Finding Myself in the Stars

Finding Myself in the Stars
by Don Whitebread

California, USA – I spent the summers of my youth wherever my father’s work as a geologist took us, usually camped deep in a desert mountain range.  Watching the slow change of light and weather during the day, and the flow of stars across the night sky was my best entertainment. This background fueled my interest in photography, and has drawn me to remote locations throughout my life. I chose to photograph this series using only natural light, and rarely moonlight, to show that faint, diffuse starlight that few people really see any more.

donwhitebread02a donwhitebread02b donwhitebread02c donwhitebread02d donwhitebread02e donwhitebread02f donwhitebread02g— – —

Finding Myself in the Stars
by Don Whitebread

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Pierre Pellegrini | Aller sur l’Evre

La nature nous offre tant de possibilités de compositions. La difficulté est de choisir la composition qui est extraordinairement nouvelle. Cette série est une recherche esthétique et graphique de la nature, où tout semble avoir trouvé sa juste place, où le sens de l’ordre semble si bien équilibré et proportionné qu’il devient difficile de distinguer la limite (s’il y en a une) de l’intervention humaine. Tout comme la chorégraphie d’un ballet ou d’une composition musicale, tout semble en harmonie et nous donne une profonde sensation de paix et de tranquillité. L’ordre et l’équilibre de la nature, mêlés à l’imperfection et à l’imprévisibilité des supports photographiques, nous font le don d’un tableau qui s’éloigne de la réalité.

pierrepellegrini01a pierrepellegrini01b pierrepellegrini01c pierrepellegrini01d pierrepellegrini01eParfois, je ne peux même pas m’expliquer quels sont les mécanismes que j’utilise pour choisir un sujet plutot qu’un autre. Je sens que je dois m’arrêter pour immortaliser ce que mes yeux voient. Dans un premier temps, c’est la transcription d’une certaine valeur très personnelle, où l’image est l’expression de ce que je ressens. Une sorte de paysage intérieur. Un moment magique que je souhaite retenir dans ma mémoire et dans mes pensées, mais en même temps que je veux partager à travers une image.

Pierre Pellegrini | Aller sur l’Evre
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Valérie Belin: All Star

Edwynn Houk Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of Valérie Belin’s newest series, All Star.  The exhibition of eleven large-scale color photographs will be on view 19 January – 4 March, 2017.

valeriebelin01a valeriebelin01b valeriebelin01c valeriebelin01d valeriebelin01eFor this series, Belin utilizes the fantastical world of vintage comic books as the inspiration for multilayered portraits that are both visually and psychologically complex.  To create the works, Belin first styles and photographs her models in dramatic lighting reminiscent of film noir.  Then, selecting from an extensive collection of vintage comics, she overlays the image with the chosen comic cover before further abstracting the pictorial surface with her own graphic patterns.  Bursting in from the background, the worlds of the comics interweave with the texture of the portraits to create a sophisticated composition in which variations of movement, line, depth of field and scale are all combined within one surface.

Valérie Belin: All Star
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Tell Better Stories, Make Stronger Photographs

The Photographic Story

How to use storytelling to make more powerful photographs
by David duChemin

photostorydd01a photostorydd01b photostorydd01c photostorydd01dOne of the most common pieces of advice for photographers? « Tell a story! It’ll make your photographs better!” Stories can do that, and powerfully, but the advice seldom goes farther than that. What does “telling a story” photographically really mean? What are the elements of story? How do we translate that to the photograph? And, perhaps most importantly, why?

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Михалюк Сергей | Sergei Mikhalyuk

Михалюк Сергей | Sergei Mikhalyuk

sergeimikhalyuk01a« Золотая лихорадка »
— – —

— – —

sergeimikhalyuk01cЕдинственный и единственная…
— – —

sergeimikhalyuk01dIn the light of the sun
— – —

sergeimikhalyuk01eI like the risk
— – —

Самодисциплина и познание Себя. Образ жизни определяет кто мы есть. Так получилось, что в начале своего жизненного пути я выбрал искусство. Сегодня я занимаюсь многими видами современного искусства, и организую вокруг себя людей.
Искусство Быть Собой. Сайт
Фотография, хореография, путешествия, воинские искусства…
Хореограф- постановщик, учитель.
Организую фотопутешествия в разные места земного шара.
Не важно что я снимаю, Все мои фотографии несут либо смысл либо состояние (ощущения) Форма лишь продолжение моего духа и моей индивидуальности.
Я не постиг Себя, но я на Пути…

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The Long Wait

The Long Wait
Ed Morris, Photographer / Writer

When is a good day to capture an image? Well, there’s no such thing as a bad day. That’s how I approach my photogra- phy. When I’m out and about I’m always on the lookout for perhaps a sudden change in the light, the interplay of light and shade, the curving contours or linear appearance of a scene, maybe a striking combination of colours or of patterns and textures. They’re all out there waiting to be found, to be explored and to be interpreted in a new way. There’s always something to grab ones attention as long as you keep an open mind and an open eye.

edmorris01a edmorris01b edmorris01c edmorris01d edmorris01e— – —

The Long Wait
Ed Morris, Photographer / Writer

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Outdoor Photographer Of The Year 2016 Category Winners

We are thrilled to announce the category winners of OPOTY 2016!
With over 17,000 images entered from over 50 countries around the world and a staggeringly high quality bar being set this year, the eight photographers below all deserve our accolades for coming out on top.

opoty2016aLive The Adventure by Kirsten Quist
— – —

opoty2016bLight on the land by Stian Nesoy
— – —

opoty2016cSmall World by Justin Garner
— – —

opoty2016dUnder Exposed by Johan Sundelin
— – —

opoty2016eYoung Outdoor Photographer of the Year – David Rosenzweig
— – —

2016 Outdoor Photographer Of The Year Category Winners
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