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EYE-Catching Moments
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Wet Neon

In my opinion all the most beautiful and really valuable things are right before our eyes from the very childhood, and probably for this reason we stop to notice it when we grow up. Seeing the splendor in things that other people call dull or even unpleasant is a very controversial gift, but at the same time wonderful.
In this set I want to present to your attention the beauty of the defects of ordinary roads in an ordinary city after the ordinary rain.

Hello, My Name is Slava Semeniuta. I am an artist and photographer. I love everything that looks cosmic. Neon colors are colors that are rarely found in nature.
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Wet Neon
by Local Preacher, Slava Semeniuta

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Cambiamenti Climatici: Realta’ E Finzione

Cambiamenti Climatici: Realta’ E Finzione | Redazionale Foto Daisy Gilardini

Iceberg nel lago glaciale Jökulsárlón all’alba – Islanda
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Un orso polare annusa l’aria per cercare di sentire l’odore delle foche. Svalbard, Norvegia
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Pinguini reali sulla spiaggia Volunteer Point, Isole Falkland
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Riflessi ghiacciati
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Cucciolo di foca della sella Isole della Maddalena, Canada
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La risata – Foca di Weddell Isola Half Moon, Antartide
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Cambiamenti Climatici: Realta’ E Finzione | Redazionale Foto Daisy Gilardini
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Secret Waters and Minimal Landscapes by George Digalakis

… His work is characterized by a square frame, minimalistic approach, high order, and a peaceful, yet often sorrowful and melancholic atmosphere. The influence from minimalist photographers, such as Michael Kenna can be seen clearly in his waterscapes. George rarely tries to capture the moment and finds that by ignoring reality he can best convey his inner vision and underlying emotions. …

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Secret Waters and Minimal Landscapes by George Digalakis
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Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2017

Outdoor Photographer Of The Year Competition Category Winners Revealed

View from Above
Tom Sweetman (United Kingdom)
Chiang Mai, Thailand
It was just before sunset in Chiang Mai and I decided to ride my scooter alongside the famous Ping River. As I was approaching a bridge I stopped to take a break and noticed that it was a motorbike bridge for locals, connecting two villages. I took this aerial photograph with my drone to document the incredible patterns in the river and the locals crossing the bridge on their scooters. Some days you just capture the moment.
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Light on the Land
Simon Baxter
North Yorkshire, England (United Kingdom)
I originally captured a similar scene to this during a flurry of unexpected snow in April 2016. It’s typically the first spot I come to when exploring this private woodland, and I couldn’t help but capture it again when I was treated to these wonderful – but rare – conditions of mist with a hint of warm light as the morning sun tried to break through. The combination of the damp cobwebs, fallen birch, dominant old pine and the soft light filling this atmospheric and shallow valley makes it a favourite spot of mine for solitude.
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Wildlife Insight
Jose Fragozo (Portugal)
Nairobi National Park, Kenya
This image shows two giraffes and three impalas in the rain in the forest region of Nairobi National Park, Kenya, which is also home to the Athi lion pride. I have observed these lions hunting many times in the rain, which possibly explains why different species of preyed animals stay together; it’s a defence mechanism, so they can collectively sense predators better. In this case, however, the lions were far away. The photo was taken from inside a 4×4 vehicle, and the major challenge was keeping the camera and lens dry.
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Spirit of Travel
Andy Holliman (United Kingdom)
Kangerlussuaq airport, Greenland.
Kangerlussuaq airport is the largest airport in Greenland, so it is not only a busy hub for domestic flights, but also the main arrival point for international travellers. Air Greenland has a near monopoly on flights, so almost everything is in the company’s bright red colours. It was the simple colour palette of this scene that appealed to me, including the signposts that are apparently directing the planes to their destinations. My departure had been delayed by three days due to bad weather on the coast, so seeing the arrival of the plane that would return me to Copenhagen was welcome. It may not look that way, but the end of winter was near and within weeks the snow would have cleared.
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Under Exposed
Saeed Rashid (United Kingdom)
Sohal surgeonfish, Fury Shoals, Red Sea, Egypt
In the summer months, sohal surgeonfish tend to mate and lay eggs on the top of the reefs in the Red Sea. They fiercely defend their egg patch and rush upon anything that invades that area. They will often swipe their tail, which has a bony protrusion sticking from it that can be as sharp as a surgeon’s scalpel, towards the intruder. Because of this you need to make sure you don’t get too close as a photographer’s hands make a very easy target and often get cut.
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Outdoor Photographer Of The Year Competition Category Winners
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Black+White Photographer of the Year 2018

See the superb winning pictures from our prestigious competition.
From thousands of entries from all over the world, the judges of the Black+White Photographer of the Year 2018 were faced with the difficult task of choosing the three winning images.

First Prize – Rachael Talibart
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Second Prize – Eduardo López Moreno
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Third Prize – Aqua Lin
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and some of the best pictures from our prestigious competition…

Gary Jones
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Andi Abdul Halil
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Black+White Photographer of the Year 2018
See all the winners and a selection of other entries in the February issue of Black+White Photography magazine – out now.
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Adrenaline | The Ultimate Sports + Action Photography Contest

Congratulations to the professional and amateur winners of ADRENALINE. Adrenaline celebrates the photographers capturing the intensity and dedication of athletes and adventurers.

Grand Prize | Professional : Fitness
Marcus Eriksson
Vancouver, BC, Canada
An energetic portrait of MMA fighter Dee Obaro.
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Professional : Sports
Hana Asano
Torrance, CA, United States
Former Professionalbasketball player Stef Corgel goes for a finger-roll layup in Los Angeles. This image was shot as part of a personal series titled “Nosebleed Seats.”
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First Place | Professional : Action/Adventure
Andrew Kornylak
Chapel Hill, NC, United States
Climber Jonathan Brandt fully extends looking for the next hold on a cliff at Little River Canyon National Preserve in Alabama.
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First Place | Amateur : Action/Adventure
Aidan Williams
linden, NSW, Australia
A series depicting athletes highlining in daring conditions—an activity where they perform on suspended webbing while wearing a harness and leash.
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Amateur : Fitness
Riley Joslin
West Henrietta, NY, United States
A portrait capturing simplicity in the beauty of the strong female body.
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Grand Prize | Amateur : Sports
Enrique Lopez-Tapia
Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Known as Pacu Jawi, this sporting event in South Sumatra, Indonesia, is a traditional celebration where riders hold onto the tails of oxen and try to reach the end of a flooded rice field without falling.
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Professional : Action/Adventure
Darcy Brown
Middlesbrough, Cleveland, United Kingdom
After a storm passed through Hout Bay, South Africa, Brown says that the world’s finest big wave surfers tackled the residual waves, which rose up to 40 feet. “Wonderfully mad, inspiring and adrenaline-fueled action all the way,” she says.
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Adrenaline | The Ultimate Sports + Action Photography Contest
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