The B&W Look

A special thanks to all the photographers that shared their best landscape photos in B&W in this photo contest

Mirror of the sky by aidagri
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Silver Sunset by BlackRockPhoto_PaulSmith
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The Dark Side by Ricardo_Mateus
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The Crying Tree by GeorgeDigalakis
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Long exposure shot of Bow Lake during sunrise by beautifulpixels1
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Church by jansieminski
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The Wanaka Tree by jacobmarsh
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Creative eye | Howard Kingsnorth

Photography has never been in a better place than it is right now. As the primary medium for ‘instant’ communicaton, it is now accessible to all. The alchemy that we used to enjoy: with the mysteries of film and exposure, the darkened rooms and chemicals, have all but been transcended by a small device that fits in your pocket and can send images anywhere in an instant. The digital revolution has enabled photographers and clients to push visual boundaries and enhance concepts, simply due to the power of instant review.
I love new tech. I’m always looking at it, buying it and playing with it.
Advances in digital manipulaton and capture are bound to make a difference to what we see today. More access for less able photographers and unskilled operators has been the trend lately, and that will only continue. A general dumbing down and consensus ‘look’ is what I see, especially in the fashion and celebrity world. But like any trend, there is a point when it will feel worn out and unable to go any further.

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Creative eye | Howard Kingsnorth
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Abstract Photography

Abstract Photography : If you are looking for some dramatic photos which focuses on colour, pattern or texture then you should try out abstract photography. It’s very difficult to unfold the story behind an abstract photo, as it depends on the way the photographer visualizes it. Abstract photography focuses on shape, form, colour, pattern and texture. Photographers can be highly creative with abstract photography as it doesn’t focus on reality. An ordinary photo can be easily turned into an abstract photography, through the creativity of the photographer…

Architecture abstract photography
by Peter Stewart
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Abstract photography
by Yosi Baitellman
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City abstract photography
by Jegeor
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Abstract photo
by Joel Tjintjelaar
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Abstract photography
by Jacqueline Hammer
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Fine Art | David L. Labrie

David L. Labrie
Fine Art

davidllabrie03aThe Sentinel
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davidllabrie03bThe Tree Of Life
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davidllabrie03cUnexpected Ending
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davidllabrie03eWhite Tail
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davidllabrie03gForgotten Relics
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David L. Labrie est originaire de Québec et pratique la photographie depuis 2013.
Il travaille dans le domaine maritime, sur des bateaux ce qui lui permet d’avoir des prises de vues remarquables du paysage québécois.
« Du Grand Nord au Grands Lacs, se retrouvent des paysages fabuleux facile à troquer par l’œil de la caméra. Autant en hiver qu’en été, la diversité de la faune et de la flore offre une volupté inimaginable. »

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Tamás Rizsavi captures Budapest covered in thick fog

Whether the weather brings frosty snow or sparkling sunshine, Magyar photographer Tamás Rizsavi is often out and about in Budapest capturing the beauty of the changing seasons in Hungary’s capital. The awe-inspiring artist especially likes taking mysterious shots of the city when it is covered in a thick layer of milky fog, which has recently been shaping the urban landscape. The talented photographer recently shared some of his favorite foggy shots from the last four years on Bored Panda, portraying several Budapest landmarks such as the beautiful bridges, the Buda Castle, and the Parliament.

tamasrizsavi02a tamasrizsavi02b tamasrizsavi02c tamasrizsavi02d tamasrizsavi02eTamás Rizsavi captures Budapest covered in thick fog
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« I Photographed The Vastly Diverse Architecture Of The Netherlands »

« I Photographed The Vastly Diverse Architecture Of The Netherlands »
By Tobias Gawrisch

tobiasgawrisch02a“Although I’m a german Photographer living in Germany, I’m luckily only living around 60km from the border to the Netherlands.

tobiasgawrisch02bAnd it just so happens that I’m an architectural photographer as well, visiting the Netherlands ever so often.

tobiasgawrisch02cThe modern design and architecture of the Netherlands have always astonished me! It seems that every little town has its own special design. Whether it’s a bridge, a skyscraper, a hotel or some other architectural masterpiece – everywhere you look you’ll find some clever and beautiful modern designs in architecture.

tobiasgawrisch02dI haven’t seen most of this country’s beauty, I’m sure! But what I’ve seen so far makes me want to visit and photograph the Netherlands time and time again!”

tobiasgawrisch02e« I Photographed The Vastly Diverse Architecture Of The Netherlands »
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