Ready for action and adventure

Insights and ideas from Scott Markewitz, action sports and lifestyle photographer

“I love doing lifestyle and portrait work in addition to action sports photography. I think I have a knack for capturing the spirit of my subjects and really conveying what they are experiencing at the time. There’s a certain light behind their eyes—a sense of adventure and fearlessness that I try to convey in my shots. Those fleeting moments of emotion and human interaction shine through. When I capture them, it’s a tremendously rewarding feeling.”

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Insights and ideas from Scott Markewitz, Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® user

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Living The Photo Artistic Life | Pushing Photography Further

MyPhotoArtisticLife is dedicated to instructing ambitious photographers and digital artists in their pursuit of living extraordinary lives, rich in imagination, creativity, and passion.

The artwork featured on the home page of this site was all created by artists in the advanced Photoshop Artistry group, “AWAKE: Living the Photo Artistic Life,” whose work you can see showcased each month in our magazine.

Without a Care in the World
by Rebecah Thompson
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by Tom Matthews
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Twelve and a Half
by Evelyn Elwan
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A Little Bit Lost
by Gitama Day
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A Bond of Trust
by Ron Pearl
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Living The Photo Artistic Life
Pushing Photography Further

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An inspiring approach to photography

Clean, spare, and meditative, joSon’s photography reveals a mind of extraordinary focus as well as a deep sense of captivating simplicity. Perhaps these qualities can be attributed to the fact that joSon lived in a Buddhist temple from age 10 to age 18, gardening, drawing, and teaching art to the resident monks. When he turned 18, the temple master told him he was destined for artistry, noting that, “Life chooses us and takes us places.” Here, joSon shares how his experiences played a role in shaping his life as a photographer, and why his images incorporate what he was looking for in the temple—a deep desire for peace, combined with an inspired approach to life.

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Insights and ideas from joSon, Adobe® Photoshop® user

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Photo Editing for Photographers

The power to create is at your fingertips. Fire up Photoshop, open up this magazine, download the free tutorial images and follow along. You will soon be editing your digital photos and manipulating images just like a pro. Photoshop is powerful but it is not a scary program to work with. Once you have the basics under you belt, you will realise that if you can imagine it, Photoshop can help create it for you.

Learn what you need to make your images amazing!

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BDM’s Photoshop User Guides: Photo Editing for Photographer 2018
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Retouche de Portrait par Scott Kelby

Retouche de Portrait pour les photographes utilisant Photoshop par Scott Kelby
Un livre pour les photographes – pas pour les retoucheurs

SKelby-retouche000 SKelby-retouche001 SKelby-retouche002 SKelby-retouche003 SKelby-retouche004 SKelby-retouche005 SKelby-retouche006 SKelby-retouche007 SKelby-retouche008 SKelby-retouche009 SKelby-retouche010Comme peu de photographes ont les moyens de recourir aux services de retoucheurs talentueux, ils doivent corriger eux-mêmes leurs images dans Photoshop. Voici pourquoi j’ai rédigé ce livre – apprendre aux photographes à retoucher facilement, rapidement et de façon réaliste leurs photos. L’objectif n’est pas de vous transformer en un retoucheur hors pair. En effet, cette profession demande des années de formation et beaucoup de patience pour atteindre un niveau de perfection hors du commun. Vous devez savoir que les clients d’un photographe ne paient jamais la part de travail consacrée à la retouche. Pour cette raison, nous devons y procéder le plus simplement et le plus rapidement possible. Pour vous y aider, je concentre mon propos sur des techniques efficaces applicables en un minimum de temps. Elles devraient surprendre, pour ne pas dire contrarier, les retoucheurs professionnels. L’intérêt, pour un photographe, est de passer plus de temps à photographier qu’à traiter ses photos. De ce fait, ce livre présente des techniques d’amélioration efficaces et rapides qui préservent vos modèles grâce à des retouches aux accents naturels.

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