Explore your inner adventurer with culture-infused fashion, vibrant colour, embellishments and embroidery.
Photography Niquita Bento, Fashion Cleo Marcopoulos, Model Zoe MacFarlane
Shot on location at Cape to Cuba, Kalk Bay

niquitabento12a niquitabento12b niquitabento12c niquitabento12d niquitabento12e— – —

Zoe MacFarlane by Niquita Bento

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A Culinary Hommage to Olle Bærtling

A Culinary Hommage to Olle Bærtling
What a lovely and colorful still life editorial! Photographer Philip Karlberg simply shot fruits and graphic patterns for this gorgeous culinary hommage to late Swedish artist Olle Bærtling.

philipkarlberg12a philipkarlberg12b philipkarlberg12c philipkarlberg12d philipkarlberg12e— – —

A Culinary Hommage to Olle Bærtling
Photographer Philip Karlberg
— – —
by Cyril Foiret
at Trendland

Ilfochrome and Cibachrome by Jeffrey Becom

Born in a small Indiana farming community in 1953, Jeffrey Becom painted from an early age. He began to develop his photographic skills while earning a degree in architecture from the University of Cincinnati. After moving to San Francisco to practice, Becom opted out of an architectural career to immerse himself in a private obsession: observing, studying and recording with camera and paintbrush the wondrous color and detail of the simple houses of farmers and fishermen in remote Mediterranean villages and hill towns.

JeffreyBecom03f JeffreyBecom03e JeffreyBecom03d JeffreyBecom03c JeffreyBecom03b JeffreyBecom03a— – —

Ilfochrome and Cibachrome by Jeffrey Becom

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Some Finalists from the 8th Annual Nature’s Colors Photo Contest

Some Finalists from the 8th Annual Nature’s Colors Photo Contest

8thAnnual2016aA Perfect Storm
Photo By Guy Schmickle
— – —

Photo By Gautam Phookan
— – —

8thAnnual2016cArt Of Blur
Photo By Artur Szczeszek
— – —

8thAnnual2016dRed Cardinal In Autumn
Photo By Benjamin Brzink
— – —

8thAnnual2016eTunnel Of Light
Photo By Richard Ansley
— – —

8thAnnual2016fTetons First Light
Photo By Dan Mottaz
— – —

8thAnnual2016gSuperior Sunrise
Photo By Derek Griggs
— – —

Finalists from the 8th Annual Nature’s Colors Photo Contest
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Виктория Роготнева | Victoria Rogotneva

Виктория Роготнева | Victoria Rogotneva

VictoriaRogotneva06aМинеральные террасы Йеллоустоуна….
— – —

VictoriaRogotneva06bСолнечный Шторм…
— – —

— – —

— – —

VictoriaRogotneva06eПрогулка вдоль Океана (3)….
— – —

VictoriaRogotneva06fТриколор…Фламинго на голубом.
— – —

Виктория Роготнева | Victoria Rogotneva

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Franco Fontana

Franco Fontana, born 1933 in Modena
Die Farbfotografien des am 9. Dezember 1933 in Modena geborenen italienischen Meisterfotografen Franco Fontana zählen seit über 40 Jahren zu den stilprägenden Meilensteinen der Farbfotografie.

Er wurde zunächst bekannt durch seine, meist in Italien aufgenommenen, Landschaftsstudien. Es sind stark stilisierte, dabei farbsatte und dekorative Fotografien, in denen sich Wolken, Felder und Hügel in geometrischen Kompositionen verwandeln. In den 80er und 90er Jahren folgten seine Stadtlandschaften, oft in Amerika fotografiert und seine Poolszenen. Wie die Landschaften komponiert Fontana auch hier seine Bilder mit den Mitteln des extremen Bildausschnitts und der Reduktion auf Farben und Formen. Die Betonung auf wesentliche, meist kontrastierende Farben und Formen ermöglicht es Fontana, die atmosphärische und formale Essenz des Sichtbaren zu finden und abzubilden. Deshalb sind seine Motive ganz unabhängig von Ort und Zeit. Er löst das Motiv aus seinen Bezügen und komponiert so ganz eigene Bilderwelten aus seinem Zugang zur Wirklichkeit heraus. Was entsteht sind unverwechselbare fotografische Gemälde, die in ihrer Stringenz und Ausdruckskraft als einzigartig anzusehen sind.

— – —

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Use color to bring emotion to your photography

Have you ever seen one of those pictures of a small child starving in Africa and have something tug at your heart? Have you ever seen a cover on a magazine and picked it up just because of that photo? Have you ever bought a product because of a picture of someone else using the product and how happy they looked? If you said yes to any of these, don’t worry; you’re not alone. Advertising is a $200 billion a year business . . . and most of it relies on photographs that have emotional impact.

ColorEmotion01“I Pray” captured by Trevor Irwin

ColorEmotion02“Pondy Slumber” captured by Soumya Sumitra Behera

ColorEmotion03“White Cat” captured by Jessica Glonek

ColorEmotion04“Mushrooms in Tundra” captured by Vera Shatalina

— – —

So the obvious question is, “What is it that transforms a two-dimensional piece of paper into a three-dimensional image that yanks at our heartstrings?”

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