Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2018

These are the twelve finalists of LOBA 2018. Thanks again to all participants!

Mary Gelman, Svetlana
In her personal projects, such as “Svetlana”, Mary Gelman specialises in issues such as sexual identity, sexuality, violence and discrimination.
Mary Gelman was born in St. Petersburg in 1994, where she attended DocDocDoc Photography School. Her work has appeared in different Russian media, including Sobaka.ru and lenta.ru, as well as international publications such as the Washington Post and Buzzfeed. In 2017 she won first place at the Istanbul Photo Awards in the Portraits category.
— – —

Daniel Chatard, Niemandsland
Daniel Chartard’s “Niemandsland” (No man’s land) documents the tense, conflict-laden situation existing between environmental activists, on the one hand, and the brown coal industry in the Rhein district, on the other.
Daniel Chatard was born in Heidelberg in 1996, and, after graduating from high school, studied Photojournalism and Documentary Photography. His work to date has earned him the German Youth Photography Award and the BFF Award.
— – —

Christian Werner, Road to Ruin
Christian Werner’s reportages tell emotional stories about the harsh realities of life in conflict zones. “Road to Ruin” – taken following the fall of Aleppo – shows different stations along the way during a trip through Bashar al Assad’s Syria.
Christian Werner was born in Hanover in 1987. He studied Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at college there. His work appears in magazines such as Spiegel, the Washington Post and LFI.
— – —

Samuel Gratacap, Presence
Samuel Gratacap’s work moves between photo journalism and visual art. Since 2007, Gratacap has been documenting the lives of refugees and migrants crossing the Mediterranean. In his “Presence” series, he brings together images from both sides of the Mediterranean for the first time. For this purpose, he photographed in Italy, Tunisia and Libya.
Samuel Gratacap was born in 1982 and studied Art at the École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Marseille.
— – —

Stephen Dock, Architecture of Violence
The fear of peace and the aftermath of war in a country: this is what interested Stephen Dock about Ireland and launched his “Architecture of Violence” project in 2012.
Stephen Dock studied Photography in Lyon and works as a photojournalist for various French magazines. He is interested in dysfunctional societies and photographs conflict zones such as the West Bank, Syria and Mali.
— – —

Vanja Bucan, Sequences of Truth and Deception
In ihrer Serie “Sequences of Truth and Deception” beschäftigt sich Vanja Bucan mit unserem ambivalenten Verhältnis zur Natur, das, wie sie sagt, von Dominanz, Ausbeutung und Idealisierung geprägt sei. In Porträts und Stillleben versucht Bucan eine vielschichtige und dekonstruierte Vision der Natur zu erzeugen.
Vanja Bucan wurde 1973 in Nova Gorica, Slowenien, geboren. Sie lebt und arbeitet derzeit in Berlin.
— – —

Turi (Salvatore) Calafato, Amuninni ‘u mari (Let’s go to the sea)
In summertime, Sicilians move their lives to the beaches. With his “Amuninni ’u mari” (Let’s go to the sea) series, Turi Calafato observes people in their daily sea-side activities, documenting the colourful hustle and bustle on the beaches.
Turi (Salvatore) Calafato was born in 1979. He lives and works as a free-lance photographer in Italy.
— – —

Elsa Stubbé, Les extraterrestres ont mangé mon jardin
Elsa Stubbé’s work gives wings to the viewer’s imagination, demanding a new definition of our perception of the environment. Her current project “Les extraterrestres ont mangé mon jardin” (Extraterrestrials have eaten my garden) presents surreal images of nature full of hidden poetry, where she explores the borderline between photographic and conceptual art.
Elsa Stubbé received her Masters in Publishing from the Royal Academy of Beaux Arts in Brussels, and has already self-published three books. She has exhibited in Brussels, Marseilles and Liege.
— – —

Max Pinckers, Red Ink
Pinckers wants his work to explore the degree to which photography actually reflects reality. This also applies to his current project, “Red Ink”, that he photographed under strict surveillance in North Korea, and where he plays very specifically with the viewer’s perception.
Max Pinckers’ work moves between visual storytelling, documentary photography and sheer aesthetics. He was already a finalist for the Leica Oskar Barnack Award in 2016.
— – —

Stéphane Lavoué, On the Edge of the World
In “On the Edge of the World”, Lavoué tells the story of the fishing industry through the eyes of those who remain on shore: the women in the canning factories, and the workers that produce tons of ice for storing the fish.
Stéphane Lavoué was born in 1976 and initially graduated in Engineering. He was a finalist for the Leica Oscar Barnack Award in 2016, and winner of the Prix Niépce in 2018.
— – —

Kechun Zhang, Between Mountains and Water
The interaction between people and nature is one of Kechun Zhang’s favourite subjects. In “Between Mountains and Water” he deals with two natural phenomena that touch people’s emotions in China in particular. With his images, he creates documentary artefacts that appear to halt the high- speed passage of time for a brief moment.
Kechun Zhang was born in Sichuan in 1980. After participating in numerous international photo festivals, his work was exhibited in the USA, Canada and China. The photographer currently lives in the Chinese metropolis of Chengdu.
— – —

Ernesto Benavides, Dredges
Every year, a number of hectares of Peruvian forest are lost to illegal gold mining. Benavides’s “Dredges” series presents impressive aerial photographs of this destructive exploitation of nature.
In addition to his own photo projects, Benavides works for the France Press Agency, and is published regularly in the international press. He has been teaching photography at the University of Lima since 2010.
— – —

Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2018
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From the World Photographic Cup

The WPC was founded in 2013 as a cooperative effort by The Federation of European Photographers (FEP) and Professional Photographers of America (PPA). Its singular goal is to unite photographers in a spirit of friendship and cooperation. A Governing Committee has been created to conduct the ongoing affairs of the competition, also supported by UAPP (United Asian Professional Photography) and AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography). The brotherhood and sisterhood of photography is a bond that transcends language, culture, and geography. That’s the foundation behind the World Photographic Cup, an one of a kind international team competition. Sure, there are lots of other competitions, but there is just one World Photographic Cup.

