The 12th Annual Palm Springs Photo Festival

The Palm Springs Photo Festival Connect 2017 offers the opportunity for professional, emerging professional & serious advanced amateur photographers to study with legendary photographers, show portfolios in our celebrated portfolio review program, check out the latest gear, attend cutting-edge seminars, symposiums, networking events and enjoy evening presentations by world famous image-makers. The inevitable relationships that are made or renewed at PSPF can oftentimes be transformative.

Dirk Dallas
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Peter Lindbergh
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Henry Leutwyler
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Nigel Parry
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Scott Frances
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The 12th Annual Palm Springs Photo Festival
Connect 2017
May 7-12

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Canon Crash Course

Learn the fundamentals of Canon DSLR photography in half a day with our guide.
Words: James Paterson Illustrations: Andy McLaughlin

canoncc01One of the most enticing things about photography is that it’s such an easy hobby to start. Yet it offers untold depth to those who choose to look for it. Anybody can take a picture, and almost everybody you know has a camera. But just a little extra knowledge is all it takes to separate the real Canon DSLR enthusiast from the occasional snapper.

The Canon Crash Course we’ve lined up for you over the following pages puts the focus on the fundamental aspects of photography that matter most. Dive in!

canoncc01a canoncc01b canoncc01c canoncc01dComposition
Arranging a scene’s elements into a harmonious composition is easy when you know how…

canoncc01e canoncc01fCanon Crash Course
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PhotoPlus: The Canon Magazine is 100% Canon, so you can be sure the magazine is 100% relevant to your Canon EOS DSLR and your photographic needs. We’re 100% independent which means we’re free to publish what we feel is best for every Canon DSLR photographer from beginners to enthusiasts to professionals.


Should I shoot manual?

There’s a common misconception that learning to shoot in manual is the key that will unlock the door to more professional-looking images. In reality, most pros work in aperture-priority mode for the majority of the time.

manual01dmanual01aThe difference between manual and the semi-automatic modes (aperture-priority and shutter-priority) is that the latter balances the exposure for you by taking control of one of the three exposure variables. In other words, in shutter-priority, you control shutter speed and ISO, and the camera balances the exposure with the correct aperture. This tends to be a faster way of working, and you can easily use exposure compensation to brighten or darken the shot if desired. You also don’t need to worry about tending to your settings every time you recompose slightly – the camera will make sure your exposure is always correct, even if the light intensity changes. However, unlike in manual, the camera will judge the exposure every time you press the shutter, which isn’t always ideal. Below are three shooting situations when manual is the best option. Or, if you feel more comfortable working in a different mode, stick to it.

manual01b— – —

Should I shoot manual?
from Practical Photography magazine

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Master Your Camera Now!

Master Your Camera Now!
Get to know your camera and what it has to offer – and start taking your best shots ever!

Nothing beats the feeling you get when all the elements in front of your camera come together in perfect harmony, and create the perfect image.With all the right settings in place, reviewing that once-in-a-lifetime shot on the rear screen can give you a real buzz. All because of a little luck, and an understanding of what settings are needed for different situations.

If you’re new to photography, or if you simply want to brush up on a few skills, you’re in the right place. We’re going to take you through everything you need to know to immediately start taking better photos. By the time you’ve finished reading, your photography skills will be ready for anything.

masteryourcamera01a masteryourcamera01b masteryourcamera01c masteryourcamera01d masteryourcamera01e masteryourcamera01f masteryourcamera01g masteryourcamera01h masteryourcamera01i masteryourcamera01j masteryourcamera01k masteryourcamera01l— – —

Master Your Camera
Your complete guide to the basics
by James Abbott

via Digital Camera World

Metering matters

Peter Gray explains how metering modes control how your DSLR dictates exposure.
Metering is how your camera measures the brightness of a scene before you take a shot, and can have a significant effect on the exposure of your images.

MeteringMatters08a MeteringMatters08bMetering matters
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