Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018

View the winning images selected by our international jury. Wildlife Photographer of the Year champions ethical photography. Images are chosen for their artistic composition, technical innovation and truthful interpretation of the natural world.

Grand title winner
Marsel van Oosten, The Netherlands
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Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018
Grand title winner
Skye Meaker, South Africa
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Highly commended 2018
Urban Wildlife
Felix Heintzenberg, Germany / Sweden
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Highly commended 2018
Behaviours Birds
Jess Findlay, Canada
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Winner 2018
Creative Visions
Cristobal Serrano, Spain
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Winner 2018
10 Years and Under
Arshdeep Singh, India
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Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018
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Artist, Mentor, she is devoted to create, share, and teach. | Robin Griggs Wood

I love all imagery genres––even black and white. I am a capricious creative and try not to limit myself or take my creations too seriously. I love nature and all its myriad facets––widescapes, macros, flora and fauna. I love fantasy and imagination. I love expressing common human values; community, compassion, family, optimism, harmony and humor. I love to make folks laugh. Mostly, I love people.

I discovered that there is something wonderful in every single person on this planet, if you only pay attention long enough to find it. When you find what those wonderful things are, you can derive constant and consistent inspiration and motivation every single day. I’m inspired all the time by my students, as well. These people that I help are my “tribe”––a group that is passionate about creating beautiful or surprising imagery. Being there for them keeps me going. I read a lot, too. I’m a life-long-learner. I never presume that I know everything about a subject, even if I’ve been doing it every day for years. The constant quest for understanding takes me to the most enlightening places.

Ultimately, my greatest inspiration and motivation comes from the question I ask myself, “How can I give others a positive moment in their day today?”
Robin Griggs Wood
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Artist, Mentor, she is devoted to create, share, and teach. | Robin Griggs Wood
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Vote is Open! | The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards | People’s Choice Awards

Not only do we want you to laugh out loud at this years 41 finalists, but we also want to give one lucky winner a brand new IPAD, courtesy of Affinity! What do you need to do? Click on your favourite image at Comedy Wildlife Photo, and that’s it. You will automatically be entered into the prize draw from which a winner will be selected and announced before the winners awards night on November 15th. Good luck! Get your friends to vote! And anyone else you know!

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Vote is Open! | The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards | People’s Choice Awards
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Wildlife and Nature

Impress us with your best nature-inspired images. This challenging genre will test your photography skills to limit. Whether you’re photographing fabulous flora and or fantastic fauna we want to see an original take on the subject.

Harvesting together – Michael
Crowd 1st | Expert Commended
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Impala a Multiple Exposure – akshay Valluru
Crowd 1st | Expert Commended
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Night time dweller – Kyle Moore
Expert 1st | Crowd top 10%
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Nightdress with transparencies – Ruben Perez Novo
Expert winner | Crowd top 10%
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Peacock Tree Frog – Sandra Cockayne
Crowd 4th | Expert Commended
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Digital Camera Photographer of the Year is back for 2019 with an amazing £30,000 prize fund up for grabs. This year the awards are free to enter thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, mpb.com and Affinity Photo.
This year the awards are completely free to enter, and photographers 25 years and younger can take part in both the main awards AND Young Photographer of the Year.
For the overall winner the judges will be looking for a standout photographer who has not only won a round (or several) but has also demonstrated a range of skills and visual awareness in different categories.
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Wildlife and Nature | Round 1
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Wild Exposures

Beverly and Dereck Joubert have dedicated their lives and imagery to expanding conservation of Africa’s threatened wildlife and habitats.
For three decades, award-winning Botswana-based filmmakers, National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence and wildlife conservationists Dereck and Beverly Joubert have focused their efforts on documenting and conserving Africa’s wildlife. They founded the Big Cats Initiative, which currently funds over 100 projects in 28 countries, with National Geographic in 2009. The program was established as an emergency action fund to come up with real conservation solutions to pressing problems surrounding these majestic felines and the alarming reduction in the lion population over the past 50 years—from 450,000 to just 20,000.

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Wild Exposures
By Mark Edward Harris / Photography By Beverly Joubert
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See the world through a new lens

Now in its fifty-fourth year, Wildlife Photographer of the Year showcases extraordinary animal behaviour and the breathtaking diversity of life on Earth.

Explore the world’s best nature photography, exhibited on 100 exquisite light panels.
Experience the changing face of nature and uncover the surprising, and sometimes challenging, stories behind the photographs.
Chosen from over 45,000 entries by expert judges, the images were awarded for their creativity, originality and technical excellence.
This year’s exhibition will open on 19 October.

Highly commended 2018, Urban Wildlife
School visit by Adrian Bliss
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Highly commended 2018, 11 – 14 Years Old
The victor by Adam Hakim Hogg
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Highly commended 2018, Behaviour: Mammals
The meerkat mob by Tertius A Gous
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Highly commended 2018, Animals in their environment
Tigerland by Emmanuel Rondeau
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Highly commended 2018, Animal Portraits
Cool cat by Isak Pretorius
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Wildlife Photographer of the Year
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Wildlife Worldwide Photography Competition 2018

We are delighted to announce that the first ever Wildlife Worldwide Photography Competition is now open for entries.

This new competition is FREE to enter and open to everyone. There are three different categories to enter, each with its own focus: Wildlife Portraits — Animal Action — Wildlife Portfolio
The winner of each category will win a fantastic prize from one of our sponsors, with the overall winner picked from one of the three category winners.

The Main Prize
A 5-day photography trip to Slovenia’s Dinaric Alps to photograph brown bear…

The overall winner of the competition will win a trip to Slovenia to photograph bears, while staying in a comfortable guesthouse in the Dinaric Alps. This 5-day trip will allow you to build a stunning portfolio of images from a range of purpose-built hides in the beautiful surrounds of the Notransjka region in southern Slovenia.

Closing date:
You have until 11.59 pm GMT on Friday 30th November 2018 to enter.

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