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Soldiers on the Wall of Xian
A young boy looks on as ancient Chinese soldiers march past to defend the wall of Xian
by Brian Aldridge
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Collecting lily flower.
During the floating season on Mekong delta every year from August to November,wild water lily grow every where in the rice field now covered by water. They become a traditional food for people living in this region and processed into special dishes such as salad,sour soup with fish…
by Nhiem Hoang
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Full Moon and Sea Smoke over Lake Superior
As the full moon rose over Lake Superior on a subzero evening, it illuminated the sea smoke and clouds, painting a dramatic, surreal scene. Subzero air temperatures and the comparatively warmer open water of Lake Superior can combine to create sea smoke due to evaporative cooling. The air temperature was well below zero degrees Fahrenheit during this shoot. It was mesmerizing to watch the sea smoke gracefully glide and swirl across the surface of the lake, and be whisked over the pier wall by the gentle, bitter breeze.
by Dawn LaPointe
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A tree in need of water sits in a sand dune in Namibia
by Lawrence Smith
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Sunrise over the Pyramids of Giza, Cairo, Egypt
by Jarrod Castaing
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Imagine flying in a hot air balloon in the high arctic – above polar bears and looking out onto magnificent landscapes. This has rarely been done and I was lucky enough to try it and photograph others doing it!
by Michelle Valberg
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Travel Photography | Editors’ Pick
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Master Stroke: Giulio Montini

Since the time Photography started, an important, if not the most important, use of this form of communication has been the documentation of events. From sports to war, from political events and trade to the narration of common life events, in the streets, in cities, in villages or in the fields, it is all about the description of life in its numerous forms. Sometimes it makes a story or a news, at others it creates a basis for a protest or a reporting. But nothing has ever made a greater impact on the mind of its viewers than a pictorial coverage of an instance. We sincerely hope that you will have the same feelings by the time you flip through the last page of this eBook. —Mario Bunčuga

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Master Stroke: Giulio Montini
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Rangefinder is proud to present the winners of the second Fine Art competition, which celebrates the beauty of fine-art photography.

How do you share your vision with an audience? Rangefinder‘s Fine Art Photography Awards calls for your best fine-art work in the travel, portrait, abstract, composite and still life categories.

Grand Prize
Nadine Rovner
Through orchestrated narratives, Nadine Rovner creates lush cinematic scenes with heightened tension, anxiety, anticipation, longing and desire. Says Rovner, “There is something idyllic yet broken, thrilling yet vulnerable, beneath the veneer of the characters that speak to the current complexity of a society filled with palpable tension and fraught with resistance.”
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Winner – Conceptual
Ellen Jantzen
Unexpected Geology
Having moved from America’s flatlands to the mountainous West, Jantzen says she approached this series as both a window through which she could observe her new surrounds, and as a mirror to reflect her inner state of being. she says, “I use layering and blending modes to merge the observed environment with my internal intuition.
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First Place – Composite
Gabriel Isak
The Blue Journey
In this series, Isak envisions a dream world where solitude is more than being alone—it’s a world of soul searching and dream interpretation inspired by the photographer’s years suffering from depression. “the objective of the series is to let the audience envision themselves as the subject, alone in this serene blue world,” says Isak. He hopes the work will shine light on depression and mental health, “a subject that is still very hidden in our society.”
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First Place – Travel
Emmanuel Monzon
Urban Sprawl Emptiness
A series that depicts the “inbetween state” found in the american landscape—places of transition, borders and passages from one world to another.
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Rangefinder is proud to present the winners of the second Fine Art competition, which celebrates the beauty of fine-art photography.
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Stunning early highlights from the 2019 Sony World Photography Awards

With its spectacular variety of submissions the Sony World Photography Awards never fails to disappoint, and the 2019 competition is shaping up to be the most impressive to date. Alongside announcing a strong professional jury for its 2019 Awards, a selection of the best submissions so far have just been revealed showing an astounding array of images from photographers all over the globe.

Icebergs frozen in the sea ice in Svalbard
(Credit: Marco Gaiotti, Italy, entry, Open, Landscape, 2019 Sony World Photography Awards)
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An aerial of a road which winds its way around the edge of beautiful Lake Bled, Slovenia. The image was captured in the midst of a deep winter freeze that gripped the entirety of Europe
(Credit: Donald Yip, Australia, entry, Open, Travel, 2019 Sony World Photography Awards)
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Dance at the foot of Yulong Mountain
(Credit: Xin Cheng, China, entry, Open, Landscape, 2019 Sony World Photography Awards)
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A young Indian boy during the festival of Holi
(Credit: Christopher Comeso , Philippines, entry, Open, Portraiture, 2019 Sony World Photography Awards)
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A hyena in Jhalana National Park
(Credit: Sohail Inzaman, India, entry, Open, Natural World & Wildlife, 2019 Sony World Photography Awards)
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Shot underwater in Hawaii, this image is part of the photographer’s Muses Colllection
(Credit: Christy Lee Rogers, United States of America, entry, Open, Motion, 2019 Sony World Photography Awards)
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Three women workers painting traditional Myanmar umbrellas
(Credit: Zarni Myo Win, Myanmar, entry, Open, Travel, 2019 Sony World Photography Awards)
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Stunning early highlights from the 2019 Sony World Photography Awards
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Land of Gods

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Ruby Aderbad works with an MNC and is an avid traveller who likes to digitally capture memories. Talking about her love for the mountains and her recent trip to Spiti, she says, “Every time I’m in the vicinity of these massifs, I’m humbled by their sheer beauty and power. I have tried my best to encapsulate and epitomize the beauty of this place through my lens”.

Majestic mountains, winding roads, rugged landscape and rustic surroundings with the quietly flowing Spiti River; these are the spellbinding vistas that you get to witness when traipsing in Spiti. Known as the ‘Land of Gods’, Spiti Valley is in the north-eastern part of Himachal Pradesh. Primarily a Buddhist dominated region, Spiti is home to some of the most beautiful monasteries situated on the rooftops of the Indian subcontinent. Often regarded as a cold desert, the high mountains of this valley are heavenly and truly magnificent. Here are some of the images captured by Ruby Aderbad on her recent trip to Spiti.

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Land of Gods | Ruby Aderbad
by Mystica Vora
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Grasping Unlimited Space

During his travels in 2017, the Lebanon-born photographer Dany Eid played with the visual contrast between a close up and the vast expanse of landscapes to explore the theme of infinity. He shot at various locations, always keeping ZEISS Lenses at hand to visualize infinity for both him and the people he meets in the particular region.

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ZEISS Infinity Tour with Dany Eid
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Shades of Grey

Africa is a fantastic destination for travel and street portraits photographers. People there are eager to be on photographs. When a great artist, Giovanni Cavalli, goes there, he brings back incredible portraits.

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With Vedran Vidak, we visit another different reality. As Giovanni Cavalli above, he produces amazing street portraits. Look at the eyes in his portraits. The way he captures feelings is just extraordinary.
by Jean Michel Missri.

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