Wayne Quilliam – Aboriginal Photographer

Professor Wayne Quilliam is one of Australia’s leading Aboriginal photographers. As a visual storyteller, he helps spread age-old stories and the culture from the Australian Aborigines to the world.

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Wayne Quilliam
Aboriginal Photographer

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Framing Humanity | Sebastião Salgado

Superlatives are hard to avoid when describing the work of Sebastião Salgado. Recently, one magazine hailed him as the ‘world’s greatest living photographer’ and while such statements are often thoughtlessly attributed to many lesser mortals, it is difficult to argue against such a claim for the Paris-based artist. Now 73, Salgado is renowned for the epic scale of his photographic projects, involving years of planning, travelling and editing, all with a painstaking devotion to create books as heavy as coffee tables and exhibitions that fill the world’s grandest museums.

“I like to photograph large…there is a lot of information inside my pictures. To have information I must give space and to give space I must give depth of field too.”
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Framing Humanity
by Sebastião Salgado

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As Above So Below | Justin Mott

Award-winning editorial and commercial photographer Justin Mott has carved out a career for himself by taking bold moves from the very beginning. But after giving over a decade of his professional life to his work, he’s decided to turn his attention towards a more personal project, focused on his adopted home country of Vietnam.

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As Above So Below
by Justin Mott

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The Golden Hour

A Magnificent Collection Showing The Golden Hour

“Sunlight mountain-1” by MarcDimmick
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“Lise Lotte ” by Boholm
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“A Tail of a Whale (2012)” by FalconEyesPhotography
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“Wedging Dawn” by larrybeard
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“Sunflowers ” by pelopidas371
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“Foggy Sunrise ” by KaviYas
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“flowers and friends ” by clareahalt
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Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best shows the golden hour in The Golden Hour Photo Contest
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Black and White by Anna Niemiec

“I live in Poland. I have a magister scientiae degree in biology. I have always been interested in photography, although I have just recently started shooting my own photos, not long before the July of 2010 to be exact. But, well, before I had time to reconsider, I have found myself addicted to photography, so I really cannot live without it anymore. I am trying to learn and I do learn a lot every day, I try hard to make up for many passed years, so I am really keen on everything what comes with the photography.

I like taking photos of the city – empty streets at the break of dawn, which unveil the unexpected landscape of forms and figures. And that run of the mill routine of city’s life, when every second, caught by the lens of my camera, tells an untold tale – sometimes a gay one, sometimes peculiar, reflective or just purely absurd.

The light, the shape, the colour – its greyness, its peculiarity, some interesting man, an evanescent spell, a pleasantry. To make it last just for a second longer by keeping it in a frame! Wishful thinking! – it’s tedious work, but, still, I do my best. And, although I do not always succeed, I do feel extremely enthusiastic about it.”
— Anna Niemiec

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Black and White by Anna Niemiec
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Andrei Stenin Press Photo Contest Shortlist Announced

The international contest for young photojournalists organized by Rossiya Segodnya under the auspices of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO has selected a shortlist of for the 2017 contest. The shortlist published at stenincontest.com was selected by an international jury and includes photographers from 14 countries who will compete for the main prizes with the winners being announced on August 7 2017. The prestigious international award for young photographers will be presented in the Autumn in Moscow. As in previous years, the winning photos will be displayed not only in Russia but also abroad until the end of 2017.

The European Dream.
by Anna Pantelia
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Search and rescue operation of the Russian Emergencies Ministry.
by Artur Lebedev
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by Gabriele Micalizzi
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Elegant Fan.
by Konstantin Chalabov
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by Kristina Kormilitsyna
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Candy floss lady.
by Tabyldy Kadyrbekov
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This year the number of countries taking part has increased, securing the contest’s status as a prestigious international platform that discovers new names in world photography. The 2017 contest’s shortlist was selected by award-winning representatives from the Russian and international photography community. The jury, chaired by Stern Director of Photography, Andreas Trampe, reviewed some 5,000 photos by contestants from 76 countries across four categories, including Top News, Sport, My Planet, and Portrait. A Hero of Our Time. Each category was divided into single photos and series.
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Andrei Stenin Press Photo Contest Shortlist Announced
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Kuwait: A Desert on Fire | Sebastião Salgado

Kuwait: A Desert on Fire
by Sebastião Salgado

Nicholas Metivier Gallery is pleased to present its third solo exhibition with internationally renowned documentary photographer Sebastião Salgado. The exhibition coincides with the release of Salgado’s new book, Sebastião Salgado – Kuwait: A Desert on Fire, published TASCHEN. The exhibition will open on May 4th and run until May 27th with and opening reception on Thursday, May 4th. Kuwait: A Desert on Fire is a featured exhibition for the 2017 Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival.

In April 1991, following the end of the First Gulf War, Sebastião Salgado travelled to Kuwait on assignment for the New York Times Magazine. Over 600 oil wells had been set ablaze by Iraqi forces after their occupation of Kuwait was thwarted by a US-led coalition. The region was in the midst of one of the worst man-made environmental catastrophes in recent history. Firefighters from around the globe, including the Safety Boss Team from Calgary, Alberta, had been sent to Kuwait to cap the wells and put out the massive fires.

Arriving in the Ahmadi Oil Fields, 20 miles south west of Kuwait City, Salgado came across a desert engulfed in flames, covered in oil and smothered in a thick black smoke. For one month, Salgado documented this apocalyptic landscape and the firefighters that worked relentlessly, despite the horrendous conditions. At the end of each day, the firefighters would bathe themselves in a man-made lake with gasoline and detergent to cleanse their oil-soaked bodies. Salgado carried a water bottle filled with gasoline to remove the oil from his hands and camera lens, prior to taking his photographs.

During his time in Kuwait, Salgado engaged with the firefighters, gaining their trust and respect. This is evidenced by the remarkable candidness shown by the men in his black and white photographs. Salgado was inspired by the firefighters’ professionalism and spirit. To him, they were the true heroes of the First Gulf War.  Salgado’s images are surreal reminders of the devastation suffered in Kuwait as a result of war and pay homage to the men who worked to contain the disaster.

A selection of photographs from Kuwait were published in a feature for The New York Times Magazine in 1991 and were part of Salgado’s photographic essay, Workers (1993). The majority of the photographs were archived and never released.  In 2016, the complete project was revisited to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the First Gulf War.

Born in Brazil in 1944, Salgado has been the recipient of numerous photographic prizes in recognition of his accomplishments, including the Gold Medal Award for Photography from the National Arts Club in New York. Several books have been published on Salgado’s work including Workers, Migrations and Genesis. Salgado was part of the well-known cooperative agency, Magnum Photos, for 15 years before founding his own agency, Amazonas images, in Paris with his wife Léila Wanick Salgado. Since 2013, Genesis has been touring to leading museums around the world including the British Museum, London, UK; International Centre of Photography, New York; Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris; Ara Pacis Museum, Rome and the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto. A 2015 documentary film on the life and work of Salgado, The Salt of The Earth, debuted at the Cannes Film Festival and was nominated for an Academy Award. Most recently, Salgado was appointed to the prestigious Académie des Beaux-Arts of the Institut de France.

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Kuwait: A Desert on Fire
by Sebastião Salgado

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