iceland’s Volcanic Rivers

Aerial Shots of Iceland’s Volcanic Rivers
At first, these abstract images are difficult to decipher. However, look more closely and hints of a landscape begin to emerge. Created by Russian photographer Andre Ermolaev, these new images in his ongoing series of Iceland’s volcanic rivers consist of amazing aerial perspectives that look like spectacular paintings.

The light and shadow, the swirling formations, and the vibrant colors in his compositions are in fact rivers, glaciers, and, occasionally, a flock of seagulls that are merely tiny specks across the volcanic scenery. The alluring images blur the lines between landscape photography and abstract paintings, and viewers will find themselves peering closer to make sense of the odd shapes and intriguing textures.

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Andre Ermolaev Photography

posted by Katie Hosmer

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Mark Coe | Architecture in black and white

Architectural histories in front of sky and sea
Architectural photography does not have to limit itself to conventionally “pretty” buildings. The appeal of architectural structures and forms often lies in how they fit within a wider image. On the coast of South-East England, Mark Coe searches out such rewarding pictures about buildings and their history with Zeiss lenses.

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Mark Coe Photography

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Invisible Light

Invisible Light
Nevada Wier’s color infrared images show the people and places she photographs in an ethereal and surreal way.

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“Six years ago, I began exploring the challenge of making the invisible visible—photographing unusual places using a digital camera and the unusual, haunting light of infrared. I’m now a devotee of invisible light!” — Text And Photography by Nevada Wier

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