The B&W Look

A special thanks to all the photographers that shared their best landscape photos in B&W in this photo contest

Mirror of the sky by aidagri
— – —

Silver Sunset by BlackRockPhoto_PaulSmith
— – —

The Dark Side by Ricardo_Mateus
— – —

The Crying Tree by GeorgeDigalakis
— – —

Long exposure shot of Bow Lake during sunrise by beautifulpixels1
— – —

Church by jansieminski
— – —

The Wanaka Tree by jacobmarsh
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Tree Silhouettes

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing tree silhouettes in this photo contest

Iconic African Sunrise by kathrynsklenakdannay
— – —

Morning Light 7 by DanMac
— – —

Up the hill by KimAnkerstedt
— – —

Wanaka Tree by corymarshall
— – —

Magic Of The End by Olav
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Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year

Winning images and more from the 2018 Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year contest

Open to professional and amateur, old and young, the Awards celebrate the very best in food photography and film from around the world.

The Finalists are invited to a magnificent Champagne Taittinger reception at the world-renowned Mall Galleries, London followed by a five-day public exhibition.

The prize pool is worth more than £20,000 and Finalists benefit from huge amounts of coverage of their work.

The categories cover the full cultural range of the depiction of food in society – there is something for everyone. From styled food for magazines to images of families eating together in celebration of religious festivals, from depictions of the realities of food production to food growing in its natural setting.

Since 2011, almost 40,000 images have been submitted from over 60 countries.

Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year was founded by Caroline Kenyon and her team at The Food Awards Company, a Luke Johnson-backed venture.

The idea for the Awards arose from two decades of experience commissioning photography and the wish to see this wonderful and vibrant sector of photography given the recognition it deserves.

“We are extremely proud that Pink Lady®, the premium global apple brand, has been headline sponsor since the awards were launched.”

Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year
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National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year 2018 | Wallpapers

Editors’ favorite submissions to the photo contest.

Nacreous Clouds
Photo and caption by Bartłomiej Jurecki
Nacreous clouds or polar stratospheric clouds. On the last day of the year those clouds could be seen on the Lofoten islands in northern Norway. These clouds are characterized by a strong iridescence. Clouds are formed with a small amount of water vapor that leaked to the upper parts of the atmosphere. They scatter the light differently, that is why the color of the clouds reminds rainbow. Those clouds occur very rarely.
— – —

The fire-breathing Giant
Photo and caption by Vladimir Voychuk
There is a rumor that you can watch forever on two things: fire and water, but when it comes to exploding lava fountains, – it is sempiternity multiplied to infinity.
— – —

Feeding On Salt-The Zipper Of The Earth
Photo and caption by Paul-Vlad Epure
Lake Retba, or Lac Rose (Pink Lake in english), the beautiful finishing point of the worldwide known Paris-Dakar Rally (until 2009 when they moved to South America). Located north of the Cap Vert peninsula of Senegal, 30km north-east from the capital city of Dakar, the lake took his name for its pink/red waters caused by Dunaliella Salina algae and is known for its high salt content, up to 40% in some areas.
— – —

Photo and caption by Ivan Pedretti
Winter in Stokksnes in the beach with black sand and the majestic mountain called Vestrahorn, I like the difference in colors between the white mountains and the black dunes with the yellow grass.
— – —

Photo and caption by Clara Davies
Found in the Errera Channel on the Antarctic Peninsula this immense iceberg showed obvious signs of being sculptured and worn by the icy Antarctic waters.
— – —

National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year 2018 | Wallpapers
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Urban Photography

The CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year competition is the largest of its kind, celebrating the richness and diversity of city life around the world by challenging both amateur and professional photographers alike to capture the essence of the urban environment.
The 2018 Urban Photographer of the Year winners have been announced!

Mel Chennell
2018 Mobile Winner.Truly Connected?
Photo Location: London, United Kingdom
— – —

Alec Herrera
2018 Americas Winner.Good Morning, Auckland
Photo Location: Auckland, New Zealand
— – —

Richard Morgan
2018 Overall Winner.What are you looking at?
Photo Location: Poznan, Poland
— – —

Eduardo Teixeira de Sousa
0900 Hourly Winner.Red Wall
Photo Location: Antigua, Guatemala
— – —

Torsten Koester
1700 Hourly Winner.Untitled
Photo Location: Stuttgart, Germany
— – —

Soyeta Paul
16-18 Youth Runner Up.He and His Friend in City of Joy
Photo Location: Kolkata, India
— – —

Nity Jannatul
1500 Hourly Runner Up.Working Hour
Photo Location: Manikganj , Bangladesh
— – —

MD Tanveer Hassan Rohan
1800 Hourly Runner Up.Stuttgart City Library
Photo Location: Stuttgart, Germany
— – —

Johann Almeida
1600 Hourly Runner Up.Relax Time
Photo Location: Paris, France
— – —

CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year Competition
You can view all of the winning images here.

Anything Water

Anything Water Photo Contest Winners
Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best water photos in this photo contest.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner “Standing Proud” by douglasrichardson
— – —

Congratulations People’s Choice “Rubble” by thurstonphoto
— – —

Congratulations Honorary Mention “Silent Killer” by harryyoungimages
— – —

Congratulations Runner Up “*** Stand Up N Get Counted ***” by shutterchemistry
— – —

Anything Water Photo Contest Winners
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