Australia’s Amazing Weather

The Australian Weather Calendar showcases Australia’s amazing weather across our magnificent landscape—and has made a favourite Christmas gift for more than 30 years.

The 2019 edition features awe-inspiring, intriguing and uniquely beautiful images of Australian weather and climate. There are pictures from all over the country and the weather in each is simply and clearly explained by the Bureau’s experts. It also contains stories about how weather, climate and other environmental information supports the well-being, prosperity and safety of all Australians.

Cover by Rowland Beardsell
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December by Leanne Osmond, Leeo Photography
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March by Andy Smith Photography
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August by Peter O’Donnell
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Australia’s Amazing Weather
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Origines, Le Calendrier 2016 d’Olivier Grunewald

Origines, Le Calendrier 2016 d’Olivier Grunewald
OlivierGrunewald10aLes images de ce calendrier sont extraites d’une exposition photographique racontant les étapes de la formation de la Terre, l’apparition de la vie, son extrême diversité, afin de préparer une planète accueillante. ORIGINES est la quête esthétique qu’Olivier Grunewald mène depuis plus de trente ans, une fresque photographique pour rappeler le temps infini qu’il a fallu pour créer et parfaire un monde prodigue.

OlivierGrunewald10b OlivierGrunewald10c OlivierGrunewald10d OlivierGrunewald10e OlivierGrunewald10f OlivierGrunewald10g— – —

Origines | Le Calendrier 2016 d’Olivier Grunewald
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SPLASH HEROES – AurumLight – MILK Calendar 2015

Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz
AurumLight Studio

“This time we wanted to make a very relaxed and colourful series… simply, something really cool!
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Since the Milky Bamboo Forest Fight Shoot we knew we wanted to come back to that idea and explore colours in liquids in depth!
So this year’s calendar is our personal tribute and a milky parody of the heroes genre!
It is my pleasure to introduce you this year’s AurumLight 2015 Milk Calendar, titled SPLASH HEROES, featuring 12 extraordinary Ladies with quite special Liquid powers!
AurumLight – 2015 Milk Calendar – SPLASH HEROES”
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