This dreamy Arctic scene won National Geographic’s Travel Photo Contest

Meet the photographer behind the grand prize—winning photo and learn how it was taken.

On a stormy spring day, crisp winds blew across the snowy peaks outside Upernavik, Greenland. Locals considered the balmy -30°C temperature a warm March evening, so they scampered to run errands under the setting sun. Photographer Weimin Chu had settled on a slope near the airport with views of colorful homes below.

Hoping to photograph a person strolling or children playing in the landscape, he was excited to see a small family making their way under the streetlights instead. Working with precision in the low light, he captured the image he had envisioned—and the grand prize of the 2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest.
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Photographer Weimin Chu describes the “wow moment” that led to his stunning image.
more by Sarah Polger at National Geographic

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Discover the power of colours

Colour Therapy: The Power of Colours in Photo Art

Refreshes and relieves stress
House of Eulalia by Werner Pawlok
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Promotes creativity, mixes the benefits of yellow and red
Eva Herzigova by Michel Comte
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Calms and sharpens concentration
Killing Time II by Lucia Giacani
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Stimulates the mind and appears optimistic
Deutsche Oper by Annika Feuss
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A purely physical and extroverted “signal” colour
HASU 1061603 by Thomas Eigel
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The Wondrous World of Colours
An exclusive interview with Colour Psychologist Silvia Regnitter-Prehn conducted by Andrea Bruchwitz

more at Lumas

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Flowers by Adrzej Kraj

Best worldwide inspiring photographers.
Hot Shots 38 – Camerapixo Photography Magazines – We Inspire

Siódemka Wspanialych
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Mala Galaktyka
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Ksiezycowa Sonata
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Sila Natury
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Kolor Jesieni
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Flowers by Adrzej Kraj
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Landscapes by Brendan Pattengale

Brendan Pattengale (b. 1984) is an American photographer. Taking up the tradition of landscape photography to situate his musings, Pattengale probes photographic methods as well as the truth in color perception. His photographs are strikingly abstract, psychedelic in the way that they vividly depict valleys and vistas, yet they maintain a certain realism in the subject matter.

Utilizing an unorthodox set of tools to capture his chosen terrain—Pattengale travels to the far reaches of the world to find new sceneries—he calls into question the role of the camera as vicarious viewer relative to an image making process that involves other mechanical and non-mechanical agents. As was said by Goethe in his Theory of Colors, colors belong to the eye; Pattengale conveys this in his images, which are entirely true in their retelling of light and, therefore, vision, while they are also altered in their process prior to the instant of the photograph.

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Landscapes by Brendan Pattengale
more at Fahey/Klein Gallery

Sun Chaser

Bob around in candy brights against sky and sea awash in sun-dappled blue.
Alina Morozova by Charisma Lico

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Sun Chaser
Produced and styled by Andre Chang.
Art direction by Eugene David.
Makeup by Zidjian Paul.
Hair by Jan Edrosolan using wigs from Lynelle House of Hair Fashion.
Model: Alina Morozova of IM Models.
Photographed by Charisma Lico
Shoot assistants: Teresita Gabat and April Lozada.
Shot on location at Inflatable Island, Subic Bay, Lower Kalaklan, Olongapo City.
Special thanks to Rionyl Cercado and BeachBosses, Inc., and Jennifer Sevilla-Go of Lynelle House of Hair Fashion
more in Preview Magazine

Wet Neon

In my opinion all the most beautiful and really valuable things are right before our eyes from the very childhood, and probably for this reason we stop to notice it when we grow up. Seeing the splendor in things that other people call dull or even unpleasant is a very controversial gift, but at the same time wonderful.
In this set I want to present to your attention the beauty of the defects of ordinary roads in an ordinary city after the ordinary rain.

Hello, My Name is Slava Semeniuta. I am an artist and photographer. I love everything that looks cosmic. Neon colors are colors that are rarely found in nature.
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Wet Neon
by Local Preacher, Slava Semeniuta

more at Behance