Natural Wonders in Asia

Natural Wonders in Asia

natureasia02aGokyo Lakes Trek, Nepal
A hike to Gokyo Ri will take you over 17,000 feet above the Himalaya. Above lakes and clouds you’ll get a whole new perspective on its neighbor, Mount Everest.
Photograph by Kiwisoul, Getty Images
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natureasia02bZhangye Danxia Landform, China
The colorful striations of the Zhangye Danxia landform in Zhangye, China.
Photograph by Melinda Chan, Getty Images
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natureasia02cJigoku Valley, Japan
Colorful foliage surrounds Oyunuma Lake in Jigoku-Dani, Noboribetsu, Japan. The thermal hot springs are a popular stop for visitors in Shikotsu-Toya National Park.
Photograph by Sean Paveone, Getty Images
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natureasia02dHang Son Doong Cave, Vietnam
There is plenty to discover in Hang Son Doong cave in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Vietnam. The cave is one of the largest in the world and requires a licensed guide to explore.
Photograph by Cartsen Peter, National Geographic Creative
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A passion for adventure

Adventure and travel photographer Callum Snape shares his advice on social media storytelling.
Callum Snape is a new breed of travel and adventure photographer, who uses the power of social media to reach out to a rapidly growing audience. With 600,000 followers on his Instagram account, he must be doing something right, as CPN Editor David Corfield discovers…

callumsnape02a callumsnape02b callumsnape02c callumsnape02d callumsnape02eWhat comes first: the adventure or the image? Callum Snape takes a moment to ponder. “It used to be the adventure,” he reflects. “If I didn’t have that passion for travel then I wouldn’t be doing what I do now. But as I have got more experienced, it’s definitely become the image. The photo takes priority now; it absolutely must.”

A passion for adventure
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Welcome to the gallery of the 2016 winning images. We hope you enjoy them.

Travel Photographer of the Year is proud to showcase another great set of images, as the 2016 winners add fresh perspectives on our world through the eyes of talented amateur, semi-professional and professional photographers.

tpoty001aTravel Photographer of the Year 2016
Winner — Joel Santos, Portugal
This unique aerial photo shows the salt miners guiding a dromedary and donkey caravan through this desert’s unique salt patterns.
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tpoty001bYoung Travel Photographer of the Year 2016
Winner — Darpan Basak, India (age 14)
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tpoty001cYoung Travel Photographer – 14 years old & under – Places & Experiences
Winner — Ankit Kumar, India (age 13)
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tpoty001dYoung Travel Photographer – 15 to 18 years old – Places & Experiences
Winner — Courtney Moore, USA (age 18)
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tpoty001eBest Single Image in a Portfolio – Mankind
Winner — Jeremy Woodhouse, UK
— – —

tpoty001fNatural World Portfolio – Land, Sea, Sky
Winner — Craig Easton, UK
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2016 Photographer of the Year presented by Panasonic: the winners!

2016 Photographer of the Year presented by Panasonic: the winners!

panpotyhelenwhittle01a panpotyhelenwhittle01bNew South Wales photographer Helen Whittle has won the major prize in the 2016 Photographer of the Year, the largest competition for amateur photographers in the Southern Hemisphere.
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panpotytoddkennedy01c panpotytoddkennedy01dTodd Kennedy
2016 Travel Photographer of the Year
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panpotyandysmith01e panpotyandysmith01fAndy Smith
2016 Landscape Photographer of the Year
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panpotyneilvincent01g panpotyneilvincent01hNeil Vincent
2016 Nature Photographer of the Year
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panpotyyiannisyiasaris01i panpotyyiannisyiasaris01jYiannis Yiasaris
2016 Black and White Photographer of the Year
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panpotyshinayarosehumphreys01kShinaya Rose-Humphreys
2016 Junior Photographer of the Year
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2016 Photographer of the Year presented by Panasonic: the winners!
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Adam Jones – Marching Penguins

Adam Jones – Marching Penguins

adamjones01aThese marching king penguins on the beach were captured at Volunteer Point, about 2 hours of rough off road driving from the capital city of Stanley on East Island. If you’ve ever been to the Falklands you know the wind practically never stops blowing. The day we arrived, we were greeted with a steady 50mph wind, which made even walking an exciting adventure.

adamjones01b adamjones01cThis was my first trip to the Falkland Islands leading a private tour.
We explored several islands, mostly devoid of humans, but loaded with five species of penguins, occasionally elephant seals and orcas.

adamjones01dAdam Jones Photography
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I Just Travelled 24.000km Through North America And Took Home These Incredible Pictures

I Just Travelled 24.000km Through North America And Took Home These Incredible Pictures
by Guido Diana

guidodiana01aMy name is Guido Diana and September 2016 I decided to fulfill my long life dream to travel and photograph North America. With more than 24.000 km traveled by air and road, I witnessed some of the most incredible scenery and adventures.

guidodiana01bDuring my three months of travel, I have seen the yellow aspen fall colors of Colorado, the incredible lakes of the Canadian Rockies, drove San Francisco’s Golden Gate bridge, Stood at the foot of the Grand Canyon, had an encounter with a wild grizzly bear and saw much more breathtaking views!

guidodiana01cWhat I saw in North America blew my mind, and in my opinion, this continent has some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet. That’s why I want to share my 35 best shots of this trip with you.

guidodiana01dI Just Travelled 24.000km Through North America And Took Home These Incredible Pictures
by Guido Diana

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Yodobashi Camera

Yodobashi Camera
Au coeur du plus grand magasin photo au monde

yodobashi12a yodobashi12b yodobashi12c yodobashi12d yodobashi12e yodobashi12f yodobashi12g— – —

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Chasseur d’Images n° 390 – Janvier-février 2017

Après deux numéro hyper techniques, pour cause de Guide d’achat des appareils et de Guide d’achat des objectifs, Chasseur d’Images revient a sa formule habituelle, plus variée, faisant une juste place aux infos sur le matériel, à l’actualité culturelle, aux conseils pratiques, à vos images et, bien sûr, aux bancs d’essai.