The winning images reveal the abundance, beauty, resilience and vulnerability of life on Earth.

Finalists from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2016

wpotyf01aFairy-tale forest
Finalist 2016 – Black and White
Agorastos Papatsanis, Greece
— – —

wpotyf01bNight blow
Finalist 2016 – Mammals
Audun Rikardsen, Norway
— – —

wpotyf01cCrystal precision
Finalist 2016 – Urban
Mario Cea, Spain
— – —

wpotyf01dGrub time
Finalist 2016 – 15–17 Years Old
Kim Hui Yu, Malaysia
— – —

wpotyf01ePeck and peek
Finalist 2016 – 10 Years and Under
Carlos Perez Naval, Spain
— – —

wpotyf01fFloe of life
Finalist 2016 – Impressions
Joanna Lentini, USA
— – —

wpotyf01gCreature from the slime
Finalist 2016 – Reptiles, Amphibians and Fish
Christophe Salin, France
— – —

Gallery 2016
View the winning images selected by our international jury. Wildlife Photographer of the Year champions ethical photography. Images are chosen for their artistic composition, technical innovation and truthful interpretation of the natural world.

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And the winners are…

Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2016

redbull2016Jaanus Ree, Category finalist 2016: New Creativity
— – —

The Art Institute of Chicago was the place to be on September 28th as the world’s best action and adventure sports photographers gathered for the Red Bull Illume Winner Award Ceremony during which, after months of waiting, the 55 best action and adventure photographs in the world were unveiled to the world, including the 11 Category Winners and the Overall Winner.

redbull2016aMasterpiece by Yodobashi: Lorenz Holder, Germany showing BMX rider Senad Grosic ride his bike over a bridge in an autumnal Gablenz, Germany.
This image was awarded highest Red Bull Illume honors as this image was chosen as the Overall Winner of Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2016, as well as being the favorite image amongst the athlete community, also winning the Athlete’s Choice Award.
— – —

redbull2016bClose Up: Denis Klero, Russia with his black and white shot of climber Rustam Gelmanov showing his chalk-covered hands in Fontainebleu, France.
— – —

redbull2016cNew for 2016 was the Mobile Category. It was won by Vegard Aasen, Norway for his black and white mountaineering image taken in Hakuba, Japan.
— – —

redbull2016dSequence by Sony: Daniel Vojtêch, Czech Republic with his shot of Flying Bulls pilots Miroslav Krejci, Jan Rudzinskyi, Stanislav Cejka and Jan Tvrdic in Jaromêř, Czech Republic.
— – —

redbull2016ePlayground: Lorenz Holder, Germany showing BMX rider Senad Grosic ride down a rusted viewing platform in Senftenberg, Germany.
— – —

Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2016

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Shortlist announced: 2016 Andrei Stenin International Photo Contest

The jury has decided on the finalists in the Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest.  The contest is being held by Rossiya Segodnya under the auspices of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO.

Top News.

AndreiStenin05aWaiting to Register by Matic Zorman

AndreiStenin05bThe Balkan route by Balazs Beli
— – —

My Country.

AndreiStenin05cLas Luminarias: a Spanish festival of fire and horses by Luis Tato

AndreiStenin05dNeck of the woods by Elena Anosova
— – —


AndreiStenin05e2015 FINA world championships. Diving by Alexei Malgavko

AndreiStenin05fConfrontation by Alexei Filippov
— – —

World Colors. Harmony of Life.

AndreiStenin05gSouth Sudan: from war to life by Alessandro Rota

AndreiStenin05hLake white cranes by Michail Domozhilov
— – —

Portrait. A Hero of Our Time.

AndreiStenin05iMovlid by Svetlana Bulatova
— – —

Shortlist announced: 2016 Andrei Stenin International Photo Contest
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— – —
The annual Andrei Stenin international press photo contest begins accepting contest works on December 22, the birthday of Rossiya Segodnya special photo correspondent Andrei Stenin, who died while on assignment. Rossiya Segodnya organized the contest under the auspices of Russia’s Commission for UNESCO to discover new talent in photo journalism, and promote and develop high standards of documentary photography. It is Russia’s only international contest in support of young professional photographers.
In 2015 it gathered 5,000 plus works from 54 countries in Europe, the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, India and Southeast Asia.

Some Finalists from the 8th Annual Nature’s Colors Photo Contest

Some Finalists from the 8th Annual Nature’s Colors Photo Contest

8thAnnual2016aA Perfect Storm
Photo By Guy Schmickle
— – —

Photo By Gautam Phookan
— – —

8thAnnual2016cArt Of Blur
Photo By Artur Szczeszek
— – —

8thAnnual2016dRed Cardinal In Autumn
Photo By Benjamin Brzink
— – —

8thAnnual2016eTunnel Of Light
Photo By Richard Ansley
— – —

8thAnnual2016fTetons First Light
Photo By Dan Mottaz
— – —

8thAnnual2016gSuperior Sunrise
Photo By Derek Griggs
— – —

Finalists from the 8th Annual Nature’s Colors Photo Contest
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The Moment is Here: See the 100 EyeEm Photo Awards Finalists

Proudly presenting the jury’s selection from over 200,000 submissions

« The winners from all corners of the globe have produced images that tell powerful stories. Here is more proof that the power of the camera lives on to touch us all. »
– Ron Haviv, VII Photo

The Moment is Here: See the 100 EyeEm Photo Awards Finalists

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Members’ Biennial 2015

Some Finalists – Members’ Biennial 2015
The Royal Photographic Society

RPS2015aSolace by Coco Bordeos
— – —

RPS2015bMind the Gap by Peter Walmsley LRPS
— – —

RPS2015cPlaytime by Neil Maughan
— – —

RPS2015dThe Waiting Room by Martin Burrage LRPS
— – —

RPS2015eThe Journey Begins by Adrian Fretwell
— – —

RPS2015fPassing Storm Yosemite Valley by Peter Clark FRPS
— – —

RPS2015gJoie de Vivre by Steve Jones LRPS
— – —

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