Never without my umbrella | Sylvain Rouvier

Never without my umbrella | Sylvain Rouvier
Graphic Designer & Photographer

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Sylvain Rouvier: Photography, Digital Photography, Fine Arts

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Dave Stewart

Dave Stewart
“Captain Dave is a dreamer and a fearless innovator, a visionary of high order, very delicately tractable on the surface but beneath that, he¹s a slamming, thumping, battering ram, very mystical but rational and sensitive when it comes to the hot irons of art forms. An explosive musician, deft guitar player, innately recognizes the genius in other people and puts it into play without being manipulative. With him, there’s mercifully no reality to yesterday. He is incredibly gracious and soulful, can command the ship and steer the course, dragger, trawler or man of war, Captain Dave.” — Bob Dylan

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Dave Stewart Photography

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Norman Reedus by Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca

Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus by Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca for GQ
New York Rhapsody story starring the fearless Walking Dead star Norman Reedus in a GQ Japan session by prolific fashion photographer Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca. Captured for the January 2014 edition which happens to be the 10 Year Anniversary Issue Of Japanese GQ session features work of fashion Director Grant Pearce and styling by fashion editor Jacky Tam.

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Vivian Maier: Self-Portraits

Vivian Maier: Self-Portraits
by John Maloof

Celebrated by The Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair, The New York Times, American Photo, Town and Country, and countless other publications, the life’s work of recently discovered street photographer Vivian Maier has captivated the world and spawned comparisons to photography’s masters including Diane Arbus, Helen Levitt, Lisette Model, Walker Evans, and Weegee among others.

VivianMaierSPbookNow, for the first time, Vivian Maier: Self-Portraits reveals the fullest and most intimate portrait of the artist to date with approximately 60 never-before-seen black-and-white and four-color self-portraits culled from the extensive Maloof archive, the preeminent collector of the work of Vivian Maier and editor of the highly acclaimed Vivian Maier: Street Photographer (powerHouse Books, 2011)—bringing us closer to the reclusive artist than ever before.

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Liu Dan and Sandrah Hellberg by Chen Man

Liu Dan & Sandrah Hellberg Star in Guess x Chen Man Campaign
Grand Canyon Adventure – Denim label Guess has collaborated with Chinese photographer Chen Man for a series of campaign images photographed in the Grand Canyon. Guess girl Sandrah Hellberg who has appeared in multiple advertisements for the brand is joined by Chinese model Liu Dan. The girls pose in a series saturated images which mixes sensual glamour with natural beauty for a unique experience.

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