Kim Keever | Painting or Abstract Photography?

A two-year-old thought turned into reality when Art Photographer Kim Keever was searching for a way to create atmosphere in his tabletop landscape images. Having tried smoke and clear plastic, Kim’s eureka moment came when a friend was throwing out a 100 gallon aquarium. He decided to start experimenting with painted water and his unique approach proved to be a hit.

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Kim Keever | Painting or Abstract Photography?
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Introducing the Hasselblad Masters 2018

The Hasselblad Masters is widely acclaimed as one of the world’s most prestigious professional photography competitions. The winners were selected by a combination of a public vote and a professional Masters Jury – comprising internationally renowned photographers and imaging experts.

Benjamin Everett – USA
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Victor Hamke – Germany
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Beauty & Fashion
Michal Baran – Ireland
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Kamilla Hanapova – Russia
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Karim Iliya – USA
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Jorge de la Torriente – USA
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Every Hasselblad Masters award winner will hold the title of ‘Hasselblad Master’ and be a brand ambassador for two years. In addition, they will receive a brand new Hasselblad medium format camera and be invited to shoot for a collaborative project with Hasselblad. This project will be printed and released in the bi-annual Hasselblad Masters book.

Winners will receive their awards, cameras and trophies at a special photokina 2018 ceremony in Cologne this September.

Congratulations to all the Masters 2018 winners!

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Finding Inspiration in Collaboration

Great photography takes the viewer on a journey, sometimes to a world we know but from a new perspective. Sometimes that journey is to a place of wonder and fantasy. Fantasy is a realm Hasselblad Ambassadors Kevin Then and Sails Chong specialise in.

Using the Hasselblad X1D and H6D-100c, the work that Kevin & Sails produces invokes a strong sense of fantasy, romance and wonder, utilising breathtaking locations and advanced lighting techniques to create images that have a striking cinematic and other-worldly quality to them.
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Finding Inspiration in Collaboration
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Rafael Rojas | Timeless

“In a digitally oriented world, I want to honour more than ever the existence, presence and permanence of the photography art book. I endeavour to create books with soul that delight all senses and are destined to be collected, enjoyed and cherished for many generations to come”

Hasselblad Master (Wildlife, 2014) Rafael Rojas explains the creation of ‘Timeless’, a photography monograph awarded as Best Fine Art Photography Book 2016 in the last IPA International Photography Awards and with a Silver Medal as Best Monograph 2016 at the Px3 Prix de Photographie de Paris.

rafaelrojas01a rafaelrojas01b rafaelrojas01c rafaelrojas01d rafaelrojas01e rafaelrojas01f… The end result was a book printed in an extraordinary high resolution (254 lines per inch), three different tones for black and white, intense Dmax and great contrast, wonderful separations of tone in the highlights and the shadows and one of the most exclusive and silky coated papers on the market, the PhoenixMotion Xantur.

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Rafael Rojas | Timeless
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Guide d’achat | Moyen-Format

Moyen-Format Nouvelle Génération
L’hybride monte en gamme

Pour le moyen-format, 2016 est une année révolutionnaire. Le cap des 100 MP est franchi par Hasselblad et Phase One grâce aux prouesses des capteurs Sony montés sur leurs reflex respectifs H6D et XF. Puis, coup de théâtre, Hasselblad et Fuji annoncent tour à tour des hybrides MF à visée électronique, et promettent les 50 MP pour moins de 10 000 €. Alors que le Pentax 645Z à 8 000 € faisait jusque-là figure d’exception, va-t-on assister à une progressive démocratisation du moyen-format ?

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Guide d’achat | Choisir son appareil-photo
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Masters 2016 | ‘Inspire’

Masters 2016 | ‘Inspire’
See what the winners created

inspire2016aLars van de Goor
“With my images and my way of editing, I hope to inspire people to go to the forests, revalue the woods and experience the wonder of something that has become too ordinary.”
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inspire2016bGiorgio Cravero
“A healthy diet is closely connected with the concept of beauty, but everyone is more concerned with the achievement of exterior beauty than what beauty in its broadest sense actually represents.”
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inspire2016cKaterina Belkina
“Nature, love, and fantasy are ways to perceive and manifest humanity — it’s the discovery of the world through self-discovery.”
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inspire2016dNatalia Evelyn Bencicova
“People are the reason for the existence of a place like this, for its present magic and atmosphere.”
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inspire2016eRoy Rossovich
“I wanted to build my story around where I grew up and where that initial urge to create first manifested itself.”
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inspire2016fDavid Peskens
“I want to inspire people to be curious about their own neighbourhoods and to get out of their comfort zones.”
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Masters 2016 | ‘Inspire’
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Valerio Vincenzo | Mastering ‘digilog’ photography with his CFV-50c

Dedicated film user Valerio Vincenzo moved into the digital age recently when he paired a Hasselblad CFV-50c back with his vintage 500C cameras for a job that focused on travel by train.

ValerioVincenzo06aFor all the advantages that digital can offer over film there is still, for many photographers, something special about the feel of an older Hasselblad camera. Netherlands-based, Italian photographer Valerio Vincenzo thoroughly enjoys working with his vintage 500C and 500C/M models, which are still capable of delivering excellent professional-level results.

ValerioVincenzo06bHowever, he was tempted recently by the opportunity to combine a state-of-the-art CFV-50c digital back with his much revered cameras to create a set-up that allowed him to continue to work with his kit of choice while bringing his whole workflow up to date.

ValerioVincenzo06cValerio Vincenzo | Mastering ‘digilog’ photography with his CFV-50c
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