Trees and Landscapes

Trees and Landscapes by Влад Соколовский | Vlad Sokolovsky

Провинциальная идиллия …
Формы и линии, цвет и свет.. Южная Чехия (Южная Моравия), весна 2017 г.
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Line & Vine
Чехия, Южная Моравия, октябрь 2017 г.
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Shadows on the fields….
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Состояние весны ..
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Нити – струны …
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Нити света …
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Trees and Landscapes
by Влад Соколовский | Vlad Sokolovsky
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In Love with the Ocean

Sofia Resing by Cintia Barroso Alexander

In Love with the Ocean
Photographs by Cintia Barroso Alexander
Styling by Grace Maier
Model: Sofia Resing
Hair & Make up: Nina Tatavitto (Louisa Artists) sponsored by Hickenbick
Production: Maier AgencyFilm: André Schmidt
Post Production by Kristina Woldanowski
Location and special Thanks to Grand Isle Resort and Villas Exuma
Text : CW

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5 Landscape Photography Tips for Mountain Travelers

You don’t have to be a professional photographer with an expensive camera body to take great landscape photos while on vacation. Follow these five tips and take your next landscape photos from good to great!

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Childhood During the Pre-Television Era

Consider outdoor playtime a rare activity for 21st century children. Now, everyone has their eyes glued on LED-screens. Even two-or-three-year-olds know how to take a selfie too, and play games via mobile apps. While technology is great as it makes every next generation smarter, we can’t help but miss the good old times, when kids were just being kids — simpler wants equals to supreme happiness.

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Childhood During the Pre-Television Era
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Dramatically Improve your Composition with Leading Lines

Dramatically Improve your Composition with Leading Lines

The Sound of Darkness
by Carlos Gotay
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Palacio De Las Artes Reina Sofia
by David Rodriguez Palomar
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Leading Lines
by Hanaa Turkistani
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Other Transporter
by Zachary Voo
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Winter Road
by Lauri Lohi
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Dramatically Improve your Composition with Leading Lines

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Les montagnes célestes du Huang Shan par Emmanuel Boitier

Que ce soit dans les montagnes d’Auvergne, où il vit, sur les hauts plateaux d’Abyssinie, dans les immensités glacées du Varanger, parmi les pics vertigineux du Huang Shan ou encore dans les Highlands écossaises, Emmanuel Boitier recherche et apprécie les endroits où la nature, véritablement prégnante, offre un espace infini. Des endroits où l’homme et la nature n’ont d’autres choix que de vivre ensemble et non l’un à côté de l’autre. Des endroits où la nature impose le rythme des vies. Il nous raconte ci-dessous l’un de ses voyages.

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Les montagnes célestes du Huang Shan par Emmanuel Boitier
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The 12th Annual Palm Springs Photo Festival

The Palm Springs Photo Festival Connect 2017 offers the opportunity for professional, emerging professional & serious advanced amateur photographers to study with legendary photographers, show portfolios in our celebrated portfolio review program, check out the latest gear, attend cutting-edge seminars, symposiums, networking events and enjoy evening presentations by world famous image-makers. The inevitable relationships that are made or renewed at PSPF can oftentimes be transformative.

Dirk Dallas
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Peter Lindbergh
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Henry Leutwyler
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Nigel Parry
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Scott Frances
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The 12th Annual Palm Springs Photo Festival
Connect 2017
May 7-12

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