Doutzen Kroes and Family Take the Season’s Best Topcoats on a Tour of the Bayou

Reimagined topcoats have never felt so timely. Model Doutzen Kroes and family take a few for a stroll (and a paddle) through the Louisiana bayou.
photographed by Peter Lindbergh

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Doutzen Kroes and Family Take the Season’s Best Topcoats on a Tour of the Bayou
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At the Edge of the World

Do you fnd yourself longing to pack it all up and get lost?
To disappear deep into nature with only the people who matter?
Reader, we feel your pain. So we blazed a trail to the rugged, remote, restorative
Highlands of Scotland, a place so peaceful the grid becomes a blur.
Photographs by Tom Craig

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At the Edge of the World
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Transylvania Hay Country by Rena Effendi

renaeffendi01The whole Borca family, from Breb, puts finishing touches on one of the 40 haystacks it makes each summer.

renaeffendi02More sheep used to graze in the highest mountain pastures, but an increasing number of flocks now occupy fields near the villages. Some shepherds say that sheep in the lowland meadows are less beautiful, perhaps because there’s less rain than in the surrounding highlands to wash them off.

renaeffendi03Corn is shelled, then fed to the cattle. Ion Petric and his wife, Maria Vraja, who live in Breb, help out their neighbors’ daughter, seven-year-old Adriana Țânțaş. Transylvanian family life and village life remain intimately bound up with the needs and services of farm animals.

renaeffendi04Cousins Anuța and Magdalena Mesaroș, 17, are on their way to a wedding in Sat Șugatăg, Maramureș.

renaeffendi05Every member of a Transylvanian family plays a part in the farming life. Eight-year-old Anuța, from Bogdan Vodă in the north, helps with the cows and sheep.

renaeffendi06Mothers and grandmothers like Maria Pop, from Cornești, spinning raw wool at home, devote hundreds of hours a year to making traditional embroidered clothes for their families.

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Rena Effendi Photography

from nationalgeographic