Wonders: Spectacular Moments in Nature Photography

Nature is full of fleeting wonders. This breathtaking collection of nature photography reveals rare creatures, transports us to distant landscapes, and captures uncommon moments of drama and beauty in the natural world. From a heart-pounding shot of the Wildebeest Migration to a glimpse of the elusive Pampas cat, each image tells a story about the diversity and grandeur of life on earth.

Bold, surprising, and jaw-droppingly beautiful, these photographs are all winners of the California Academy of Sciences’ BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition.

With more than 100 photographs and captions explaining the scientific phenomena and photographic techniques behind each picture, this book will captivate nature lovers, science enthusiasts, photographers, and adventurers.

Pinnacle Perch
Francisco Mingorance
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Monkey in the Snow
Jasper Doest
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Flight of the Egret
Zsolt Kudich
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Giuseppe DeMasi
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The Luckiest Penguin
Paul Souders
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Wonders: Spectacular Moments in Nature Photography
via California Academy of Sciences


Beautiful Landscapes of Catalonia by Carlos Girona

Carlos Girona is a talented self-taught photographer, retoucher, and traveler based in Catalonia, Spain. Carlos focuses on traveling and landsaping. He travels all over the Spain to capture spectacular nature and urban landscapes.

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Beautiful Landscapes of Catalonia by Carlos Girona
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Landscapes and Cityscapes

Photography by Marek Biegalski

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Brooklyn park view
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//no title
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Manhattan sunset
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Rockabill Lighthouse
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Marek Biegalski
Landscape and Travel photographer
Photography tours and trips

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Vera van Erp in Tanzania

Model Vera van Erp is styled by Gabriela Bilbao in a tribute to fall plaids and noble origins heritage. Photographer Tomas De La Fuente captures Vera in Tanzania, where she is joined by the Masai people, for the shoot in Telva Magazine’s August issue. The trip to Tanzania was arranged by Ratpanat Luxury & Adventure travel.

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Tomas De La Fuente Captures Vera van Erp With Masai In Tanzania For Telva Magazine August 2018
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People’s Choice | National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year 2018 | Wallpapers

National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year 2018
People’s Choice

Wild Iceland
Photo and caption by E. Arencibia
If already one of the most beautiful landscape ever seen, imagine to get there and find this wild and majestic Icelandic horse posing for me. That morning I was wondering if it would be worth it to go…bad weather, cold, not good light conditions…but you never know what you are going to find.
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The doors of mordor are open
Photo and caption by Jeffry Arguedas
Never before had I seen such a majestic eruption of a volcano and at the same time feel secure. Camping one night in the Acatenango Volcano and having a volcano as active as the Fire a few kilometers away, it was an incomparable experience, I felt trapped in the book “The Lord of the Rings” walking through Mordor. Walking for more than 5 hours with cold clothes near 3900 meters, food, 5 liters of water and a tripod, was exhausting, but each step made it worthwhile.
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Photo and caption by Niklas Weber
When we arrived at the rio tarcoles in costa rica and I saw what a fantastic formation the sharp-mouthed crocodiles are, I could not help myself, I started my drone and begun to photograph them from the air. My heart was beating like crazy because I was incredibly excited, on the one hand I was a bit scared for the drone, on the other hand I was so happy about the unique moment.
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Photo and caption by Mark zhu
Lucca is an city in central Italy with well-preserved renaissance-era city walls and architecture. This photo was taken during the sunset hours, where the warm sunlight blends everything together, and a local biking through the city seems to be traveling back in time.
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Future of 2022 Reveal in fog
Photo and caption by Ray Toh
The first WC2022 stadium to be ready, revealed during a foggy morning.
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Sunset in the Monument Valley
Photo and caption by Stas Bartnikas
This aerial shot was taken from a microlight trike in Monument Valley, UT
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The highly tolerant society
Photo and caption by Hidetoshi Ogata
On a cold winter day, I captured the moment when mother monkeys formed a huddle after social grooming in Awaji Island. Japanese monkeys are generally considered to be despotic and aggressive, but they are building a social relationships with mutual benefits.
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People’s Choice | National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year 2018 | Wallpapers
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Small World

How would you fancy travelling the world, taking beautiful photographs in some of the most exotic locations and calling it work? For UK-born Jordan Hammond this dream has become a reality.

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The Big Interview
Jordan Hammond | Small World
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