Landscapes by Jaeyoun Ryu | 류재윤

Landscapes by Jaeyoun Ryu | 류재윤

White Heroine
When the sun goes down, red clouds of burning, Sleeping kings of the tomb lonely bright a white magnolia. Gorgeous spring night in Gyeong-Ju
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Rhapsody in Blue
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Tree of life
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The Wanderer
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Sacred Pine Trees
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Landscapes by Jaeyoun Ryu | 류재윤
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“KADE – Fairytales From The Enchanted Kingdom”

In 2013, Annie Mitova started a unique personal project called: “KADE – Fairytales From The Enchanted Kingdom”. Initially it all seemed like one crazy and impossible idea: Annie wanted to create a series of beautiful and meaningful stories with her portraits, but she had no experience, no professional equipment, no budget, no experienced models, and all of her models were children ages 2-12. She also had no makeup artists, no hairstylists and no assistants on any of her shoots. During this project Annie planned, organized, researched, designed, photographed, post processed, fully styled, built props and full studio sets, all by herself, while also doing commission work in order to be able to finance her project.

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“KADE – Fairytales From The Enchanted Kingdom”
by Annie Mitova

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Best Wildlife Photography

What makes a wildlife photograph the best? Is it because it’s a tack-sharp, perfectly lit technical masterpiece? A jaw-dropping shot of megafauna? A glimpse of a rarely seen moment from the animal kingdom? A new perspective on ordinary behaviour?

I don’t think there’s one answer. Photography, like all art forms, is largely subjective. Sure, there’s a certain level of skill and knowledge that’s required to take a beautiful wildlife image; composition, exposure, lines, patience, diligence, etc. But what makes a wildlife image the best is really up to you, the viewer.

Well, we’ve certainly given you plenty to look at in Best Wildlife Photography 2018. To close out Canada’s 150th year and usher in the next 150, we looked back on the past seven issues of Best Wildlife Photography and chose images worthy of the designation “the best of the best.” Photographed by talented members of our 70,000-photographer-strong Canadian Geographic Photo Club, these images are the kind that prompted us, as magazine editors, creative directors and designers, to stop and say “Wow!”

The mating rituals of elk are confrontational. A bull elk with a harem of cows and calves will be aggressive in their defense and will battle other bulls for dominance, sometimes to the death.
Photographer: Jim Cumming
— – —

Making tracks
Heavy snow blankets the ground at the Kicking Horse Grizzly Bear Refuge, home to this grizzly named Boo.
Photographer: Neal Weisenberg
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Frosty feline
Called the ghost of the north woods, the lynx stays as silent as possible when stalking its prey, which is usually swift snowshoe hares.
Photographer: Chris Gale
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Many animals blend into their native environments, but rarely is their camouflage as uniform as this grey wolf’s.
Photographer: Bill Maynard
— – —

A parliament of owls
Snowy owls congregate on a picnic table at Ottawa’s Central Experimental Farm in the spring.
Photographer: Michelle Valberg
— – —

Spring surprise
Nestled into a vivid day lily, this spring peeper could easily be mistaken for tropical fauna, but these tiny tree frogs are suited to the cold. By hibernating under logs and in loose bark, they’re able to range well into the forests of eastern Canada.
Photographer: Brian Robin
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Best Wildlife Photography

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The Art of Night

Sydney-based street photographer David Sark has spent the last two years capturing city streets around the world in his own unique way. This is how to create art in the black of night.

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The Art of Night | David Sark, Street Photographer
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Wear Good Shoes: Inspiring Advice from Magnum Photographers

Download this free 60-page PDF from Magnum Photos—filled with excellent tips, advice and words of wisdom from the photographers at Magnum, as well as many of their iconic images. A great resource for anyone who wants to make better pictures.

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