International Garden Photographer of the Year Still Life Project winners announced

WINNERS have been revealed for the Still Life Project section of International Garden Photographer of the Year. The project ran for two months, with winning images coming from the UK, New Zealand, USA, the Netherlands and Italy. The overall winner of the category is New Zealand based professional photographer Simon Schollum, for his image depicting a cross-section of a pomegranate.
Speaking about the photograph, judges said, ‘Simon’s still-life composition has been crafted with expert care and precision – every element has a sense of belonging. Colours and detail exude from every corner of the image and the pomegranate shines in centre-frame, each seed sparkling like new-born precious stones.’ Simon receives £500 and his image will be published in the IGPOTY 11 book, and will also feature in the exhibition taking place at Kew Gardens in February 2018.

Simon Schollum – 1st place – ‘Pomegranate’
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Mandy Disher – 2nd place – ‘Autumn Fruits’
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Bert Shankman – 3rd place – ‘Sentient’
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Robin Noorda – Finalist – ‘Ultra-Vanity’
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Bert Shankman – Highly Commended – ‘Monkeyshine’
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Arcaid Awards 2017

The Finalists of the Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Awards 2017

Photographer: Adam Letch Project: A recently completed chapel built on Bosjes farm in Ceres, Cape Town by Steyn Studio
— – —

Photographer: Terrence Zhang Project: Swimming Pool, New Campus of Tianjin University, China by Atelier Li Xinggang
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Photographer: Tom Stahl Project: Black Rock Lighthouse Service in the Nevada desert, USA
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Photographer: David Borland Project: ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Museum, Aarhus, Denmark by schmidt hammer lassen / Olafur Eliasson
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Photographer: Matt Emmett, ‘Covered Reservoir’ – Winner of the Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Awards 2016
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A Must-See Double Collection That Will Impress You

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing two similar subjects in the Two Photo Contest

“The Two” by tanjabrandt
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“Reflecting Nature” by Tysondv
— – —

“Two girls together ” by RadovanBartekPhotographer
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“The Chase” by James1970
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“kittens ” by suzymead
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A Must-See Double Collection That Will Impress You
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The Seventh Annual EXPOSURE Photography Award | A Global Celebration of the Image

Presenting the winners of The Exposure Award 2017.
Grand-prize winner Christian Werner/Zeitenspiegel

“Road to Ruin”
With the fall of Aleppo, the regime of Bashar Assad once again controls the country’s second-largest city. But is reconciliation possible in the country? This series depicts a journey through the dictator’s state.
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The Seventh Annual EXPOSURE Photography Award | A Global Celebration of the Image
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Cámaras de montaña

Desde hace tres años, se celebra un certamen que premia, a partes iguales, la complicada proeza de escalar altas montañas, así como hacerlo armado no solo de los complementos necesarios y la energía a tope de carga, sino también en compañía de nuestra inseparable cámara de fotos. Y es que en este tipo de imágenes no solo hay que saber plasmar el momento justo –que ya es arduo complicado-, sino también hacerlo en contra de duras inclemencias meteorológicas, difíciles y largas caminatas, y todo tipo de circunstancias que pueden sorprendernos kilómetros arriba. En esta ocasión, han sido 300 los valientes participantes procedentes de 56 países, los que han presentado más 800 imágenes a concurso. Con estas cifras de participación, el concurso organizado por el Club Vasco de Camping Elkartea se consolida como concurso internacional y de calidad, lo que también se justifica por las fantásticas imágenes presentadas.

“The Lighthouse”
Christoph Jorda
— – —

“Steph Daves. The Joker 5.12+”
Krystle Wright
— – —

“Martian Mountains”
José Allende
— – —

“Chilling Out”
Kamil Sustiak
— – —

“Dream Green”
David Wrangborg
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One photo could change your life!

Snapshot Millionaire aims to be the world’s richest photo contest… open only to Amateurs.

The First Prize contestant funded target of $1 Million USD is offered exclusively to Enthusiasts, Instagrammers, Facebookers, Snappers and Shutterbugs around the world.

Entry Fees start at $2 USD per photo with multiple entry discounts across 16 Categories.
The entry fees will fund an expected total prize pool of $1.1 Million dollars. With more than 400 million photos uploaded and shared on Social Media every day, Snapshot Millionaire offers people around the globe another reason to share their skills and passion. So here’s your chance to win big and take part in the most amazing photo contest the world has ever seen!

Snapshot Millionaire opens September 1st and the closing date will be announced once the prize pool approaches our target.

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One photo could change your life!
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Tattoos Through The Eyes Of Awesome Photographers

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing tattoos in the Tattoos Photo Contest.

“Tribal girl” by Imfree
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“Magical ” by siegart
— – —

“The Look” by BarryMiles
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“Lady Lauren- Tattood beauty” by robheath
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“C o n t e m p o r a r y R o s i e” by fournierphotographe
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Tattoos Through The Eyes Of Awesome Photographers
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