Colorful Destinations Around the World

Colorful Destinations Around the World
Whether it’s the white of the Taj Mahal or the blue of Bora-Bora’s waters, a specific hue can affect how we remember a place.

NGcolorful07aPhotograph by Jaap Hart
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NGcolorful07bPhotograph by Frans Lanting
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NGcolorful07cPhotograph by Ander Gillenea
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NGcolorful07dPhotograph by Le Duc Tho
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NGcolorful07ePhotograph by Frans Lanting
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Colorful Destinations Around the World
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Guilin, China by photographer Kyon.J

Haze and fog make mountains in Guilin, China look downright dreamy
The city of Guilin, China, offers visitors spectacular views of the rows of mountains at any time of day. Photographer Kyon.J perches atop the mountains to capture the extraordinary sights of the onlooking mountains, supplemented by the elegant winding of the Li River. With fog and haze off in the distance early morning, the landscape takes on a dreamy, surreal look. God rays break through from between the peaks, while during sunset, the mountains appear almost apocalyptic.

KyonJ07a KyonJ07b KyonJ07c KyonJ07d KyonJ07eGuilin, China by photographer Kyon.J
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Advantages Of Micro Four Thirds

Lightweight and compact, these cameras offer an easy-to-carry alternative to DSLR systems
Text and photography by Daniel J. Cox

DanielJCox07a DanielJCox07b DanielJCox07c DanielJCox07dMFT Benefits
Innovative Technologies. As we all see on a daily basis, technology is galloping forward at breakneck speeds, and MFT cameras have frequently offered these technologies first. Things like in-camera image stabilization, touch-screen LCDs, 4K video, 4K photo mode, post-focus, focus stacking, panorama mode, silent shutter, wireless uploads and many other great new tools are all available in MFT cameras.

Advantages Of Micro Four Thirds
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X-T2 Unwrapped

Fujifilm X Magazine
Special issue dedicated to Fujifilm’s latest mirrorless marvel

FujiXT2sample07X-T2 in the field
X series photographers share their outstanding images taken with the X-T2 and explain the stories behind them

FujiXT2sample07aJulien Apruzzes – Iris

FujiXT2sample07bDavid Templier – Kálfafell, Iceland

FujiXT2sample07cJeff Carter – Battling Porsches

FujiXT2sample07dRita Carmo – Mika

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X-T2 Unwrapped
Special issue dedicated to Fujifilm’s latest mirrorless marvel

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A watery world of fashion with Zena Holloway

Zena Holloway’s pictures have adorned the pages of the most glamorous magazines defining the most flamboyant advertising campaigns. CPN writer Mark Alexander finds out how Canon’s 4K filmmaking DSLR has taken her photography to new depths.

ZenaHolloway07a ZenaHolloway07b ZenaHolloway07c ZenaHolloway07d ZenaHolloway07eThis week top photographer Zena Holloway shares her secrets for creating compelling underwater photography and film with huge commercial appeal. Holloway, whose clientele ranges from Nike to The Sunday Times, tells CPN why the EOS-1D C’s 4K movie capability affords another dimension to her surreal world below the surface. As well as digital cinema resolution, the EOS-1D C allows 8MP still images from 4K footage, giving her the confidence to commit to this all-in-one camera.

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Taking the plunge: Shooting underwater with the EOS-1D C
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In The Sun Of Italy

Irina Shayk heats up the pages of Vogue Japan September 2016 issue
Supermodel Irina Shayk teams up with fashion photographer Giampaolo Sgura for In The Sun Of Italy story coming from the pages of Vogue Japan‘s September 2016 edition. In charge of styling was Anna Dello Russo, with beauty from makeup artist Jessica Nedza and hair stylist Andrew Guida.

IrinaShayk07a IrinaShayk07b IrinaShayk07c IrinaShayk07d IrinaShayk07eIrina Shayk by Giampaolo Sgura
In The Sun Of Italy

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Fascinating Photos That Capture History As You’ve Never Seen It Before

Fascinating Photos That Capture History As You’ve Never Seen It Before

History07aThe fashion for hats, New York, 1939
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History07bA five-megabyte hard drive is shipped by IBM, 1956
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History07cAudrey Hepburn shopping with her pet fawn, Beverly Hills, 1958
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History07dA smoking break during the construction of the RCA building, 1932
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History07eThe seal on the doors of the tomb of Tutankhamen, 1922. It had remained intact for an incredible 3,245 years
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from: “20 Fascinating Photos That Capture History As You’ve Never Seen It Before”

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