Andy Cheung, Australia
Reportage / Photojournalism – 10th Place
— – —

EngTong Tan, Malaysia
Nature (Landscape and Wildlife) – Gold Medal
— – —

Jun Matsuoka, Japan
Wedding – 6th Place
— – —

Erich Caparas, United States
Portrait – Silver Medal
— – —

Paul Wright, Canada
Reportage / Photojournalism – Bronze Medal
— – —

Angela Miller, Australia
Commercial – 10th Place
— – —

Dan McClanahan, United States
Nature (Landscape and Wildlife) – Bronze Medal
— – —

Vincent O’Byrne, Ireland
Illustration / Digital Art – Bronze Medal
— – —

Onni Wiljami Kinnunen, Finland
Commercial – Gold Medal
— – —

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Photographers Beautify Abandoned Places & Things

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their favorite shots of abandoned places or things in this photo contest.

“Mediterranean Sky shipwreck” by panospapa
— – —

“Cabin (bw) ” by Structor
— – —

“Piano keys upclose ” by talyaculbertson
— – —

“Davenportals 19” by kenfong_7038
— – —

“House of the rising Sun” by aaronjgroen
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from ” 15+ Photographers Beautify Abandoned Places & Things “
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Winners and finalists of the 15th Annual Smithsonian.com Photo Contest

We are excited to announce the winners and finalists of the 15th Annual Smithsonian.com Photo Contest, selected from 48,000 submissions submitted by photographers in 155 countries and territories. From Thong Huu’s Grand-Prize-winning capture of a weekly market in Vietnam to Dan Fenstermacher’s action shot of wrestlers in San Jose, California, these images stood out to our photo editors as the most unique and memorable. Sara Jacoby’s image “Rare” received the highest percentage of more than 38,000 reader votes, earning her the Readers’ Choice award. Congratulations to all!

Breakfast at the Weekly Market by Thong Huu
In northern Vietnam, people come to the weekly market to exchange goods and culture. They usually wake up very early to go to market and have breakfast here.
This photo is the Grand Prize winner
— – —

Rare by Sara Jacoby
This is Maggie. She has two rare chromosome duplications, one of which she’s the only child on record to have. This photo captures not only her vulnerability, but also the magnitude of the science for which we are so grateful. A little girl and her “Gigi” already way too familiar with hospitals and doctors offices than any child should be.
This photo is the Readers’ Choice winner
— – —

Shadow Highlight by Mohammad Mohsenifar
A couple of ladies are passing in front of graffiti.
This photo won the Mobile category
— – —

Rain by Seyed Mohammad Sadegh Hosseini
Niloofar is an Iranian nomad girl living in the Babanajm nomad region south of Shiraz city in Fars Province, Iran.
This photo won the People category
— – —

Pinnacle of Existence by Oreon Strusinski
Energy travels hundreds of miles across the ocean and comes to a dramatic end when it reaches our shores.
This photo won the Natural World category
— – —

Stairs by Adam Żądło
There are not many other animals as productive as sheep. They give us wool, milk, meat. Their memoirs are usually short. The pool of names is repeated every two years on our farm. We have already had two Queens, three Theos and four Fables.
This photo won the Altered Images category
— – —

Backflip Submission by Dan Fenstermacher
A wrestler does a backflip off the ropes of a wrestling ring in an attempt to defeat an opponent.
This photo won the American Experience category
— – —

Making Incense by Tran Tuan Viet
Decoratively dyed bundles of incense dry in Quang Phu Cau, a commune in Hanoi, Vietnam. In Buddhist countries like Vietnam, incense is an irreplaceable part of traditional festivals and religious ceremonies.
This photo won the Travel category
— – —

The Window by Salvador Colvée Nebot
During my stay at a Costa Rican hotel, I noticed that red-eyed tree frogs flooded the gardens. As I approached this frog, it climbed into one of the holes in a leaf, as if it were sticking out a window.
This photo is a finalist in the Natural World category
— – —

Winners and finalists of the 15th Annual Smithsonian.com Photo Contest
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Explore Africa

10+ PRO Photographers Explore Africa And Share The Results With You

Looks in the Savannah
by albertoghizzipanizza
— – —

by Hillebrand
— – —

Black Mane Lion
by Patrick2828
— – —

by charlesjorg
— – —

I See You!
by agefoto
— – —

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing the African continent in the Explore Africa Photo contest

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Finalists from The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
Conservation through Competition

Andrea Zampatti Photography
— – —

Aster Leung Photography
— – —

Arkaprava Ghosh Photography
— – —

Miguel Illana Photography
— – —

Linda Oliver Photography
— – —

Finalists from The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
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Very Cool Cars Shot By Super Creative Photographers

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos showing cars in the Awesome Car Photo Contest

“Ghost of Chevy’s Past” by jamesnelms
— – —

“Joy Riding” by Michaelvincentphotos
— – —

“IMG_0580” by PageHopePhotography
— – —

“Just relaxn ” by DevilishImagery
— – —

“Old truck” by alkim
— – —

Very Cool Cars Shot By Super Creative Photographers
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